24 24. Fuck The Heroine (R-18)

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'Heroine stats are also broken, Thankfully I made the best decision before, or now I have to pack my things and leave.'

Alex saw the stats of Alia and felt helpless.

That's right, Alia is an awakened person, and that too a powerful one. In the early plot of the novel, B-Rank awakened is a supreme power, Not to mention she has the SS-Rank superpower. This means she can become SS-Rank awakened in future.

The protagonist is able to conquer her totally because of his super luck, If not for luck he too joined the list of icicles. After all, Frozen Heart is nearly impossible to melt.

Alex now felt fortunate that he chose to buy the Netori system. If not, he didn't know, How much time and brain cells he had to spend to melt her heart.

But now with the effect of the Netori Halo, He can just fuck her til he conquers her. He just has to ejaculate his baby batter in her to increase favorability. This may be his best purchase ever.

After he confirmed there was a chance, Alex didn't want to waste any time. He looked up at Alia with the same lust and desire in his eyes, There was also a touch of drunkness.

He did not forget that he was supposed to be drunk, Plus he can use being drunk as a shield. Then he was free to turn her into as many positions as he wants.

"Why not but- I like to be on top."

Alex then made a move before Alia could react, He was on top of her naked body between her legs. A touch of cold hot bare skin of hers flared up flames of desire in his heart more violently.

"No I-Mhummm!!!"

How can Alia as a woman be willing to be on the downside? She wanted to complain and shift position but before she said anything, Her scarlet plump lips were caught by his slender once.

Alia was shocked by his sudden action. Seeing an opportunity, Alex slid his agile tongue into her sweet mouth.

The power of H-Tongue shows it might as a system product. As his agile tongue started to bully her soft tongue, Alia overwhelmed by pleasure.

"AHHHH! *Huff* Mhmm."

Her pleasure reached critical limit in an instant, Her body arched, A long slender fingers of hers clenched the bedsheet in her hand, While her other hand held the back of his head close to her.

A love fluid like a broken dam squirted out of her petals like pink labia wetting bed sheets. A few drops of fluid remained on her lower lips as the morning drew on the flowers.

"*Huff* *Huff* Mhmmm"

The whole room was filled with loud sounds of heavy breathing and moaning, Alia's brain was muddled because of her first orgasm. This kind of pleasure she never felt before, She needed a moment to calm down from the overwhelming pleasure.

But Alex didn't give her time. He wanted to listen to her pleading for him to stop not only for the system task but also for his own evil taste.

So he rudely grabbed one of her towering mounds and pinched her pink nipple of her without breaking their kiss


Alia didn't know what happened. She felt a current running through her body as he grabbed her breast. That current was like a mighty wave of the sea hitting her, giving her paramount pleasure.

Then there was that pinch, Which was like a final straw that broke the camel's back. She didn't even get time to recover from her first orgasm and the second one came rushing. A gush of fluid sprayed from her hairless pussy.

Her legs warped around Alex's waist tightly, While both of her hands clenched his back, Her long nails like sharp knives trying to dig into his back through his white shirt.


Alex sucked in cold air, A pain hit him from his back giving him a different kinda pleasure, He still didn't break their kiss. His tongue kept lashing her pitiful small one. His hand still rudely grasped her white jade-like softness, While teasing her erect nipples with his thumb from time to time.

His other hand does not sit ideally, It moved downward and positioned his busting veiny dick on the entrance of her unexplored sacred cave.

There is no need to shift position as Alia's legs were warped around his waist giving him the best angle for the takeoff.

"Mhummm...Mumm *Huff* Hhum~"

Alex didn't directly shove his dick in but first rubbed his dick on her wet folds, coating the tip of his glans with her love juices for smooth entry.

Because of rubbing seductive moans escaped from Alia's mouth. Her pussy was very sensitive right after the orgasm, So his actions were like putting oil in the fire.

Hearing those moans, His bones felt like they became a little soft, A lust and desire-filled voice of hers was too alluring, Letting his desire reach new heights. He no longer waits anymore. So after adjusting a little, He then pushed his waist forward in a swift motion.


*Slam* *Bang*



Because of the wetness, His dick easily breaks through the little restriction it felt on the entrance until it slammed straight into her cervix, With the blessing of perfect D his dick completely filled her vaigina hitting her every weak point. A mixture of pain and pleasure bombarded Alia's senses. Her warped legs tighten their grip on his waits, Her nails clenched his back digging further in. Her body arched, lifting her pelvis high.

Her vaginal walls tightened and her narrow valley flooded with lots of fluid but was stopped from escaping by the "plug" which was blocking the exit.

"Too Tight."

Alex too felt pleasure and comfort rushing through him. Their kiss got broken, A string of saliva like a bridge connecting their mouth too got broken.

As her walls constricted, His dick felt like it was having a warm comfortable massage. Her vagina squeezing his dick without any intention to let go.lightsnovel

With this sensation, Alex nearly cummed but he was able to hold himself back. Then with little moments of rest, he moved his waist back before moving forward again.

The uneven patterns on her walls were like thousands of soft wet fingers trying to hold his dick back giving Alex an extraterrestrial sensation. Even if he gets to feel this for eternity he might not get tired of it.

"Ahhh~ Mummm"

When he moved his waist, Soft seductive moans of Alia rang in the room. This was a different kinda Alia, Which only he was fortunate enough to see.


"Ahhhah!!~ Wa-Warn me b-before doing that."

Alex couldn't help but once again slamming his little brother deep inside her until his glans kissed her cervix.

Alia squeaked in shock and complained to Alex. Now Alex couldn't help it, This soft warm Alia is way more tempting than the high cold one.

"Mummm~ Ahhh!!!"

He once again captured her soft moist lips in the bounds of his slender thin lips, His hand grabbed her white mounds of softness and his dick rammed into her inside like a mad bull.


With the combo of H-Tongue, Ecstasy Hands, and Perfect D, Alia transcends a new height of pleasure.

The surge of fluids gushed out of her pussy, Her body was shaking because of the excitement, and her brain long since shut down from the pleasure. Only lust and desire were a force running her right now.


Alex, without breaking their kiss, tears his shirt off his body. The only remaining barrier between their skin was his pants long before being thrown somewhere by Alia.

Finally, both of them are now naked, Rubbing their bare skin on each other as if trying to merge themselves.

Alex's bare strong chest landed on her erect nipples and her softness, Her hands wandering all over his back and neck, His hands from hovering on the outline of her water snake-like waist reached to her plump perky ass.


"Ohhh~ "

He slapped her curvy ass. From the impact, it also juggled and turned a little red, But other than a lustful moan, Alia didn't say anything. Seeing this, Alex lifted her round ass before he started moving his waist back and forth.

*Pat* *Pat* *Puch* *Pat*

The sound of bare skin hitting each other mixed with wet sounds of flesh ran in the room. Alex's scrotum hitting Alia's perky ass as he picked up his pace.

"Ahhh!! Mumm!! Ohhh~ *Squirt* Ahhhh~."

As he speeded up his pace, His dick started hitting her cervix each time he moved, He also coiling his tongue with hers, and his one hand also rubbing over her aroused clit. While other holding her ass up.

This simulation was too much for her, She had an orgasm one after another, She even forgot how many times she even cummed, She needed a break to cool down or she was afraid her body might break because of this intense pleasure but Alex was like a mad bull, Didn't stop at all, He kept ramming his hard dick into her small pussy.

"Argggggh!! I AM CUMMING!!! *Squirt* *Squirt*"

After some time, Alex also reached his peak. With the final push he unloaded all of his seamen inside her sacred cave, tainting its sacredness forever.


When Alex's hot semen is like molten lava ejaculate hitting her sensitive walls, Her body once again reaches its peak, Her whole body tightens up, Her arms hug Alex's neck, and her legs also tightened to limit on his waist. Before she yelled at the top of her lungs and with one last gash of fluids squirted out of her pussy with force that even when exit was blocked by his dick, It able to drip out of it.

*Huff* *Huff*

After that Alex lay dowm his body on top of her, Both were breathing heavily. Alia's eyes were blurry, Her face was filled with ecstasy, She looked toward Alex's face close at hand with little resentment and love.

"I-I never experienced emotions like this. Thank you for the unforgettable night.'

Alia just hugged Alex, Who was laying on top of her, and spoke with a little emotional voice. Her fatigue-filled voice was hoarse because of dryness and loud yelling before but it still was pleasant to hear it.

"Huh!? What do you mean? We are just getting started, Be ready for round two."

But Alex was as vigorous as ever because of the blessing of his upgraded stats, He pinched her delicate soft chin in his slender fingers before giving her an evil smile.


Alia unconsciously swallows her spit looking at the beautiful yet dangerous smile on Alex's face. She wanted to stop and take a break but how as a woman can she say she can't do it? Her ego will not allow it. So she can only prepare herself for the upcoming storm.

The night is still young, and So does the desire in Alex's heart. This is going to be a very long night for Alia.

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