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Chapter 86 - Entanglements

Song Ning’s psychological consultation did not go smoothly due to her inability to relax.

The psychiatrist, Bai Yang, spoke to Mu Chen and told him this matter could not be rushed. It would not be an easy task to make Song Ning who had been troubled for ten years to let down her guard. As for her stress reaction, for now, it was best for her to avoid her stress trigger. After that, she would have to continue her psychological treatment to gradually resolve the issue.

Mu Chen knew the source of Song Ning’s stress was the Ning family. He discussed this matter with Jiahui. To prevent Song Ning from meeting the Ning family, Jiahui would guard her at the hospital, and he would guard Song Ning when she was outside of the hospital.

When Song Ning heard about this from Mu Chen, she could not help but sigh. She felt like not only did she cause so much trouble for everyone, but she even caused them to worry about her.

After a moment, Song Ning hugged Jiahui and said, “If I have another episode, just put me in a room alone to calm down. As long as I’m alone, I’ll be able to calm down eventually.”

Jiahui nodded solemnly. “Don’t worry. If they dare to cause trouble, I’ll beat them up so badly that their family won’t even be able to recognize them!”

When Jiahui learned about Song Ning’s background and circumstances, she was filled with sympathy for Song Ning. It aroused her desire to protect Song Ning even more.

Meanwhile, Fu Le looked for Song Ning a few times, but Song Ning kept refusing to see him by giving him various excuses such as having to attend classes, having to make rounds and attend to patients, and writing reports. She did not want to see the Fu family again.

Needless to say, the Fu family was unwilling to give up. They used their connections to invite Professor Li Sen to the ward.

As usual, when making rounds and attending to patients, Li Sen brought four students with him, which included Song Ning and Jiahui.

Song Ning did not avoid going to Grandma Fu’s ward. In her opinion, this was a practical class with her professor.

Li Sen asked Song Ning to take Grandma Fu’s pulse and to tell him and her opinion.

Song Ning completed her task and honestly reported her findings. Her conclusion was that Grandma Fu could return to her home recuperate.

Upon hearing this, Fu Le asked anxiously, “Song Ning, are you sure you’re not mistaken? Grandma often feels dizzy. How can we feel at ease if we discharge her and go home?”

Song Ning did not respond to Fu Le and obediently retreated to Professor Li Sen’s side.

At this moment, Fu Guo smiled at Li Sen and asked, “Professor Li, can you have a look at my mother?”

Li Sen did not refuse. He reached out and took Grandma Fu’s pulse. He even asked Jiahui and the others to take Grandma Fu’s pulse. After everything, he finally said, “I agree with Song Ning’s diagnosis. The Old Madam can recuperate at home. There’s no need to worry.”

Upon hearing these words, Grandma Fu and Fu Guo heaved a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Fu Le’s expression was a little unnatural as he said, “I’m sorry, Song Ning. I was just really worried about Grandma.”

Song Ning, naturally, did not take the matter to heart. She replied perfunctorily, “It’s okay. We understand the feelings of the patient’s family members.”

After Song Ning finished speaking, Grandma Fu said with a smile, “If only Ningning can visit me every day at the house to take my pulse. Our family will definitely feel at ease”

Fu Guo immediately chimed in, “That’s right! This is a good idea!”

Song Ning was slightly taken aback.

Fu Guo smiled and said, “Professor Li, do you think we can arrange for Song Ning to make house visits to monitor my mother’s health? After all, I can’t help but worry about my mother. Don’t worry, we will pay the fee for the house visits. Although Song Ning’s still a student, we’ll pay the fee according to the price of an attending doctor.”

Song Ning was overwhelmed with the urge to smash the folder in her hands on Fu Guo’s face. He was really going all out just to achieve his goal.

However, before she could speak up, Jiahui said, “Professor, Song Ning is already so busy that she doesn’t even have time to sleep. If she takes on this task, she probably won’t be able to pass her final exams…”

Jiahui sneered inwardly. ‘This shameless family plans to tie Song Ning up with such a method? What kind of ulterior motives do they harbor?’

Although Jiahui was not aware of the Fu family’s motive, it was difficult for her to stop them. She discreetly nudged the classmate next to her.

The classmate understood Jiahui’s intention and hurriedly said, “That’s right. We’re still students after all so our knowledge is limited. It’s too big of a responsibility for us to be solely in charge of patients.”

Song Ning’s classmates knew about Fu Le and the rumors that had been swirling in the hospital recently. Usually, they would not pay attention to such matters, but Song Ning was one of their own. Moreover, they had seen Mu Chen openly showing his care toward Song Ning while Fu Le was two-timing Song Ning all this time. Now that they saw Fule trying to win Song Ning back while he was entangled with another woman, they could not help but despise him even more.

Fu Guo hurriedly said, “It’s alright. We trust Song Ning’s ability. Moreover, she’ll only be making sure all is right with my mother. With her around, we can rest assured.”

Upon hearing these shameless words, Song Ning’s classmates could not help but glare at him.

At this time, Professor Li calmly replied, “There’s no need for you to be so worried. Frequent checkups will only make the patient more nervous. After being discharged, all you need to do is follow the doctor’s orders. If you’re really worried, you can come for outpatient consultations.”

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