23 23. Sucked By Ice Queen (R-18)

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Warm, Wet and Slippery.

This was a sensation Alex felt at the moment. He felt like a certain part of his body was sucked by a moist void. There was coldness but also warmth. He was feeling like a water snake colliding around his tower of heaven.

'Am I having a wet dream?'

Alex woke up from his sleep feeling this an incredible and comfortable sensation but because of tiredness, He wasn't able to open his eyes. So he misunderstood that he was still dreaming.

So he decided to enjoy it. At least in a dream, he enjoyed the luxury he missed tonight with Rose.

'This feel too real, right?'

But soon he was shocked. This is not like a dream at all. After the wobbly moment of up and down started, He started to feel his blanket also moving up and down.

Someone is down there, Gobbling on his stick.

This was his conclusion but he still couldn't open his eyes to see who was doing it. He drew his body to limit today, So now it was refusing to follow orders.

'Maybe she is Rose?'

This is what he thought, This is logical thinking. This is Rose's private apartment, So it's security is also not that bad. Without a key, it's very hard to enter it.

Plus only she knew he was here, And what happened with them before she stormed off, It's logical to think this person was Rose.

*Glob* *Glob* *Cough* *Gag*

The were globing moments down there broke his thoughts, "Rose'' was trying to gobble up his whole upraised manhood in her cherry-like small mouth.

As a result, She choked and gagged and was forced by her physical instinct to prevent her from swallowing further.

Still, She did not give up. She landed lots of slobbery kisses with her scarlet red lips on his rod, completely coating it with her sweet saliva.

*Cough* *Gag* Cough*

Then she tried once again, This time because of the wetness, It easily slid all way deep in her throat until those scarlet lips of hers touched his base.

His whole manhood was submerged in the mouth of the heroine.

Alex was bombarded by both physical and mental stimulation, Although "Rose" was sloppy and inexperienced. She still understands what he wanted.

The warmth and comfort his dick felt in her mount, There is no equivalent of this anywhere.

"Rose" tried to keep his manhood as long as she can submerged in her mouth but because of lack of oxygen, She reluctantly had to took it out.

But she didn't stop there. After she took a breath, She started her movement once again. Her head was going up and down, and Her moist lips warped his shaft in the bounds of her mouth creating a vacuum in it.

Soon her moments pick up the pace, She was eager to taste the bitter elixir of life ejaculated from the tip of his member.

"Arghhhh!! Drink it all up, R- Alia!!"

Alex can't hold back anymore. He reached his peak. He is out of instinct, holds her head down, lifts his waist up and pushes his dick as far as he can in her warm mouth before unloading all his baby batter deep in her throat. He didn't let go of her head until he fully released himself.

*Cough* *Glup* *Glup*

She too didn't resist his action but obediently swallowed every single drop of it. Although on initial impact she choked but she still accepted all of it without complaint.


After a few seconds, His manhood softened in her mouth and was finally released from its bounds but "Rose" still did not stop and licked and kissed every inch of it of the remaining semen on it until it arose again.

Alex was both physically and mentally satisfied. He felt like all the tiredness of today's release from him, He was so relaxed that he nearly said her name out loud but thankfully he changed at the last minute, or his impression of "Rose" mind was destroyed. Then he didn't know if she would stop and go away, Giving him semi-blue balls.

He also never thought that the dumbass Rose in his mind could be this good. He now understands why those protagonists run after heroines like a dog.

These heroines are natural man-killers. Even without any experience, She was this good at it, So what happens if there is experience? He couldn't think of it.

"Do you like it?"

Suddenly Alex felt a cold soft body ascending towards his face, He could feel the cold touch of the bare skin of another party. The "Rose" did not have any cloth on her, She was fully nude.


After she reached his ears, She spoke in a husky seductive voice before she started nibbling the tip of his ear, While holding his erected manhood in her slightly cold hand.

"Like it."

A hot breath of hers hit his ear, The feeling of pleasure from his nether region and her surprise attack on his ear overwhelmed his senses. So that he couldn't distinguish that this voice does not belong to Rose at all.

He just wanted to enjoy this pleasure, As that's all he can do now because there was no extra strength to move his fingers.

When he held her head down before that was purely out of instinct, He couldn't move his body willingly at all.

"Do you...Do you want to do more? The more interesting stuff?"

Like a devil's whispers, "Rose" asked him, Her voice filled with lust, Which also affected Alex.

"Ye- "

[Ding! World choice is detected...

The selection function is triggered...

Please choose the following options...

• [1] Lay down and enjoy your pleasure as your last one.

Task : Just lay down and let Alia do all the work.

Rewards : Royal Eunuch's Cultivation Method, Alia will turn you impotent.

• [2] How can a man just lie down and enjoy himself without making a woman beg for mercy?

Task : Convert all of your Raider Points into stats and add them, Let Alia beg for mercy.

Reward : Mystical golden Kidney

• [3] How can you as a host only think from your lower body?lightsnovel

Task : Reject Alia's offer and ask her to leave you alone.

Reward : -100 Favorability of Alia, Your dick will turn into an icicle.]

Like always, the system jumped in when he was about to make an important decision.


Alex's brain stopped working. He thought he saw it wrong but that was impossible because his eyes were closed. This panel directly transmitted in his mind.

This means the woman who was sucking his dick moments ago was also Alia. The infamous black rose, Also the number-one heroine of this novel.

This thing was unfathomable for Alex, He knows Alia was a clean freak, She even hates to touch other people if not necessary, and now that Alia was sucking him off.

To be honest, He felt a different kinda satisfaction knowing it was Alia but soon his fear of her kicked in. He looked at the option menu and clearly saw what would happen when she didn't like something.

In the first option, She will not be able to enjoy the pleasure of sex fully, So she will think sex is not worth wasting her time. Then as guessed she also will destroy his manhood, Because if she can't have it, No one else can. In this choice, only the first reward is a good thing.

The second option is an ideal choice as always. If he lets Alia know the temptation of sex, Then she surely will not do anything to him, And let him keep his manhood to enjoy later on.

As for the last option, It was always worse. As a trope of a cold domineering president. She hates when someone says no to her. Not to mention if he rejects her now, After what she did, She will really not shy away from freezing him to death, not to mention just his dick.

'System I chose the 2nd option, Convert all the Raider points and put them in my stats.'

Now he can't help but to choose the least dangerous option. He was already riding a tiger, So it was hard to get off now.

[Ding! All Raider Points are converted into stat points and evenly distributed into the necessary stats.]

The system also didn't waste any time and quickly followed his order.

Just as the voice fell, Alex felt power running through his whole body. Previous tiredness and drunkenness also vanished. He felt like he had just woken up from a long comfortable sleep.

His limbs and body felt like they have nearly infinite strength, His all-over stats were improved a lot.


Alex opened his dark eyes, Just to see ice-cold blue eyes gazing at him with lust and desire.

When their eyes met, He also sensually called her name with his hoarse voice, He looked at that heavenly face close hand.

A fine bead of sweat on her forehead looked like expensive pearls, Those moist lips which were warped around his manhood moments ago also appears as the petals of a rose, Her flushed hot red face tempting others to commit a crime.

He has to say, No matter how bad her personality is, she looks like a goddess descending from heaven to this mortal plane.

'System shows her status.'

Alex looked at the alluring Alia in front of him and had a moment of hesitation. It seems not that bad to have her as his woman, So he decided to check if there is any loophole, Which he can exploit to keep his harem safe from her.

[Ding! The target details are like the following...

Name : Alia Miller

Status : Awaken (Combat Class)

Rank : B Class

Strength : B Rank

Agility : B Rank

Charm : 138

Luck : 9,999 (Heroine)

Skills :

Business (LV 10), Martial Arts (LV 10), Hacking (LV 10), Chess (LV 10), Driving (LV 10), Calligraphy (LV 10)...

Talent :

Instant Mastery : As long as the possessor of this talent wants to learn something, They will be able to master that thing to the level of mortal peak in no time.

Condition : Possessor has to be interested in those things for this talent to kick in.

Superpower : Ice Queen (SS-Rank)

Ice World : This unique skill of super power, When this skill is used the whole area turns into an ice domain, User can control everything in this ice world.

Frozen Heart : Heart is as cold as a snow. All the thinking is done by only logically perspective without considering morals or emotions. There will be no joy or sorrow of its posseors mind only constant void of emotions.

Olny when someome melt this heart with fire of passion, Posseror able to feel normal emotions.

Passive Halo:

Cold-CEO : This will create an image of the poster as an almighty cold CEO, Others will automatically be afraid and respect the poster.

Main Heroine: This Halo gives the possessor luck, talent and opportunities of the main heroine, Which were second only to the protagonist. Possessors of this halo are able to survive any mortal danger of life.

Perks :

Possessive : Very possiver of her things, No one else allowed to touch her forbidden

Spoiler: Once someone conquers her heart, She will spoil them too much. No matter what the other party wants, She will agree without any questions.

Favorability : 30 (Acquaintance)

Summary : She is a high-cold president trope in the romance novel.]

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