4 4. High Charm Is Scary

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"System put 40 stats in my luck, While remaining ones in my charm."

Alex looked at his pitiful luck and felt very bad. After all, as a low-level villain he didn't have much luck. He wanted to put all the points in it but the system said luck wouldn't have any significant effect until it crossed the barrier of average level, Which was 100 stats points.

So he decided to put all the rest in his charm, As this was the stat that crossed the average barrier and was most useful for him in this world.

After all, this is the woman's respected world. His face is his wealth and fortune. This also makes it easy for him to attack those heroines.

[Ding! The 40 stats are added in the luck and 10 stats are added in the charm...

50 stats deducted...

The remaining stats are Zero...

All stats successfully added.]

As the system's voice fell, A warm current ran through his whole body. It went from bones to skin and then at last spread all over his face it was dispirited.

At the same time, Power in the dark moves and a very comfortable feeling spreads on his body. This was a sign of his increased luck.

"Huh, Let's check how much these 10 stats improve my charm."

After that comfortable feeling disappeared, He wanted to see, How much these 10 stats improved his charms. So he goes towards the mirror in the room.

"Who...Who is he?"

The moment Alex saw himself he was shocked to the core. He never was this beautiful person. He wasn't even able to identify himself.

His eyebrow was sword-like, His eyes were like a lotus, His eyes were void like deep and infant-like pure,His skin was soft, milk-white luminous.  His height too improved to 6ft. There was also an 8 pack on his abdomen. The aura of purity was enveloping him.

He at this moment looks like an elf who came out of a fairy tale.

"That System I just added 10 stats. How come there are these drastic changes?"

Alex couldn't believe it in his eyes. He was indeed very handsome before on 130 stat but after adding just 10 points, He transcends the human limit.

If you compare current self to 130 stat one, Then his past self looks like the mediocre front of him. This really does not look like just 10 stat improvement.

[Ding! Host the reason Charm attributes can't be increased normally not only because there is no sure way to improve it but also because the charm attribute is counted in the decibel scale after it crosses the average 100 attribute mark.

So 140 Charm stats is 10 times more than a 130, Hence why you had these drastic changes, and why are most people not able to improve it.]

"Then can't I just improve my charm until no one can resist me,system?"

Alex, seeing this scary fact, asked. Charm is the key to raiding the heroine and getting rewards. If so then he can just make himself irresistible for any woman. That way he can easily raid them.

[Ding! The Host can do that but it's not recommended, At least not until the host has the enough power to defend himself.

This world is different from the normal world host used to. Although this world is based on the novel, This world is not fake but real, not just black and white words in the book. If you increase your charm that much then it might force out those hidden powerhouse to come out early to snatch you for themselves. Or worse they might even use you as a cauldron to increase their power.

Remember power corrupts the world and beauty is a original sin. ]

"That...Thank you system for reminding me."

The system directly pours cold water on his ideas. Yeah, beauty is good but if you don't have the strength to back it up then just wait and get used to those evil women.

His thinking still needs time to change. This is a woman's respected world, not his previous world. Having high charm is scary think in this world.

Being beautiful in this world is both a blessing and a curse. If you do not have enough strength protect yourself, Then you will become just a commodity to be used by those women in power.

"For the time being, There is no need to increase charm, So let's worry about gaining strength."

Alex remained himself to be careful and started focusing on improving his strength.lightsnovel

He didn't have a choice as the threat of the protagonist was still haunting him.

"System, Will you give me a target or can I choose a raid target myself?"

Then Alex asked an important question. He didn't want to be under the system of mercy for choosing targets. He wants the freedom to choose his targets on his own.


[Ding! The Host didn't have to worry, System would not hinder the host's choices. The Host can choose any target he wants to raid, Reward depending on the Beauty, Status, Effect on the plot, etc. of the target will be disrupted

It's recommended to raid heroines first but the host is free to do what he wants

(Note : There might be selection option will triggered on certain individuals about the raid or not but it's optional for the host to choose raid them or not.)]

"Oh, If it's like that then it's fine."

Alex sighed a relief, He really hates those systems, That control its host choices. Although the system said it will give him a choice of options like before but that too is optional or might as well be advantageous for him.

As that option let him glimpse into the future a little by showing the consequences of his actions like that third option did.

"Okay, Time to meet the 2nd heroine of the novel."

Alex pulled out his phone and opened a conversation between himself and the 2nd heroine of this novel.

After reading the conversation, He really wanted to slap his predecessor to death.

Licking dog no.13 : Alex are you there?

Licking dog no.13 : Hello!?

Licking dog no.13 : Please don't be angry, I will send you money for your bag soon.

Licking dog no.13 : Alex, Will you be playing piano today? I really want to hear your play.

Licking dog no.13 : [5000 Universal coin is sent to you.]

Most Handsome Boy : [Received the money.]

Licking dog no.13 : Alex, Did you receive the money? I just send it, Please don't be angry now *Begging emoji*

Most Handsome Man : Okay *Thumbs-up emoji*

Licking dog no.13 : I know you never be angry at me *Happy emoji*.

Licking dog no.13 : Did you eat, Alex? If not, how about we go to a restaurant? It will be my treat.

After that, A registered person on his phone named Licking dog no.13 sent countless messages but there was no reply from him.

Alex was really dumbfounded reading this chat history between them. At a glance, anyone can tell he was just using her for money, But she never stopped simping for him.

He even saved her name as Licking dog no.13. You know in this world, Your name is shown as what other person saved your number as on their phone.

His name here appears as Most Handsome Man. It was because she saved his number under this name, So he saving her name as Licking dog no.13 will be showing her too.

He just didn't get how she was able to take this level of disrespect. In his mind, he crowned her full fledged simp. Only they have this thick skin.

After that, he started to read the latest messages he received from her,  Which were came from yesterday.

(A/N : Hey, She is a simp for him, Can anyone guess what ML troop she is?

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