27.Put Sex Lock On The Protaganist

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"Who is calling?"

A stern old female voice comes out from another end of the phone.

"It's me, Nathan, I am in your hospital but security is not allowing me to enter, They sayin- - *Beep* *Beep* Hello!? Hello!!?"

After the call got picked up Nathan's heavy heart had a sigh of relief. He arrogantly said what happened to him on the phone but another party after listing his name directly cut off the call.

Nathan looked at his phone dumbfoundedly. He met this old lady in this hospital yesterday while leaving. Seeing that she looked like someone with status, He helped her solve a problem with one of her patients.

It turn out that she was the dean of this hospital, She also became impressed because of his medical knowledge at this young age, So she offered him a place in this hospital as an trainee doctor under her directly, Making him gain both her support and little rights to talk in hospital

So he was confident that today he would be able to enter the VIP room but now it turns out he misjudged his importance in that old woman's mind, She cut off his call on his face.

Now he didn't know what to do. He never thought that he would lose. That's why he was able to raise the stakes so high but now he fell on his face. His backers refused to acknowledge him.

"Bro, Your time is running out."


Alex goes to Nathan and patted him on his shoulder.

'System put it on him, Now!!.'

As his hand landed on his shoulder he commanded the system.

[Ding! Sex Lock is put on target successfully…

Nathan from now on, not be able to get sexually aroused, He loses sensitivity in his lower part...]

In a matter of seconds, The system's voice fell, and Sex Lock was successfully put on him and it had taken immediate effect.

[Ding! The protagonist loses -1000 luck...

+500 luck is added to the host...

+ 50 Universal stats received...

(Note : Host can only get half of the luck of the protagonist, While other can be either converted into stats or other things depending on how much luck is stolen.)]

Another notification about the loss of Nathan's luck came.

Alex was not surprised to receive this notification. For a protagonist like him, His little brother is the most important thing, Even more important than his golden finger.

Although he has tried to steal heroin before and even successfully raided 2 of heroines successfully, But that did not affect his luck because these heroines were not that important to his growth. They were just his early mild support and pleasure tool's.

But locking his ability to have sex is equivalent to cutting off most of his opportunities, As most, if not all of his opportunities were related to sex or needed sex to unlock.

'This Sex Lock does not seem to be a permanent thing.'

Seeing Nathan only lost 1000 luck points, He understood that this Sex Lock is not a permanent thing, Which is also reasonable.

Its protagonist, So as long as there is luck protecting him, He can turn around any condition in his favor.

"Take your disgusting hands off of me."

Seeing Alex's hand on his shoulder for quite some time, Nathan became angry and shook off his hand. 

For some reason, he suddenly felt a feeling of loss in his heart. He didn't know what had happened but there was a feeling that he lost something very precious to him.

So he didn't wanted stay here any longer, He was going to turn around to leave.

"Where do you think you are going, bro?"

Alex stopped Nathan who was trying to leave. He will not let the protagonist go this easily.

"What do you want?"

Nathan looked at Alex with resentment, All his hatred of being embarrassed was put on Alex's head by him.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm


Alex raised the sole of his shoe and asked very politely to him.

"Fuck off."

Nathan was once again reminded of his shame, This act of Alex was like a tight slap on his face. He wanted revenge, He would kill that old bitch, Who betrayed him.

Nathen didn't want to stay here even for a second, So he turned around to leave. Anyway, no one dares to hurt a man unless they want to be canceled by people and punished by law. So he was confident no one will dare to stop him, Plus he still has the behemoth family like Gayler as a big support behind him.

"I said...lick!!"

Alex didn't play according to the routine at all, With the same polite smile on his face, He grabbed his shirt collar of Nathan, While with a flip of his foot and launched his shoe up in his hand.

When Nathan turns around to yell at him, He shoved half of his shoe in his open mouth.

"Ahh!! Agrrchhh!!"

Nathan only saw a black shadow coming toward him and then there was a gag reflex that made him understand what happened.

"I like a man of honor like you, You go above and beyond to fulfill a losing bet."

Alex wholeheartedly praised Nathan, As if it was Nathan who himself swallowed the shoe in his mouth.

"Mommy, What is that elder brother doing?!"

"Shush! Don't point it out, He might be a lunatic."

"Ohhh!~ lunatic elder brother hehe."

"*Sigh* This internet is making the new generation stupid. See what they are doing, In my day we-."

"Ohh, New content!!! Let me make a vlog, So guy today-."

"Is it a new Criss Cross trend? Why don't I know?"

"Do you wanna try it?"

"Of course, I never miss any new trend."

The bystanders talked a lot about looking at Nathan, Some even took out their phone to record. I guess they came to the hospital for a stroll. 

Anyway, Words of Alex's work. He shifted all the blame to Nathan and created the fixed opinion in others' minds first.lightsnovel

This way no matter what Nathan says later, People will not believe it. After all, it's very hard to change someone's opinion when they already firm their beliefs.

"Ghhha Ahh~ I will kill you."

When Nathan realized what was in his mouth he quickly tried to pull it out but because of the size of the shoe, It stuck in his mouth. No matter how hard he tries, He can't pull it out. His jaws opened to their limit, So he can't open them anymore.

He panicked but thankfully he was in the hospital. He quickly ran towards the emergency room but he didn't forget to leave cruel words from his wipe open shoe filled mouth.

"My name is Alex. I'm a 3rd year music major in city-B collage."

Alex gave his information to Nathan, worrying that he might not be able to findout him.

Nathan didn't reply, He just rushed towards the emergency section but he remembered Alex's details, He made a note in his heart. When he comes out of the hospital he will ask his family to teach this guy a worse lesson before feeding him to fishes in river.

[Ding! -50 Favorability of Nathan towards the host. (Current 70 Mortal Enemy).] 


Seeing Nathan's leaving back, Alex felt a little sad. He thought he would get to hear the legendary line of the protagonist of 30 years in that and 30 years in those but this guy just refuses to say it. This protagonist is no fun at all. He didn't play according to routine.

Alex thought he could play with the protagonist a little like a cat does with a mouse, While slowly taking down his luck, With his Villain halo he didn't have to worry about protagonist halo turning the tables but now he changed his mind, Because there is no fun in teasing him.

At first he decided to steal the opportunities of the protagonist but now he thinks that most of those things are useless to him as those are exclusively for the protagonist. They are either his skill or items that only the protagonist met conditions to use it, Other than the dual-cultivation technique in later plot, He was not suitable for other things.

So He decided to end this protagonist, and soon end it. Then play with the next one. That's why he tells Nathan about his information.

He knows Nathan being the combination of young master and little doctor trope protagonist will definitely use his family background to target him.

Which he wanted, The moment he did that and asked his family to target him, That moment his death countdown would start, and With a domino effect he would lose everything soon.

"Are you okay Alex? Did you get hurt? Show him your hands, It's all my fault, I have to step in to stop that lunatic. What if he had a weapon and tha- "

"Shush!!~ Stop talking"

Grace who was standing by their side came hastily in front of Alex and started checking his body worriedly for fear of him being injured, While blaming and questioning in one sentence.

She regretted letting Alex handle the situation. She thought the man would just argue and go away. It will not turn into a violent fight like a woman's but she never thought things would change that fast. Before she knew it. Alex's shoe was in that lunatics mouth.

Seeing Grace in front of him, Which felt like can talk forever, He put his long straight index finger on her cherry-like lips to make her stop talking.

"I am okay, I can handle myself, It's not like I did for you- Fuck it! *Kiss* "

Alex wanted to continue his act of brain dead tsundere but found that there was no reason to act anymore. Both people who he was afraid of creating problems were already raided by him successfully. He didn't have to worry about making their raid difficult anymore.

So he didn't speak, Held her round face in his hand and just landed his slender lips on her soft one, Locking their lips together in a kiss.


Grace's eyes widened to the extreme, Her pupils dilated. She never imagined that Alex will ever kiss her, Not to mention he will do it on his own initiative.

All her worry and stress about her mother was forgotten for a moment, Only one thought of enjoying this kiss remains.

[Ding! +3 Favorability of Grace increased for the host (Current : 98 Obsession)]

System voice rang in Alex's mind, Confirming that he made the right move.

Now that Grace's affection for him is on the obsession level, He didn't have to continue acting like a disgusting tsundere. 


Alex broke their kiss, They were still in the lobby, So he didn't dare to French kiss her.

"Let's go."

After all said and done, He warped his hand around her slender waist and led her toward the waiting room.

Grace too followed his lead subconsciously, Her brain still needed little time to process what just happened.

Both Grace and Alex entered the waiting room. This is a personal room given to the relatives of the patients, Who have to stay here 24 hours for emergencies. 

This room is not that big, Alex can't even stretch his hands sideways as the side walls stop his moments but it still had everything to live here.

There was one bed here, A portable electric water heater to make tea or coffee, A little sink for washing dirty utensils and a washroom for physical needs. Although not comfortable, one can still live here for the time being.

"Did you eat anything?"

When they entered, Alex sat down on the bed, Which also had enough space for only one person to sleep.

Then he took out the container he was carrying with him. Inside was a fried egg he cooked in the morning.

"Ye- No"

Grace recovered a little from her initial shock, Then she heard Alex asking the question.

Not to mention eating. From last night to now, She didn't even close her eyes worrying about Alex. So she was both mentally and physically exhausted.

But she didn't want Alex to worry about her, So she was ready to lie just to see. Alex taking out the tiffin box and put it in front of her.

Her heart felt warm, She never thought that Alex would personally bring food for her. 

'Did he like me too?'

Grace couldn't help but wonder, She wanted to ask him so badly what's the meaning of the kiss before, Why he acted so violently with that lunatic and why he prepared breakfast for her but she didn't dare to ask.

She was afraid that Alex would say he did all that just willfully. She didn't want to break this sweet illusion of hers, This is the only good thing that happened in her life in years.

"I don't know what you like, So I just fried some eggs."

Alex took the still-warm egg from its container and served it on the clean dish, Which he took beside from the heater.

"Okay, Thank you for the food."

Grace was hungry, with the temptation of food with the extra effect of being cooked by Alex, Made her very eager to eat it. So she sat in the small stool.

"Ahhh Mmmm!!!~ "

She held a plate in her one hand and, While cut little piece of egg with the help of a fork, delivered it to her mouth. Then she was flabbergasted.

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