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Chapter 190 - A Big Gift

Chapter 190: A Big Gift

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At this moment, Dean Shi Zhi, Instructor Yang Hui, and the supernatural experts on the other battlefield were all extremely worried.

If Zhou Hao succeeded, the crisis would naturally be resolved. If he failed, they could only fight to the death and wait for the other reinforcements.

However, even if reinforcements arrived, they would still suffer heavy casualties this time.

Just as everyone was feeling incomparably worried, Zhou Hao had already begun fighting the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King.

At first, he thought that this Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King was definitely incomparably terrifyingly powerful.

However, after fighting the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King with his full strength, Zhou Hao discovered that this thing should be very terrifying at its peak.

However, at this moment, the other party was clearly in an extremely weak state.

Moreover, Zhou Hao could tell that the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King was not trying to lay eggs. Instead, it was severely injured.

It was very likely that the news was spread by the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King itself.

Its goal was to confuse those supernatural experts and let them know that it would be very “obedient” for a very long time so that everyone would believe that they did not have to target it at all.

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Hao understood the reason!

In the spatial rift, human experts blocked the frontline to prevent some extremely powerful foreign races from crossing the boundary.

It was very likely that the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King was the foreign race that had broken through the blockade.

However, although it had broken through the barrier, it was still heavily injured by the human experts guarding it.

The so-called laying of eggs was just a lie. The truth was that it wanted to recover its strength but did not want to be targeted.

“Damn ant, die!”

After Zhou Hao rushed over, the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King was immediately furious.

Zhou Hao’s guess was generally correct. It had indeed broken through the barrier and was severely injured.

However, the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King had never expected that under such circumstances, these human ants outside would actually dare to break through the layers of barriers and directly attack!


Boom! Boom!

Zhou Hao knew very well that he should take its life while it was ill.

Now that the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King was unprecedentedly weak, it was definitely the best opportunity to kill it.

Otherwise, once the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King recovered, humans would definitely have no end of trouble.

Crack! Crack!

After the battle began, Zhou Hao was overjoyed.

He had struck gold this time. This Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King could be considered a gift from the human seniors in the spatial rift.

This scorpion was bold and daring. It was clearly severely injured, but it still dared to command the Insect Race and cause trouble.

Under Zhou Hao’s attack, cracks kept exploding on the Heavenly Crystal Purple Scorpion King’s body. These constantly exploding cracks were all the injuries it had not fully recovered from before.

After countless old injuries relapsed, the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King roared repeatedly.

The intelligence of this powerful insect was also very terrifying. The Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King knew that it was no match for Zhou Hao, so it fought and retreated, seemingly prepared to escape back into the spatial rift.

At this point, how could Zhou Hao let it go back so easily?

Zhou Hao did not hesitate and attacked with his full strength.

Blood essence soared into the sky and danced around. A powerful force shook the heavens and the earth as it swept in all directions.

Half an hour later, sad cries constantly sounded from the Insect Race. The Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King, who had escaped from the human experts in the spatial rift, had been directly killed by Zhou Hao this time.

The reason for this was because the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King did not have enough information. It did not expect an expert like Zhou Hao to exist among humans.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken the risk and directly come out.

After all, if the person who came this time was not Zhou Hao but another supernatural expert, then no matter who it was, they would only be its nourishment.

After Zhou Hao killed the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King, the swarm of Insect Race beasts immediately lost control and order. Many Insect Race beasts were directly stomped to death or devoured by their own kind.

The illusionary sound insects in the air also retreated crazily. Without the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King, the human experts could free up their hands to deal with them. If they continued to stay here, they would only be courting death.

“Chase after them!”

This time, the human combat experts chased after the insects without a second thought.

Now that the insect wave no longer had a leader, it was like a pot of porridge.

If they chased after them now, they could kill freely without having to worry.

Zhou Hao, who was originally behind the Insect Race, was now like the Asura Killing God.

In his opinion, the abundant insect wave was not terrifying at all. In his eyes, they were all luck points!

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