16 16. Make A Move (Light R-18)

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As the system's voice fell, Alex felt a tingling sensation in his hands and some mysterious power running through them, But it only lasted for a second or so.

After that new skill appeared on his status panel.


Rose was speechless, Not because of the slap but the feeling that slap gave her.

Although it seems like, That slap was hard, the power of Alex was not enough to make her feel pain but she felt something else.

An excitement. She felt a rush of current run through  her body when that slap landed on her cheeks.

This feeling is not only because of the slap but the domineering commanding voice, Alex used. This is a sensation that she never felt before.

"Did you not hear?"

That overbearing commanding voice once again rang, She looked up at Alex to answer but seeing his face she was stunned.

'How come he became this handsome?'

This was a thought in her mind. Throughout the day Alex was wearing the face mask, Although it was still not enough to hide his beauty but she ignored that look thinking it was nothing but her imagination but now he was without the mask. She was shocked.

In the morning she saw him although still handsome but nothing compared to his current appearance.

That flushed well carved tempting face, Those sword eyebrows, Void like black eyes, Long nose bridge, Slender thin lips.

A few buttons of his white shirt were open, Letting her see that smooth white little muscular chest. Making her body feel hotter and that weird feeling increasing more and more.

He looked like a fairy fallen from high heaven and was blasphemed by the world.

[Ding! +5 Favorability of Rose increased for the host (Current: 95 Obsession).]

The voice of the system rang in his mind. Indicating that he was very close to his goal.

"Sorry...N-No Me-Mean Tha-Thank you."

Excitement, Fear, and that unknown feeling overwhelmed her, Making her stammer. Even speaking becomes a hard task for her.

"That's how you thank someone?"

Alex raised his sword eyebrow and questioned her in that same cold tone.

"N-No...I-I will make a check n-now."

Rose didn't know what was happening to her but she liked that cold voice commanding her. The more Alex used a cold and domineering tone, The more excited she became.

Hering that a simple thank you was not enough, She thought of the only way she knows of thanking someone, Money.

So she wanted to get her purse and took out her checkbook to make another check for Alex.

"Did I say you can move?"

Same cold overbearing tone questioning her.



Rose wanted to stand up to go and grab her purse but she halted and shivered by that cold voice. Goosebumps appeared on her whole body but not only because of fear but mostly because of the excitement. She became addicted to this feeling more and more.

"B-But M-My ch-checkbook is in the pur-purse."

Still, Rose calmed down the excitement in her heart and said stammering to Alex.

"When did I ask for money?"

This time his tone changed to a teasing one but still had a touch of overbearing.

"Th-Then h-how?"


Rose was now completely submerged in the pleasure of this feeling, That teasing tone was the cherry on top. She is now addicted to this sensation of current rushing through her body.

"Stick out your tongue."

Alex's tone once again changed and went back to a cold-domineering tone.

"Mhmm Ehh."

Rose's brain is not able to process what Alex said but her body did. She unconsciously sticks her small agile pink tongue out of her cherry-like lips.


Seeing her like this, Alex became a little sober. No matter how dumb Rose is, She is still a heroine. There is no doubt about her beauty and charm.

Now looking at her in this tempting gesture, His blood boiled, A mighty male chicken in his pants also awakened from its slumber, Hating the evil boundaries of the pants that prevented him from announcing its rise to the world.

"Good Girl."

Although shocked, God-Level techniques did not fail him. Even if he was not using an auto-mode of acting, He can still fully control his micro expression.

He praised her in that cold tone, And once again pinched her jade-like smooth chin between his slender long fingers.

[Ding! +2 Favorability of Rose increased for the host (Current : 97 Obsession)]

"Thank you-!!"

"Mummm *Huff*."

Rose felt a sudden rush of joy when Alex praised her like she did something really extraordinary, but just as she was about to behave politely and thank him in hope of another praise, He suddenly made a move.

Before she even realizes it, Her cute pink tongue is engulfed by the intoxicating mouth of Alex.

For moments her vision  blurred, She wasn't able to differentiate if it was a dream or reality but a sneaky hand on her breast confirmed that she was not dreaming.

"Ahhh!! Mummm"

Alex took her agile tongue in his mouth, And interlocked their lips in a kiss. He with his slippery tongue lashed and bullied her small pink one.

His hands sneaky find their way toward her towering mountains, and barely able to cover half of her gigantic mounts. After that, he squeezed the softness out of instinct.

Making Rose release a cute alluring moan out of her locked cherrylips.lightsnovel

"Wa-Wait *Huff* Here is the camera- Mummm."

Alex released her lips to breathe, Seeing that she got a chance, She wanted to explain about the camera to him but Alex didn't give a chance to speak and once again take hold of those juicy lips of hers.

He nibbled on her wine-like sweet and intoxicating lips until they swell.

His hands also never stopped, He long since wanted this opportunity and now he had it, He will not let go.

One of his hands released her mound from his clutches and moved downwards, While the other one went around her back and captured her lonely left melon.

"Do-Don't...Mumhn st-stop n-not th-there."

Rose felt the moment his hand was startled. She had already created a huge mess down there before, and she didn't want to show him to find out her embarrassment.

But she is now at mercy of Alex. She has long since lost control of her body to her desire. If not she can easily able to stop him but now she can't even move a finger as she felt like she lost all strength in her body.

Her body has turned soft, Thankfully she was seated in the chair with the support of Alex's body, If not she will be lying on the floor.

"Ahhh!! Mmm YES!!! AHHHH!!!"

She felt  hand of Alex slipping through the leg gap of her pencil-cut skirt and then sliding her thong to the side, Touching her most carved for attention and the delicate part of her body.

Just as he touched the glistening lips of her wet cunt. She felt like it was touched by live electric wire, 240 volts current running through her whole body as her lower lips being the core of it.

The sudden overwhelming pleasure was too much for her to handle. She broke their kiss and clenched tightly to Alex's white shirt, Her whole body sticking close to him.

Then she yelled at the top of her lungs and experienced her best orgasm ever. All her love juice sprayed out of her unexplored cave, completely covering his whole hand in her sacred liquid.

'It's completely different from my fingers. If just fingers are this pleasureful then...*Glup*'

That was a thought in her mind or to say her mind currently can only process this much of things.

But the shock and pleasure of those fingers were too much. Just a mere touch put her on cloud nine. So she couldn't help but imagine what happened if it was not fingers but something else, She eyes unknowingly stared at the little bulge in his pants.

"Alia, Do you like it?"

Alex spoke but this time his voice was low, slow and seductive. His eyes were already blurred, maybe because of lust or drunkenness or both.

His body was shaking side by side as if he would fall anytime but he was able to hold himself back, Looking intently at Rose, Waiting for her answer.

'He...Is he seeing me as Alia?'

When Alex called her sister's name, Rose became a little sober from the drunkenness of her desire. Looking at the drunken look, She concluded that Alex thought of her as an Alia in his drunkenness.

A huge resentment appeared in her heart, She for the first time felt jealous of her sister. For the first time, she had a desire in her heart to oppose her sister.

'Well...It's not me who is responsible for this, right? He was the one who came at me. I am innocent, So just pretend I didn't hear anything.'

So many first things are happening to her today, One of them being that her IQ comes online, and thought of a good enough logical reason for herself and not because of fear of her sister.

"Y-Yes I-I li-like it."

Rose tried to sound like her sister but only in a hoarse voice because the dryness in her throat came out of her mouth.

'Good enough, At least she is not dumb enough to correct me now.'

Here Alex saw her reaction and became satisfied with it. For someone like her, it's once in a lifetime achievement if they do not fuck up in things like here.

He thought all through it. If he suddenly changed his persona from a man in love to a slut of a man then he would have to face the wrath of the number one heroine of the book, Alia.

But now, He is drunk and he by "mistake" thinks Rose is Alia. They being sisters also look a little similar. It's not hard to believe he who was drunk to "misunderstood" Rose as Alia.

So no matter what he will do later, It's all will be blamed on being drunk, And with the video as proof, he can prove his innocence that he thought Rose was Alia.

After that she should not be angry at him that much, thinking he didn't know it was Rose, and not her, and the plus point is after this he will be a "Broken" body in her eyes. With her clean freak nature, She will not bother with what will do later. So he will be free to do what he wants and who he wants.

'This is the perfect plan.'

Alex thought that this was a foolproof plan but unfortunately he underestimated the power of a crazy chick.

"Then we will continue."

Alex spoke in that cold voice and moved his love-juice-covered fingers lightly over her lower lips. Sending shivers down her body.


The combination of the voice and slight movement of a finger down there completely broke the last resistance, She had in her heart.

Lust overcomes the fear of her sister.

*Buzzz* *Buzzz*

When Alex wanted to move to the next step, the Rose phone on the table buzzed. The display of the phone turned on, Showing the caller ID to the duo.


It was the ID name of the caller, There is only one contact saved in her phone by this name.

"It's sister!!!"

When Rose saw it, Half of her desire vanished and the fear of her sister covered her heart. She remembers that her sister asked her to go back to the company for work.

But what horrified her most was that Her sister would never call without good reason. Her not going back to the company is not a good reason in Alia's eyes.


Subconsciously she looked towards the camera in the dining room, There was a very bad feeling in her heart.

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