5 5. Grace Smith

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Alex started reading the latest messages.

Licking dog no.13 : Alex! That-That can you send me those 5000 back?

Licking dog no.13 : Alex! Please don't be angry but my mother is in hospital, She needs to have urgent surgery in a week, If not...

Licking dog no.13 : Doctor said surgery needs 888,389 but they, seeing our condition, offered installment payment, if I paid little money in advance.They will do that surgery.

Licking dog no.13 : Please I am begging you, I am just 5000 Universal coins short of 100,000. A deposit for the surgery.

Licking dog no.13 : Alex, Please Please reply, I will definitely pay you back 10,000 but please give me 5000 back. Please!!!

Licking dog no.13 : Alex, My mothers life is on the line, At least look at what I did for you in the past 3 years, At least for that, Lend me 5000. I will definitely give you back.

Licking dog no.13 : Alex, Doctor said if I didn't deposit money until tomorrow morning, They would not be able to provide me with this opportunity. Please I don't want to lose my mother.

Licking dog no.13: Alex, I will be waiting for you in 1st Berlin hospital, I will no longer bother you with my messages. Hope you will come.

This was the last message she sent just this morning. After that there were no extra messages.

"I deserved to be a villain."

After reading the chat log, Alex can only say this His character was a pure self-centered villain. His only profit was in his eyes.

The Licking dog no.13 was just one of the many girls he used as a spare tire to get money But didn't dare to act bluntly or get close to them, After all, he on the bright side was the boyfriend of Alia Miller, The President of one of the top 3 companies in the state.

And Heir of the Miller family, One of the top 4 strongest families in this Berlin city.

He can't put on a green hat someone like her, Right? After all, she was not only possessive but also a clean freak.

In the novel, His personality was one of the reasons, Which gives the protagonist a chance to slap him and gain the favorability of multiple women.

And this Licking dog no.13 was one of them because according to the plot, He will not go to her, and tomorrow when she is desperate and disappointed, the Protagonist will snoop in and gain the trust of both mother and daughter.

That's right, This is that kind of novel. The protagonist was just a woman hunter but making various excuses for his actions.

The prominent one is his superpower need to gain strength, And because this novel was made for a male protagonist, polygamy was not banned here but legal, It's just that most people chose to be monogamous.

And it was even rare for men to have more wives but the government was the who encouraged other man to have a ployamy because of the low birth rates, Which was dropped significantly.

This is the reason why the protagonist was not afraid of being hatched to death by his harem. After all, women in this world are scary, not to mention the protagonist's harem has either a powerful woman or a strong-status woman.

"Thankfully, I already thought ahead of it."

Alex lifted the check in front of his eyes. This will be the key to a breakthrough for him. This way he can start to save his ass.

"Let's go and meet her."

Alex hurriedly changed his clothes, Put on a very good-looking white shirt and navy blue jeans. Before going out he didn't forget to wear a face mask, Not because of the virus but because to hide his beauty.lightsnovel

After all, he didn't even have the strength to kill even a chicken. He didn't want unwanted attention, As that will create trouble for him.


In the Berlin city 1st hospital, A young very beautiful woman with a tempting figure, Pacing back and forth in the doorway of the ward.

From time to time, Some men tried to give her a hint but she didn't pay any attention to them. All attention is on the entrance door of the ward.

Every time that door opened, hope appeared in her beautiful honey-colored eyes but as those eyes didn't find who they were waiting for, That hope died out as part of her heart died with it.

"Will he really come?"

Grace murmured and the worry in her heart intensified. She was afraid, Afraid that what her friends said about Alex was right.

They always say that he was just using her. He didn't care about her and even pointed out that he saved her name as a licking dog but she didn't pay them any attention.

For her, he was a pure boy, A prince. Who walked out of a fairy tale. In her heart, She made excuses that he might not be able to understand his behavior and hurt others.

As a matter of her name? In her eyes, it was a joke that Alex was playing with her. It was a test to see how much she loves him and has trust in him.


But now that belief started to crumble. As time passed by, Her heart was getting heavy. She didn't want to admit it but she started to doubt her belief.

She still remembers, When she first time saw him, He was alone in the music room practicing piano diligently, He at that time was looking pure and eternal.

That was the moment she fell for him, She had love at first sight but she was conscious of her identity. She thought she as a poor girl didn't deserve to yearn for someone like him. It might be just her fantasy but then everything changes.

One day he himself approached her with a very stunning smile on his face. At that moment all the logic was washed down the drain, She decided to chase after him.

Soon she got his number, Even though he didn't talk much but that was enough for her. She had hoped that the fire of her love would melt his ice-cold heart But now...

"*Sigh* Forget it, He is way out of my league, He might didn't even know my name."

Grace sighed and worriedly looked towards the intensive care ward. This is where her mother admitted.

The doctor just talk to her, If she doesn't deposit money soon then the offer of installment payment will be nulled, And then she needs to pay all the money for surgery to happen.

"Don't worry mom, I will not let anything happen to you."

Grace clenched her fist to calm down her worried heart.

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