15 15. Meaning Of Foodgasum

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Rose wasn't even able to speak properly. The pleasure of food was too much. Not only her body but even her soul felt violated by this barrage of flavors.

These spicy, sweet, sour flavors overwhelmed her senses. All kinds of feelings came to her at once, Even if they were violating her soul and body but she didn't hate this feeling at all.

This is kinda pleasure was worth that torment of her senses. This feeling of pure euphoria, Like a drug, made her addicted.

"Ahhhh!!! *Huff* Mhumm."

Finally, pleasure raised to the limit of what her body can handle, She twisted her legs to try to stop that impending thing from happening but alas, That thing still happens, A large amount of love liquid squirted out of her lower mouth. If not for the panty and skirts blocking it should have long sprayed ahead in Alex's direction.

As she got a release, Her body became soft, Directly laying her half-body on the dining table.

"*Huff* Alex...Why...Why does this taste so Good?"

Rose's eyes were misty and confused, Making her look quite cute, Her towing chest going up and down as she gasped for air.

"Huh!? This taste good?"

Here Alex was dumbfounded. He personally tested it. At best he felt it was edible but looking at Rose's condition, She acted like she was being drugged.

He also smelled that fishy smell, 9 out of 10 times it was because of her pleasure climax.

[Ding! Foodgasm skill (Passive) triggered on Rose. +20 favorability increased towards host (Current : 90)

Cooldown : 23:59:55.]

In the confusion of Alex, The system voice sounded.

'It turns out Foodgasum's name is not just for show.'

This thought comes to his mind looking at Rose's state.

She at this moment is like a fish out of water grasping for the air, The pleasure was too much for her body, Soul, and mind to handle.

But her face was still full of ecstasy, Her two gem-like honey-colored eyes kept staring at the dish in front of her with a desire to eat.

"Just do what you asked to...do"

Same ice-cold domineering voice, A unquestionable tone that didn't give any chance for others to refuse.


Rose is scared of that tone, especially that slight pause at the end. This is the same tone her sister used before she starts her inhuman torture of her opponents.

So without further ado, She took one more bite of the chicken rice.


It's still that old sensation. Even though she was prepared, She still couldn't resist the immeasurable pleasure that violated her whole being.

Her pleasure once again reached its peak, But this time she was prepared and was barely able to hold her orgasm.

"Do I say you can stop eating?"

Alex seeing she stopped eating, He once again spoke, He had to break her defenses first to move a step as he is oblivious to the interaction happened between sisters.

'This...Why do I like it when he is being commanding?'

Rose thought of this, every time that ice-cold domineering voice of his commanded her, an electric current ran through her whole body. This feeling was hard to explain but is quite addictive.


Although her mind was busy, Her hands did not stop, She once again took a bite.

This time she wasn't able to stop the inevitable. A large flood of her love juices broke out in her undies. She in panic crossed her legs and with her left free hand held her nether region.

She sneakily looked towards Alex to see if he didn't find out about her embarrassment.


It's a really embarrassing thing for women to climax early, Not to mention they didn't do anything, She climaxed even before that, She is even worse than a 30-sec showgirl.

'He didn't find out.'

To her relief, Alex was not looking at her but down at his plates. From his expression, It was not like he found out anything about her shame.

'But even if he finds out it should be worth it.'

This thought appeared in her mind as her eyes fell on the food on the table.

She can't even describe the taste of it, She can only say it gives her whole being a feeling of euphoria.

It felt like she tested pure bliss, If bliss has a taste then it will be this one.

So she didn't hesitate any more and started eating.

No, It can't be called eating as she pretty much inhales it, Without worrying much about Alex, As all her mind is focused on the food.

Alex was still not sure why she liked this barely edible food in his eyes so much.

[Ding! That's because the host you are talking about from the perspective of God-level cooking, That's why you are giving this low rating to this food.

But Rose is from the perspective of a normal mortal. For her, it's a divine grade foof, If not it might be even higher.

(Note: If you want to enjoy this food from a mortal perspective, Just think about it, The effect of God-level cooking will be lowered to host choice for you to experience it but it's recommended not lower directly on the mortal level, Unless when host is alone.)]

The user-friendly system once again jumped and resolved its host query.

Actually, if Alex was not intoxicated right now. He should have found out about it with his 120 IQ but currently, he was barely holding back from being unconscious because of techniques of God-level acting.

He seriously underestimated the power of that spirit, Or to say he overestimated his body tolerance.

As men in this world are mostly not favored by the power in this world, Their body is very weak compared to women, And that spirit is obviously made for the consumption of a woman in diluted form.

'System I will not die from alcohol poisoning, right?'

Alex has to ask this question, If he really dies because of this then he will be the stupidest traveler ever be.

Think about it, He died of alcohol poisoning, In the world of superpowers. Not to mention he himself drank that much to get into someone's pants.

[Ding! Host life is not in immediate danger, But it's recommended to drink more water to prevent dehydration.]

'*Sigh* That's good.'

The system gave him the good news, He will not become a joke in the travel community.lightsnovel

After he was confirmed that he was not in danger, He too decided to eat. He lowered his skill power a little to LV 90 Immortal level. To try his cooking.

"Thanks for the food."

After he said it, He picked up the spoon to eat but as he was ready to put it in his mouth, He realized he was still wearing a face mask.

This was the habit of this world Alex, Unless at home or being alone, He used to wear this face mask all the time.

After all his charm even without a system strengthening was on the 130. So to avoid unnecessary trouble, he used to wear it. Now he unconsciously followed as it was a habit.

"Mhmm very good."

After removing his face mask, He took a bite and was blown away by the shock. Although he had a very mild reaction compared to Rose, But this still shocked him.

He couldn't find any fault in this food at all. With his current LV 91 cooking, This dish was perfect.

On God-level cooking, he found millions of faults in it, from grades of ingredients to cooking equipment. He can even tell problems with the genetics of chicken which lead to tests.

Not to mention, he able to fucking find fault in astrology and time dish was cooked.

This finally let him understand the horror of the God-level skill.

Then he too starts to eat with relish. Thinking about the night ahead of them


"That's all of it? Do you have some more stored?"

Soon both of them were done eating but Rose was unwilling, Her eyes resultantly looking at the empty plates and pots with little tears in her eyes.

She did not have enough, She wants more.

"You had more than enough."

The same commanding voice of Alex answered her question.

He saw her bulging tummy, He was afraid that if she eats more it might explode.

He has cooked food for 5 people as he didn't like when food fell short, So he decided to cook more as even if there is leftovers, That can be eaten the next morning or at lunch.

But to his horror, Rose never stopped eating, She even tried to steal his shear after inhaling hers.

If not for his stern warning, She might be successful as he is currently not her opponent at all.

"But- "

Rose's eyes turned red, She felt wronged. It's just some food. Why did he not let her eat it?

She looked at Alex with a pitiful look in her tear-filled eyes like a lost puppy. This is her killer move, Which she always uses against her sister when she wants something.

From childhood to now, She harnesses this skill to mastery, She is confident that she will not fail.


Only one world answered her. To tell the truth Alex was indeed affected by her, If not because of her health he might make some more for her.

Anyway, Women in this world do not get fat. Why? Simple the power which makes a woman stronger is also directly converts most of the excess fat to muscle strength.

Wait! What? You felt like it didn't make sense? Of course, it doesn't. What do you expect from wishfulment novels?

Although this world is converted into the real world, It still follows the laws that are stated in the novel. So there might be some anomalies like this one.

Rose didn't think that her killer move would fail but she didn't give up. Who was she? The 2nd Miss of the Miller family, The strongest family in Berlin city.


Well, she begged.

The temptation of that food is too much. She wants to taste it again. She was addicted to that pure bliss of taste.

"Not now, Tomorrow I will cook breakfast."

Alex still had that cold tone but he said what she wanted to hear. He felt pity for her. Other than her little brain problem, She didn't have any strong flaws.

She is very beautiful, Has a seductive body that puts most of the women to shame and she is also super rich. Her heart is also not that bad.

Although her tongue is like a knife, her heart is like soft cotton. If not she didn't have that brain-feeding making up story event in the hospital.

He still didn't know the cause of it but he was sure of it that those were her true feelings and not pretense.

So he decided to cut her some slack. Anyway, she will be his woman in the future, So it's not good to be too tough on her.

"Really, You are great."

Rose got spirited again, Although she was not successful to get it now but was at least sure, She will get it tomorrow.

For that level of delicacy, she can wait for decades not to mention just mere time of until the morning.

"Is that how you say thank you?"

Alex once again goes full-on domineering mode. He stood up and came to Rose.

He pinched her delicate chin with his slender long fingers and lifted her head to look at him.

His whole body excluding the domineering aura of that ice-cold president of the romance novel.

Rose panicked, The moment she encountered that overbearing tone and domineering aura. She felt like it was not Alex who was asking her but her sister, Alia.

"Sorry That-"


She wanted to speak but before she completed her sentence, A loud tight slap landed on her soft rosy cheeks.

Alex Slapped her.

[Ding! The host completed the 3rd option task...

Congratulations to a host on getting "Ecstasy Hands."]

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