Chapter 19: The Bottom of the Chasm

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After Ling Chen fell down the cliff, the Gold Battle Wolf and the wolves immediately changed their targets, all turning around and facing the group of players at the bottom of the cliff. After the Gold Battle Wolf’s howl, all the wolves under chaotic cries charged towards those player’s that forced Ling Chen down the abyss.

The players had a tough time fighting one wolf alone, over 100 wolves charging over at once, the leader also a Lord BOSS, those archers and mages at the head immediately lost all the colour in their faces. All stopping their attacks, lifting their feet and running away. Good thing they controlled their distance well, reaching the safe area before the wolves could reach them. Yet, before they could even catch a breath, they shockingly saw, that massive, golden wolf actually charging directly out of the area of Wolf’s Cliff, stepping into the “safe zone”, carrying a mighty air and pouncing at them.

“Quick… quick, retreat!!”

The unsuspecting players turned pale with fear, but the speed of the Gold Battle Wolf is simply too quick. The mage at the the back of the group just wanted to start running, and was already caught up by the Gold Battle Wolf. A savage pounce landing on his body, directly insta-killing him, and then another long jump, landing in the middle of the group. Wolf head rising, howl shaking the air, a Sonic Shock enveloping the escaping players.


-101, -99,- 85,- 100.. (TL: 101, LOL, get it… I’ll shut up…)

3 apprentice elemental mages, 2 apprentice archers getting insta-killed, the 1 surviving archer and 2 apprentice shield guards all in critical condition, being dazed by the Sonic Shock. The Gold Battle Wolf swung its tail, 1 bow, 2 shields also falling onto the ground.

In just a moment, the Gold Battle Wolf dealt with 9 people like a wind sweeping fallen leaves, Black Flame Bow’s forehead started sweating, yelling while retreating: “All shield guards… Hurry and block it!!”

The last four shield guards in the group bit their teeth and charged forward, using their wooden shields to hit the golden wolf. As the class with the strongest defense and HP, when grouping together to fight strong monsters, they achieved the effect of a central pillar. But, 4 LV4 shield guards wanting to hold against a LV7 Lord BOSS is undeniably an overly fanciful illusion. The Gold Battle Wolf’s first pounce, and the 4 shield guards are already on the ground, and then 2 ruthless stomps, these shield guards only managed for three of the Gold Battle Wolf’s attacks before all dying.

Although, with the interference of the 4 cannon fodders, the rest of the players finally got away. The Gold Battle Wolf glanced at them, not chasing. It turned around returning to Wolf’s Cliff, standing on that rock at the top of the cliff, proudly looking down at those players that no longer dared to get close.

A few minutes later, groups of players began arriving under the cliff. For some unknown reason, the information that a Lord BOSS is at Wolf’s Cliff spread out, more and more people knowing. Unable to resist the temptation, countless player swarmed over, in an instant, the bottom of the cliff is a massive black swarm.

“This Lord BOSS was first discovered by us the Black Flame Gang, if all the friends here can do us a favor and give the BOSS to us, if we meet in the future we can have a good talk.” The amount of people continuing to increase, Black Flame Bow’s face also became increasingly darker. He knows that wanting the boss for himself is no longer possible, in the crowd, he looked at one after another powerful guild names within the virtual game world. (TL: Lots of guilds carry over from previous games)

“So what if you’re Black Flame Gang? It’s not like this Lord BOSS was raised by your family, whoever gets it gets it!!” A loud voice coming from the crowd.

“Hehe, whoever has the ability will get the Lord BOSS, is it not?”

A casual voice came from not too far away from Black Flame Bow, Black Flame Bow angrily glanced at him, his face suddenly freezing, that person…

The Yan Huang alliance also came!! (TL: Yan Huang refers to two kings in chinese legend who are considered the ancestor’s of China. Chinese people are also known as the “Descendants of Yan Huang”)

The amount of people continued to accumulate, eyes of greed all falling upon that shiny, golden big wolf, but no one moved forward, because whoever went first, not only will they become cannon fodder, they will also become the target of the public.

Ling Chen’s restless heart had already calmed down, because he has been maintaining a falling condition for more than a minute.

The whistling wind drowning his sense of hearing, when he fell down the chasm, his heart was filled with resentment, even though he was already destined to be unable to kill the Gold Battle Wolf, but if be wanted to escape, even if another double the number of wolves came they couldn’t even stop him. But it happens, right when he had calculated his route of escape a hail of arrows and elemental bullets came flying over, forcing him to retreat, falling into this seemingly endless chasm.

Black Flame Bow…

Black Flame…

He thought of 3 years ago that Black Flame Gang that had already resounded throughout China, it’s overall strength in China’s top 30 guilds!

I, Ling Chen, actually have a day when I am pushed to death…

Black Flame Gang… saying the name under his breath, Ling Chen’s gaze flashed an intense coldness.

Already falling down who knows how deep, the surrounding is already completely dark. His falling speed had already reached terminal velocity. This kind of height, is more than enough for him to fall to death a dozen times.lightsnovel

Exactly what kind of chasm is this, actually with such a terrifying depth. The Mystic Moon continent is 2 parts land, 8 parts water, in reason this kind of depth should have already reached water level. The Village Chief once said, the novice villages are all a bunch of islands spread out on an endless sea, the sides of the Novice Village, are all vast ocean as far as the eye can see. The existence of this chasm defies logic.

But no matter what, this kind of height, him falling to death is certain.

Inside of Ling Chen’s eyes, weak dots of lights suddenly appearing. He felt surprised… At such a deep location, light from above can not reach here, why is there suddenly weak light appearing, is it…

Ling Chen rapidly looked downwards, a pale area instantly appearing in his eyesight, these lights, actually came from below. At the same time, an increasingly obvious change started to occur to the surrounding airflow.

Almost about to reach the bottom of the chasm!!

Ling Chen gathering all of his concentration, taking a deep breath, tightly shutting his eyes, silently feeling the change in the surround air current, feeling that he is becoming closer to the bottom, more and more closer…



Ling Chen’s body landing… smashing heavily onto the extremely hard ground. His entire body shaking, at that instant he even felt as though his entire body was falling apart, internal organs violently shaking, HP also being cleared in an instant.

“DING… You have died.”


The same time the system message sounded, a blue light accompanied by a light cracking sound rose from Ling Chen’s chest, that is the light from the sapphire necklace.

“DING… ‘Blessed Sapphire Necklace’ activated, you have been revived, HP recovering to max.”

“DING… ‘Blessed Sapphire Necklace’ broken, cannot be repaired.”

The empty HP then recovering fully in an instant, Ling Chen took off the sapphire necklace in front of his chest, finding that the exterior was already covered with cracks, the sapphire necklace initially releasing a blue glow now completely dull.

Ling Chen who was guaranteed to die, under the effect of this sapphire necklace escaped death.

The sore feeling in his body starting to quickly dissipate, his partly dazed brain also finally waking up. Ling Chen stood up, looking at the surroundings. This is the bottom of the abyss, it’s impossible for any light to come through. But here there is strangely a hazy white light, allowing Ling Chen to clearly see the surrounding dozen meters. Ling Chen observed for a long time before confirming, what is releasing the light is the ground, most likely some kind of special stone the releases a weak light.

Behind Ling Chen is a wall in which the top cannot be seen, his hand pressing on the wall, an incredibly cold feeling on his hand. Suddenly, Ling Chen ‘s mind became alarmed… He suddenly thought of, after falling to death, he can choose to return to the city, thereby returning directly to the Novice Village. But because of the blessing of the sapphire necklace, he didn’t die… and, the Novice Village didn’t have a teleport scroll this kind of thing.

Then, how is he supposed to get back!?

Above, is a rock wall so high that its height cannot even be estimated, falling down from it already used a minute, climbing upwards…. That’s just an impossible thing!!!

Cold sweat, slowly seeped from Ling Chen’s forehead. Under this kind of situation, death, seems to be the only way to leave. But, in the 《Mystic Moon》 world, there simply isn’t a suicide setting.

It can’t be that, he will be forever trapped here!?

If Ling Chen falls for 60 seconds, and we just say that he has been falling at terminal velocity from the start which is apparently 56 m/s for a human, the depth of the chasm is around 3360 m aka 3.36 km. So, basically like falling from the top of Mount Fuji. I’m too lazy to calculate the distance traveled during acceleration. Next time on Shura’s Wrath, 1 vs 1000!

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