46 46. The Mummy

'What happened to him?'

Alex dumbfoundedly looked at the man in front of him, Who was covered in bandages all over his body, His both hands and legs were also warped in the white plaster, He was pushed out on the wheelchair. When you look at him, it's not hard to feel pity for him.

Of course, That's the case for others, Alex here didn't care about this man being this much injured at all, What he cared about is how this man turned into a fucking mummy.

"Hey buddy, what happened to you?"

Alex with Alia in his arms walked towards the "Mummy" with a devilish smirk on his face.

"Huh?...YoU!!! KiLl HiM, kIll HiM rIgHt NoW!!!"

Man was in a wheelchair, Hearing someone talking to him, He turned his face towards the sound. At first he wasn't able to process it but soon he came back to his senses but then he tried to point at Alex and started to speak with very difficulty because even his mouth seems to be injured.

There were two men in black suits and sunglasses standing behind him. One was pushing his wheelchair, While the other was just walking behind them.

The man in the wheelchair was yelling but these two people completely ignored him. Their faces were rock solid, Without any emotions at all.

"YoU bAsTeRdS dOn'T fOrGeT tHaT I aM AlSo HiEr Of ThE fAmIlY? I Am NaThEn GaYlEr YoU tRaItOrS."

Well, it turns out this "mummy" is none-other than an old friend, Nathen Gayler. The main protagonist of this world.

As for who made him become "mummy"? That's the mystery even our guy Alex wants to know. When he left him, This guy was alright other than a shoe in his mouth but it was just a few hours from then and he turned into this Egyptian dead pharaoh.

"Sorry young master, We don't understand what you are talking about, You will be better if you just keep qui- huh!? Argh!!"

The man behind Nathan nonchalantly said to him, They actually don't care to give any respect to Nathen, Because they are royal subordinates of their elder miss, The sister of Nathen.

So they are quite hateful towards Nathen. As he stands against their young lady, Only reason they were even here was that the hospital called that he was injured.

No matter how much they hate this arrogant Nathen but he is still a candidate heir for the family, They can't just let him be, Plus there is also their Madam Gayler's support behind Nathen, So they had to come here and get him.

It's just that as he was talking, A very powerful pressure like a mountain came and started crushing them. It was so strong that he couldn't even give birth to the idea of resisting it.

He right now, So glad that he was not the target of this pressure, He just felt the residue of escaped power.

"UHNNN!!? Do SoMeThInG!!

Nathan yelled out in pain as he was the target of this powerful pressure. He didn't understand what was happening today. How in just one day he was able to provoke two powerful awakened masters?

He didn't understand at all. Normally, He is able to walk sideways in the world of the force Awakens. Only his master was the one that was able to put him in situations like this one.

But just today, He met two strong awakens that put him in place, He was not this unlucky before.

'It's all this damn, Alex's fault. If I entered that room, No one would dare to do this to me.'

Even in pain and pressure, Nathan's thoughts fell on Alex. All the blame he put on Alex's head.

It may be the instincts of the protagonist or the way of their thinking but he was right on the point. The things that happened to him mostly because of Alex.


There was a breaking sound, This sound coming from his bones. They were already fractured and forcefully pulled together before plastering it, But now under this pressure, they started to shift and change their positions again.

If this goes on any longer, His bone will be turned into fine powder.

'This basterds, When I become the heir of the family, I will make their life a living hell.'

Nathan cursed this man in black behind him. They were supposed to protect him in a situation like this one, But they did not even move an inch to even try and pretend to help him.

They just stand there like they see nothing. He hates them to the core now. He will surely make them regret doing this to him for the rest of their life.

"That's enough Miss Miller."

After taking his sweet time, Man walking behind Nathen with another man in black, Stepped out.

As he makes his entry, A strong wave of pressure is released from his body And countered pressure, Alia puts on Nathan.

"Huh!? What!?"

But to the man's surprise, His pressure can just push Alia barely back as it soon came back with a double of force, Still targeting Nathan.

*Crake* *Carak*

Nathan felt it, Most of his bones are completely broken, without the use of the superpower for healing he will be disabled for the rest of his life.

Thankfully, He has the superpower for healing, But that didn't help with the pain as his broken bones were piercing his internal organs.

It's all thanks to his superpower of healing, Which helped him to avoid major organs and start healing to stop internal bleeding, this is the reason he was alive. If not, He should have died in a very painful death right now.

"Miss...Please give a face to the Gayler family and stop."

The man in black now sweating buckets, He is also B-Rank Awakened, same as Alia. But he wasn't even able to slightly counter her powers. He knew this eldest miss of the Miller family was stronger than him but he didn't think the difference would be this big.

This is the perverted power of the main heroine and top of that Alex used holy blessing in her, Which once again solidified her foundation. Right now she can even beat an A-Rank person, Not to mention a B-Rank that didn't even have a name.

Usually man in the black, loves watching Nathan in misery but he can't afford it if Nathan dies under his supervision, So he quickly moves to put the family behind him. He hopes that Alia will sell their family some face.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

After all, their families are not friends but they are also not enemies, No one wants to create unnecessary trouble for themselves.




Nathen finally couldn't bear the pressure and was on the verge of falling unconscious, Alia completely ignored what that man in the black was talking about, All her attention was on Nathan.

Why she will not? This "Mummy" just said to kill her beloved, That was a crime enough to give him the death penalty in her eyes.

She was enjoying the confront in the arms of Alex, She was in bliss but this man came and ruined it their world of two people

"Okay, That's enough Alia."

Seeing that Alia might really kill Nathan, Alex had to step in. After all, right now the luck of Alia is higher than Nathan, She might have a chance to kill him.

But if she couldn't, Then that means the protagonist's luck would jump in. Then they surely became the assistance for the protagonist to gain new powerful followers. That's how every plot goes.

The protagonist's life is threatened, Someone powerful takes pity on him and lends him a hand, Then if that person is a woman, She will be added into the harem and if it's a man, He will die protecting the protagonist in the later plot.

Both of these scenarios were not good for him. Either way, it will create a new enemy stronger for him.

Hearing Alex speak, Alia quickly pulled her pressure back, She didn't want to create a bad image of herself in his eyes. It's just now she was super angry hearing those words and wanted to end this man in front of her who had the guts to even think about killing her man.


As the pressure on him disappears, Nathan couldn't help but breathe quickly, He saw death just a moment ago, For the first time in his life he felt that he was going to die, This never happens to him before, No matter what situation he was in, He was always sure he will survive for some reason but today that feeling is disappeared.

The only breath of death lingers around him, And what is worse is that in both events he didn't know why he was being attacked, He was just minding his own business and he got targeted.

He is innocent, This world is way too unfair to him.

"YoU bItCh-..."

After Nathan calmed down, He wanted to curse the person who did this to him, completely forgetting that just a few seconds ago, This is the woman who put him in front of the gate of hell. If she wanted she could have easily pushed him in and ended his story.

It's that because of the protagonist's personality, He had unreasonable confidence that he could provoke powerful people and get away with it, But unknown to him, The things that protected him from others tricks were long destroyed by Alex.

So Nathan, Who was once again filled with confidence and wanted to say some hard words but the moment, He saw the face of Alia, He swallowed all the words.

He never seen anyone as beautiful as the woman in front of him. He felt like he was falling in love with this woman but then he noticed something that stung in his eyes like sharp thorns.

This beauty that he thinks he falls in love with was in the arms of his most hated person. Alex.

That disgusting man's arms were wrapped around the waist of this woman. He hated it. Why did Alex get the beautiful woman and not him? Does that seem fair?

"Hey, aren't you with your girlfriend- Ummm."

Nathan will not allow Alex to enjoy two beautiful women, Not to mention that the other one is this powerful, So he decided to ruin their relationship. That's why he wanted to say that he saw Alex with Grace before saying she is his girlfriend. This way this strong woman will clearly dump Alex.

But before he completed his sentence, A black object darted towards him at high speed and stuck in his mouth.

He felt like deja vu. He experienced this same thing before early in the day. The similar size shoe of Alex was right now in his mouth. It was even stuck deeper than before, Which completely blocked of his ability to speak.

"Het guys, Take him always, He will not speak much now that I have given what he loves."

Alex then said to the man in black standing behind Nathan in a very easy voice, As if he was doing Nathan a favor.

Well he is indeed doing him a favor, If he said about Grace to Alia, Nathan will be first on to face her wrath.

"Uhhmmm!!! Kimm Himmm!!!"

Nathan became furious and agitated, He made lots of noise from his mouth commanding the men behind to kill Alex but they once again ignored him.

"Thank you for your favor sir, We Gayler family owe you this time."

The man behind Nathan was trained in the family, So they knew who to provoke and who not to, Alex in front of him was on their no-no list.

As his aura and temperament was extraordinary, Showing that his background was not simple, So they just simply thanked him for both leaving their young master's life and shutting his mouth off, Before they pushed Nathan's wheelchair into the elevator, While he was still trying to struggle but because of his injuries couldn't do much.

'Who did this to him?'

pAnDa (nov)e1​

After the elevator gate closed, Alex couldn't help but think about it. It's not easy to hurt the protagonist. Even if he lost his little luck, This guy's luck is still over 9000.

[Ding! It's a friendly reminder to the host that, You have to quickly deal with Madam Miller without wasting much time or you will not get the opportunity to complete the task later.]

Alex, who was thinking about who might do this to him, was started by the system notification. He didn't understand what happened to the system and Why it was giving a warning without telling him about the reason, System normally tells him the reasons but this time it didn't mention it.

"Alia, Let's go and do the job first without wasting our time."

Alex was curious but he didn't waste time and quickly dragged Alia, who once lost in her bliss with his arms around their waist into the VIP room, Where Madam Miller is admitted.

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