47 47. Stupid Author

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"Quite advanced technology you got here."

As Alia and Alex entered the ward, Alex looked at the surroundings, Which looked like they were directly taken out of some sci-fi movie.

Multiple glass like tubes were scattered all around the wall of the room, As greenish fluid was running through them.

Large monitors were also present on the walls, Which were showing countless data, Which Alex did not know the meaning of.

"Yeah, This is all specifically made for my Mo- *Ahem* I mean my friend, These are the things that were keeping her...well alive, As she is in coma for a while now."

Alia, who was half out of her trance, heard the words of Alex and said, This room was made just for her mother, As her mother's condition was quite unique, She is unconscious, So she can't eat or drink anything.

These tubes carry the nutrition in their body. This fluid was quite famous among the awakened society, As it had power to keep the body in ideal state without doing anything, Alia had to pull out some hidden connections to get her hands on this thing.

The monitors here show and monitor the quality, quality, and pressure of the fluid at all times, So there will be no mishap because of over or less dose of fluid.

"Really? That's a figure. After all, it's impossible to find this thing here in the city. You really had to use some heavy favors to get this thing."

Alex had already known how and where this thing came from. It was just in Alia's eyes this is his first time coming here. He can't act too knowing, No matter how docile Alia looks now, He didn't forget that she is still the black rose of the business world, Who kills people without blinking.

So he asked questions to her to both avoid suspicion and let her guard down and relax. That's why he purposefully decided to query about these things here to lead her according to him.

He also asked this because this thing is made for awakens as most of them wouldn't be able to quench their hunger just by normal food. After all, a stronger body needs more nutrition.

So some crazy scientists came together and made this stuff and sold it at the price of gold. Just 10ml of this liquid cost nearly around 15,000UC. Which is a sky high price for even awakened people, Only those with power and money can afford it.

"You have no idea, Those lunatics didn't want to sell it to me at all, I really have to use some heavy favors to acquire this little batch."

Alia said in a very wronged tone, God knows how many favors she had to use and owe to get this one person batch of nutrient fluid.

She goes through all that trouble only because this liquid is also very good for the normal human. Actually, this is more effective on them than the awakened person, It's just that this thing the one who made is made this fluid exclusive to the awakened people, For some fucked up superior being propaganda.

So Alia had to cash in some heavy favors to get this thing from those crazy science freaks.

"Well, If you tell me this before, I will be able to get you this thing in just one phone call."

Alex spoke as if he didn't care about it, But his tone had a touch of irritation. He said this not to just boast about his family background to soften Alia even more but also to remind Alia that she didn't trust him, Which also increased the guilt in her heart.

"Tha- *Speaking inaudibly* Sorry"

As Alex wanted, Alia felt once again guilty and frustrated with herself.

Thinking that, If she trusted him, Not only she didn't have to pull all those strings to get this fluid for her mother but also she would be able to gain more affection from Alex.

Right now she clearly heard the irritation in his voice. He was not happy that she hid this from him. This made her happy and afraid.

She was happy to see he still cares for her but now she is also afraid of him finding out that the "friend" of hers is actually her own mother. She is scared of thinking about Alex's reaction to the news.

'He might never want to see my face again, If he knows the truth.'

Alia couldn't help but contemplate the plausible outcome of that scenario, Which increased her anxiety even more. A decision to hide her "friend" being her mother was even more deeply rooted in her heart.

"Let's go to meet our "Sleeping Princess."

Alex once again took counter measures so that she would not ruin the plan. Others might say it's unnecessary to do this again and again and that he already did enough, But in a situation like this, there will never be "enough" counter measures. His well-planned game will fall into scrambles with even one slightest mistake.

So he had to do this. If not, her heroine's luck would trigger and make it very hard for him to move forward. There is also a system warning. That's why he didn't want to take a risk. Hence he wasted this little time to make sure he will not fail.

Now he was ready to meet the mother of Alia, Madam Miller.


Alex right now was standing in front of the entrance of Madam Miller's chamber. This is part of the ward she is placed in, Which had been surrounded by the wooden walls and on them hanging the signs of man should stay away.

But what surprised him was that unlike in his imagination, Madam Miller was not in some futuristic cryogenic chambers, But she was laying on the bed, not those normal hospital beds but luxurious queen size bed, While a few tubes with greenish fluid were stuck on her face like an oxygen mask.lightsnovel

First of all, it doesn't make sense to him at all. Not to mention it's a totally impractical way to inject those fluids into her body but it's so inconvenient for doctors. They have to first shift her onto the hospital bed, Which has wheels and made for jobs like that to move her from here in an emergency.

Not to mention this queen size bed will be very uncomfortable as she has to sleep in it 24×7. That too in the same position most of the time, Pain of bed sores are enough to agony of the hell.


Alex saw no other reason for this setting other than that it will make it convenient for the protagonist to go straight to the point of fucking her.

Because Madman Miller's body will react and hop onto him like a hungry wolf, If a man gets close to her, This is the also reason why Alex didn't enter her little chamber yet, Because once they start, It will be nearly impossible to stop until he conquered, Her body.

Right now, Alex was just waiting for some ridiculous reason to justify this, He is damn sure there is one.

"Yeah, She hated hospital beds, So we had no choice but to move her to her favorite bed."

And there was that ridiculous reason he was waiting for, Alia said the reason as if it is a matter of fact but Alex here had to use his acting skill to stop himself from bursting out laughing because how stupid that sounds.

I mean did the author of this novel even consider it before writing something like this down? He didn't respect the IQ of his readers at all.

How gullible did he think his readers are? Just because he wanted to have a place for both of them to fuck, He gave ridiculous reasons as Madam Miller hates hospital beds, Like those beds are only made for comfort? They are there mostly for safety and convenience, not some stupid preference.

The author who wrote the novel plot of Nathan and Jake is seems to be quite stupid.

"What about those big tank chambers? Didn't those are most suitable for her condition?"

Alex couldn't help but ask, His brain hurts when he thinks about this reason, I mean if Madam Miller hated hospital beds, Then Alia should get those tank chambers.

Those are actually quite suitable for Madam Miller right now. Not only will she be suspended in the liquid, Which makes her not have to worry about bed sores but also fluid easily reaches all the places very effectively.

Although those tanks cost a fortune but for Alia, it's the price not worth mentioning at all.

"That...I never considered."

Alia was dumbfounded by hearing Alex's question, She had to pause before she answered in a very awkward voice. She had never given thought about those tube chambers at all.

".....*Sigh* Forget it, Just drink this "liquid courage" and follow what I say, If you fail we will bid our farewell."

Alex didn't want to talk further about the logic behind the queen size bed. He felt that he just lost a few IQ points just by thinking about it. He just decided to think that this is a novel world.

Here, Things work like this, He has to deal with it.

So Alex ignored the logical errors and decided that this was the time, He will going fuck the mother of Alia next for real this time.

So he buys red wine from the system mall with high alcohol content and gives it to Alia. He didn't want her to be sober during their "act".

"Ohh, Red vine, This is my favorite. Thank you. You just say what I have to do and I will do it."

Seeing Alex handing her the red wine in the name of liquid courage, Alia became happy, because of course red wine is her favorite drink. He didn't even need to take a look at her plot in the novel to know this thing.

As for why she didn't freak out from him pulling things out of nowhere? Because Aila knows Alex is an awakened person, So she didn't find anything strange in him doing this because some superpowers give perks of spatial storage, especially those auxiliary superpowers, Which is Alex's awakened superpower.

So Alia didn't care about that, What she cared about was his last words. She bares herself to face the "test" of Alex, She can't fail here. She will lose too much if she lets that happen.

"Okay, You go sit there on the couch and start drinking, I will begin working on making the "connection"."

Alex gave an order to Alia, Which she readily followed and sat on the couch in front of the queen bed in Madam Miller's chamber and started drinking red wine tastefully , looking excitedly at the front unknown to the life changing event she was going to face next.

Alex here too took a deep breath to prepare himself and took a step into the chamber.


As he entered the chamber, The figure sleeping on the bed opened her deep enchanting sky-blue eyes in a flash, Which were full of lust and desire.

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