28.Legendary Secretary (LightR-18)

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Just as Grace took a bite, An explosion of flavor happened in her mouth. 

The slimy spicy taste of egg rolled on her tongue like flavorful tentacles. Her brain wasn't even able to process what happened in the initial impact but soon it caught up.

Then there was that sensation like she was rolling in the slimy yolk of the egg, Trying to coat that yellow yolk all over her body.

"Uhmmmm!!~ "

A muffled moan escaped her mouth, Pleasure, and excitement because of the taste reached to limit. Her body also not only mentally but physically too experiences a paramount of ecstasy.

Her hands quickly pushed and rushed to her nether regions to stop the impending gush of juices but her hands were a little late. 

A large amount of her love fluid broke through all her futile attempts and gushed out of her delicate folds.

"Why I-Is this soo go-good!!~ "

Grace couldn't help but ask, She felt like if love has a taste then it will be this one, exhilarating, blissful with a little touch of pain and wanting.

She felt two pairs of eyes gazing at her, Grace quickly bowed down her head in embarrassment, She never thought that she would do something shameful like this in front of Alex.

'What would he think of me now? Is he going to look down on me? Of course, He will. Which man wants a woman with this bad performance, It's worse than pre-ejaculation- But it never happened before, So why now out of all times?'

A stream of thoughts ran through her mind. She didn't understand why she had this humiliating moment, Now in front of Alex of all the people.

Grace used all her willpower to stop herself from taking a bite again but she didn't know how long she could control herself.

[Ding! +20 Favorability of Grace increased for the host (Current : 118 Unhealthy Obsession)]

[Ding! Congratulations host for successfully raiding Grace (Current : 118 Unhealthy Obsession) ...

The rewards were being distributed...

Congratulations to the host for getting the "Super Secretary" Halo...

Super Secretary Halo : This Halo grants the possessor the supernatural power of luck, No matter what task was given to the possessor, As long as it was not an impossible task. They will be able to do it.

Effect : 

• Super Luck : Can turn the situation in their favor to complete the task.

• Secretary Instinct: As a secretary, Possessor can will be able to understand the needs of their boss.

• Unlimited Loyalty : As super secretary, They are always loyal to their boss, They will never betray.

• Enhancer : All abilities, talents, skills, etc. will be enhanced, So they can be more useful to their boss.

(Note : This halo can be put on the others but they need a boss to use it.)]

"Why are you not eating? Did you not like it?"

Alex heard the system's voice and became satisfied. This was his third successful raid in one day. With this speed, it will just take a few months to raid them all.

As for this Halo candidate, No one is better than the woman in front of him but now is not the right time to use this halo, It still has to wait.

'*Sigh* There are too many heroines.'

He felt pressure remembering how many heroines are in this world, That protagonist might even fucked the female dog if he had the chance. That guy is the embodiment of the saying "If there is a hole, There is a goal."

"No, I love it!!! It's just- Jus- No see I am eating it."

Hearing the question, Grace exclaimed. She really loved this food, She never eats anything near more delicious than this dish. It's just that she was afraid of her body's reaction to it.

"Ahhh!! Muhhmm~ "

Grace, fearing that Alex would misunderstand her, She took one more bite. Her body responded in the same way. Her two long legs were glued together while the sign of her overwhelming pleasure dripped from her sacred gap.

But this time, She didn't stop eating. She ignored her reaction and started inhaling the food.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Soon she was done eating, Her plate was so clean that it felt like it had just been freshly washed out of the washer.

"*Huff* *Gulp* Alex yo-you have magic in your hands, I-I never ate something this delicious."

Grace lay her upper body on the empty space by Alex's side on the bed. She had spontaneous orgasms in this matter of minutes.

Her body was now very weak and sensitive, A slight touch may cause her to tremble in shock and excitement.

"Thank you... Are you okay?"

Alex looked at nearly unconscious Grace and asked in worry, He likes this little fool, Who was madly in love with him.

So he stands up and lifts her body from the stool and lays her properly on the bed.

"Yeah...*Yawn* I am just a little sleepy."

Grace shifted into a comfortable position as soon as she landed on the bed. Exhaustion from last night came to her. 

Now that there was food in her stomach, Her eyelids got heavy, She was fighting hard with her sleep to talk with Alex.

"So sleep or do you want me to sing you a lullaby?"

Alex picked up the strand of hair from her delicate cheeks to put behind her ear. This half-sleep Grace looks very cute.

"Huh!? I am not *Yawn* child."

Grace who was very sleepy didn't have hesitation or boundaries like she normally do. So she for the first time rejected something from Alex.

"What do you mean you are not a kid? Didn't you also wet yourself? *Laughs*"

Alex couldn't help but tease Grace and laugh, He unlike other women didn't have to worry about saying anything wrong or doing any brain gymnastics. He can be as free as he wants with her.

"What!!? That- I didn't, Do-Don't."

Grace's sleep faded away in instances, She sat up from bed in shock and embarrassment and looked towards Alex. She never thought Alex knew about what happened to her before, or even if he did, She thought he would never mention it. 

But now he knows and even mentioned, She had nowhere to put her face anymore. Her face flushed red like a tomato and her eyes turned misty. She was on the verge of crying.

"Hey, Don't cry, I was just teasing you. I am more than happy that you had that reaction from eating my food."

Alex was startled to see tears in her eyes, He was just teasing her. He didn't want to make her cry.

He cupped her round chubby face, And with help of his thumbs, Wipe out the sneaky tears that escape from the bounds of her eye sockets.


Grace asked expectantly in the childish voice, She felt like she might pass out because of happiness, Her heart was racing and there was a butterfly in her stomach, 

She wished, Even if Alex showed this kind of care to her once in a while, She would have no regrets in life.

"Yes, It's every man's dream to make his woman wet, Now sleep. Let me handle other things."

Alex spoke very lovingly in a doting tone, He held back her head and gently laid her down on the bed again.lightsnovel

This childish Grace also has her own unique charm.

'His woman? Did he talk about me? Am I his woman?'

Grace muttered these words, She became very confused. Love in her heart was telling her that it was what he meant but the logic in her mind denying it.

How can a handsome and talented man like Alex ever look at a poor and worthless woman like her?

Only a woman like Alia was worthy of him, Although she hated it but this was also a fact and reality she had to accept.

"Wait!! What are you doing?!!!"

Grace's thoughts were broken by the moments of Alex, Who at this time already down by her legs, Lifted her shirt and was just about to pull out her drenched panty.

"Removing this wet panty, Do you want to get sick sleeping in this wetness?"

He replied as if it was a matter of fact and started his moments once again.

"No, Please stop! I can change it myself. It's dirty down there."

Grace's face became bleeding red. She didn't get time to shave down for a few days as she was busy taking care of her mother.

Also she just moments ago had too many orgasms, So that place is still damp right now. She didn't want Alex to see this kinda dirty side of her and became disgusted.

"I as a man don't mind, Why are you as a woman worrying about it."

Alex said lightly and tried to take it off but Grace held it with her both hands tightly as if she was holding her life.

"Please don't."

Grace pleaded, She didn't want Alex to become disgusted by her, She didn't want to destroy this sweet illusion this early.

"Don't you hear?"

This time Alex spoke in a stern voice, Which directly made Grace stop all resistance, Her two hands obediently put down on the each side of the bed, While her legs became relaxed and her pelvis rose a little for him to easily remove her panty.

She was afraid of him being disgusted of her but she was even more afraid of making him angry, So She stopped all her resistance and prayed that he would not be too disgusted seeing her hairy dampness down there.

She turned her face sideways as she didn't dare to see the disgusted expression on his face.

Alex looked at this shy and fearful Grace with little desire in his heart. He had to do this now to close the distance between them as soon as possible. If not, this lovesick girl will never dare to express feelings in her heart in fear of making him angry.

Also, there was the threat of Alia, He was 101℅ sure that the moment, She woke up, She will contact Grace to taunt and boast about how she did it with him.

Although now Alia might dare to kill a woman close to him because of fear of angering him she will still do anything in her power to keep him only for herself. 

He just conquered her heart, He still needed to tame her mind.

So Alex had to do something like this to Grace, So she would not be heartbroken by hearing it and had a confidence in herself to be with him.

"It's beautiful."

Alex finally removed her drenched-in love fluid panties, What came in front of him can be onky be describe as a heavenly sight.

A pink-brownish entrance of her pleasure cave was hiding behind the shades of her curly black short hair, Which were glittering because of little remaining dew of love fluid on them. The only very little part of that holy slit was peeking out of this little hairy forest.


Alex unconsciously gulped, He had the urge to eat her right here and make a negative distance between them but he held himself back.

He knew once he started, He would not be able to stop himself for hours but Grace was already exhausted and her mother was in the operating theater, Battling with death. It would be a jerk and very insensitive act of his to do that here.

"Do you hear Grace? I said it's beautiful, You don't have to be embarrassed showing this to me."

Alex once again said to Grace whose face was beat red, Refusing to look at him because out of shyness. Her hasten-up breathing shows how much impact his words had on her but there was a shy but sweet smile adoring her cherry-like lips, Enhancing her beauty to another level.

"Th-Thank you."

It was a very soft and low voice, If not for Alex's enhanced stats, He might not have even been able to hear it.

'H-He said It's beautiful again.'

She heard him the first time Alex said it. She didn't expect him to say that because in her study of the opposite sex, men prefer clean shaves down there and she even read that some men are disgusted by looking at hairy parts.

That's why she didn't want Alex to look down there but now, Her happiness had no bounds. He said it was beautiful two times. That was enough for her to be on cloud nine.

"You go to sleep now without worrying about anything If there is an emergency. I will handle it. There is still 1 or 2 hours needed to complete the operation."

Alex said to her and tugged her gently into a blanket. There is no need to change the skirt as it was not wet and as it was for the dampness down there?

He didn't dare to touch down there yet in fear that Grace couldn't handle the joy and might perish because of happiness. He had to move step by step with her.

So after tugging her, Alex threw the drenched panty in the overfilled laundry basket, As Grace didn't have any time to take those clothes to give them to the laundry.

Then he exited the waiting room.

Grace looked at Alex who left the room and closed the door behind him.

"It's nice to have someone to take care of us.

She muttered looking at the closed door, Two lines of tears slid on her delicate cheeks, But she loves this type of tears, They are happy tears. 

She was glad he was there to take her place, She didn't tell anyone but she was afraid of being here alone. She really can't make herself sit outside of the operating room looking at that red light bulb.

Her mother is the one and only relative she had in this world. She couldn't even think of what she would do when something happened to her. That's why she didn't want to be here alone. Thankfully Alex is here, She was not alone.

So she stopped fighting with her sleep and closed her eyes, Praying that when she opened her eyes, She would get good news of her mother's successful operation.


"Hello sir, I am Suzen. The dean of this hospital. The 2nd young miss called me before regarding your bad experience here, I am here to apologize for your trouble."

When Alex exited the waiting room, He found at the entrance standing an elderly woman in the white long coat of a doctor. When dhe said it, She bowed to Alex apologetically.

She was the dean of this 1st city hospital. An hour ago, The 2nd young miss of the Miller family called her to complain about the bad experiences her friend had in this hospital.

This scared Suzen. Alex might not be afraid of Rose and even call her dumbass but in the eyes of others Rose is still the 2nd young miss of the big family like Miller.

The family who owns this hospital. Suzen became even more afraid, When she found out that the one who caused trouble was a young man she was became impressed with yesterday. 

She didn't want to cause any trouble when she was about to retire, So she decisively cut off all contact with him, even taking back the position of attending doctor under her.

That's why Nathen suffered before, The reason she cut off the call hearing his name

"I was just going to come to you, Now you are here. Go call back doctor Liza in the hospital right now and appoint her in the operation theater number 2, The one where Gloria Smith is having an operation right now."

When Alex found out the identity of the other party, He didn't waste any time and ordered her. 

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