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Suspense story

Author :Wang Yuchen

Chapter 1 Finger

Chapter 1 Finger
While smoking a cigarette, my friend raised his index finger to show me mysteriously. "Look, everyone's index finger represents people's greed, because the desire to eat is the most basic and primitive desire of mankind. Do you know why it is called the index finger? Because the ancients said that the index finger will jump when they see something delicious, not Is the idiom called'index finger big move'? I will tell you a story about the index finger now." With that, he put out the cigarette and began to tell the story.
"When I went to a small town in the southwest, I was staying in a family home. There was a very old man who was in good spirits. I talked to him when I was fine. I also knew this story from him. During the period of the Republic of China, if a girl here wants to marry a good person, she must first have a good figure, especially a waist. It is said that some people have a clear standard scale, accurate to the millimeter. (I laughed and said: "This is too exaggerated. "). The thinner the girl, the more beautiful they feel, which seems to be the opposite of the beauty of fat in the Tang Dynasty. Maybe the local people are very disgusted with pigs, and they think that as long as they are fat, they are ugly. Yes. So the girls there are desperately dieting, in order to have a gentle figure with one step and three shakes and the wind blowing catkins.
Among them is a girl named Xiu, who has not eaten meat since she understood that her life's happiness is inversely proportional to her waistline, including pasta. But it seems that Destiny likes to joke with people. Even if Xiu keeps exercising from morning to night and only eats a little fruit, she will gain weight. Maybe it's a genetic problem, or maybe it's a disease at all. But people at the time did not think so. The skinny girls laughed at Xiu from behind, saying that she was born as pig spirit. The family kept sighing. Because Xiu's figure is getting fatter, let alone marrying a good family, I am afraid that the poorest local family will not want her.
Speaking of the fourth child, in fact, I can find a few relatives in Xiu's family, but this kind of relatives are like hair on the head. However, the fourth son Yuexiu is a childhood sweetheart, and they often played together when they were young. But since Xiu Li decided to marry into a wealthy family, she broke off her relationship with her fourth son. However, the fourth son's son kept Xiu in his heart. At this time, Xiu’s parents can’t take care of it anymore. Their greatest wish is to marry Xiu as soon as possible, so as not to stay at home and be ashamed and conspicuous. After all, they think that their daughter still has a lot of this kind of goods at home.

The fourth child's son is Min. He is actually handsome in terms of appearance. He is poor in his family. He wears shabby clothes, but he is very clean. Xiu's father mentioned the matter to the fourth son, and the fourth father and son agreed without even thinking about it. As a result, cumbersome procedures such as raising marriage, hiring, returning books, and banquets were completed within a day, which was considered a record at that time.
Although Xiu is resentful in every way, but there is no way, who can call her own life bad. If you don’t marry again, I’m afraid that even the people will look down on him in a few years. What’s more, the husband treats him with obedience and love, and the days will pass.
Things are often so coincidental, perhaps because of feng shui or mood. After marrying to the fourth family, Xiu gradually became thinner, and finally became a famous local skinny beauty. It is a pity that she is already a woman. But still many people hit her idea. People there don't care about the first or second marriage. For those people, the daughter-in-law is nothing more than a tool for fertility and an improvement in Feng Shui at home.
Xiu became restless. And she insisted not to have children. This makes the people very distressed. He knew that he couldn't keep the show without children. In fact, can you keep a child? Xiu didn't do any work at home, so I chatted with some friends and went shopping, or went to the big family as guests. She is like a wife of a poor family.
All seem to be the bane of thinness. People know that only when Xiu gets fat again, she will stay at home with peace of mind. Yue'er was born very beautiful, absorbing the advantages of his parents. But it seems that she has always been in a state of neither fat nor thin. Even more plump occasionally. In fact, according to current standards, he is not fat at all. But Xiu didn't want her daughter to repeat her mistakes. She started to control Yue'er's diet very early. But the effect is not great. Seeing that Yue'er is almost sixteen. But the waist is more baskets than girls of his age. Anxious Xiu couldn't sleep every day.
Xiu has passed the angry age. In fact, she had long thought that her sudden loss of weight and weight might be caused by her husband, but she was also curious when she heard such wonderful square characters. ‘Forget it, it’s all over, I don’t blame you, but you can’t delay Yue’er, I want her to marry a good family! Tell me quickly! ’
The people looked at his anxious wife, hesitant to talk. Finally he raised his index finger and said to Xiu: "It's a finger." Finger? What do you mean?" Xiu asked strangely. Min told Xiu that it is said that hundreds of years ago, the ancestors kindly took in a beggar during the famine. It is said that this beggar is not a mortal, but a Maoshan magician who travels through the folks. He is just pretending to be a beggar to see the kindness of the people. He saw that the ancestors of the people were kind-hearted. He taught some spells to the ancestors of the people. Later passed down from generation to generation, Most of them have been lost, and only this thinning method has been retained strangely. But the family of the people has begun to decline since then. I am afraid this is related to the many taboos circulating in the folk to use the Maoshan method. There are many taboos in the Maoshan method. Once Destroy, from the slightest loss of wealth, to the disaster of blood and light, and even to the descendants. Compared to the ancestors of the people, it was the use of magic to do something unrighteous before retribution.
As for this spell, Min told Xiu that in fact, he only needs to swallow the nail of his index finger. But this technique can only last for a few years at most at a time. Moreover, the extent to which everyone can lose weight is limited. If you use it too much, it is said that a KB thing will happen in the end. Min's family seldom used it because it was just getting thinner, but Min's father still taught Min to use it.
‘No wonder you are so kind to help me manicure every time you see me. "Xiu said in a weird tone. Min felt a little embarrassed. Touching his wife’s face, ‘I’m still because I like you. ’’Forget it, I’m not angry anymore. Tomorrow you will use this technique to make Yue'er lose weight quickly. Min nodded, and the couple fell asleep again.
Sure enough, it didn't take long for Yue'er to lose weight and she was the most beautiful and energetic person who was ten miles away. The neighbors praised Minhe Xiu and raised such a good daughter, and she would definitely be able to marry a good family. Hearing this, the couple couldn't close their mouths.
Unfortunately, the biggest local household is looking for a daughter-in-law. This rich man is the one whose daughter-in-law's weight and waist circumference are all accurate to the smallest unit mentioned earlier. Of course Xiu asked her daughter to try. It's a pity it's just a bit short. And Yue'er is already the lightest. The rich man said, if no one is qualified within a week, he will look for it outside. Xiuyi wanted her daughter to marry in. Just force the people to cast the spell again. Min said helplessly: "Have you ever heard of Taibao Daizong? Actually, there are different levels of skills like that. It is said that a messenger was delayed in delivering the letter. Afraid of being scolded, a good new Maoshan warlock taught He pierced the soles of his feet with silver needles, resisted the pain, and released blood. He could walk 300 a day and 300 nights. It was true. Later the messenger asked the warlock again for a faster way to run. The warlock said, just dig out the kneecaps of both legs. Go, you can travel two thousand miles day and night. The messenger was scared away.
‘What did you tell me about this? Xiu asked strangely. ‘I want to tell you that if you still want to make Yue’er thin, it’s not your nails. "The people said worriedly. Xiu was silent for a long time, and finally insisted that Yue'er must enter the rich family of the rich. Min asked her daughter's opinion, and Yue'er naturally wanted her mother to be happy and the family got rid of poverty, so she agreed. Min Yo is no more than two. But what is needed this time is that Yue'er must eat her index finger!
The big family don't care less talking about their fingers, as long as other standards are met, the fingers can be said to have been injured when they were young. So Yue'er just gritted her teeth and chopped off her index finger and ate it. Sure enough, the next day Yue'er was noticeably thinner again. As soon as the injury on his hand healed, he immediately went to the rich man's house. The rich man was worried, and he was overjoyed when he saw Yue'er. The marriage was quickly settled. Everyone seemed to gradually forget about finger-pointing. Things slowly returned to peace. Min Hexiu also lived a prosperous life with money from the rich man's house. Although the Central Plains is fighting at this time. But the flames of war did not burn this place, and it was still a paradise.
Not long after, Yue'er who passed the door became pregnant and gave birth to a son. It seems to be a good thing. But soon Yue'er's body rose up like a balloon. unstoppable. The husband's family felt puzzled by Yue'er's sudden fatness. They told the matter to Min Hexiu, and said that it is okay to get a little fat after marriage, but it might be difficult for Yue'er to be their daughter-in-law. If Yue'er continues to get fat, they decide to quit her. Xiu cried and asked the people, who thought hard for a long time. Checked some books. I finally knew that when the mother gave birth, a lot of blood loss would break this spell. Xiu had become fat when she gave birth to Yue'er, so the people didn't care that this technique would be solved. When things have reached this point, the show looks at her daughter’s balloon-like body, crying and questioning the people; ‘even if it will change back to the original, our Yueer shouldn’t be like this! Min told Xiu that once the spell is rescued, the body will rebound fiercely like a long backlog of springs, and it is rich in nutrition during confinement, even ordinary people are easy to get fat. ‘I don’t care. If this goes on, our family won’t be able to gain a foothold here, and my grandson and Xiu’s son will not be able to see it. Min clutching his head, looking at the tearful daughter and wife crying aside, he finally said with difficulty; ‘this technique can still be done once. But...’’Don’t but,I can do anything to save my daughter. Xiu cried and begged the people, and Yue'er knelt on the ground and begged for his father. ‘I don’t know what the consequences will be, because even the ancestors have never cast spells like this again and again. They repeatedly warned future generations that they will be condemned by the gods if they use more techniques. ’‘Maybe it’s just the Taoist priest who scared you, and you said that no one has ever used it. How do you know that you will be condemned? "Xiu asked back. The people were silent, and finally had to agree to the last operation. This time it is not for Yue'er's finger, but for Min Hexiu's index finger, because the children and their parents have an invisible bond. If one party transfers his illness or pain to the other party. So Yue'er swallowed the index finger cut off by her parents.Min Hexiu endured the severe pain and settled her daughter to sleep. The two stayed by their side all night, afraid of something bad, but everything seemed to be going well. The next morning, Yue'er returned to her pre-married posture, just like a girl. The couple sent Yue'er back to the father-in-law's house with peace of mind. The husband and others over there were surprised at first sight, but since it is a good thing to lose weight, they also returned to the family with a smile. Min Hexiu also went home to recover well. But late at night the next day. Just as Min Hexiu was asleep, her family suddenly sent someone to report the funeral and asked Min Hexiu to come quickly. It turned out that Ye Yue'er died in violence. Besides, KB. Xiu fainted on the spot when he heard of death. Min had to go to the corpse alone. Min's head was blank along the way, and he was led into the scene like a walking dead. The daughter went like this at once, which was really hard for him to accept. But when he saw the corpse of his daughter, called it a corpse, he almost fainted. Yue'er's whole person is like being bitten by some animal, there is no good meat in her whole body, it is almost like a skeleton. Nearly two meters from the bed to the ground are traces of Yue'er dragged out. Blood and minced meat are scattered everywhere. Yue'er's head is high, and her hand reaches out the door. It is estimated that she turned over from the bed and wanted to open the door. , But after only climbing a few meters, he was breathless, and I am afraid that he suffered all the pain before death.How can the people not understand, is this what is called retribution? Looking at his daughter's body, he slapped his ass on the ground, tears all the time. Because of the death of KB and this rich man, his family is very strict. Few people knew the truth of Yue'er's death. It is said to the outside that the young lady died of sudden illness. The rich man gave Min Hexiu a lot of money to get them out of here. It's a pity that Xiu blamed herself after learning about her daughter's tragic death, and later committed suicide. The people have also evaporated. It is said that the Maoshan technique itself is a kind of magic to drive ghosts and pass on. For example, the person performing the surgery can change the meat or food of other people's homes into his own hands, and he can also transfer his own pain to others.This technique is to transfer the obesity that was originally on oneself to others. However, there is always a self-destructive side of the technique. Min's repeated treatments finally suffered retribution, but it was a pity that the retribution went to his family. As for Yue'er's tragic death. In fact, it is the backlash of surgery. Among the six ways of Buddhism, there is a kind of ghosts that are starving to death. They are small, like ants, but numerous. They were hungry during their lifetime, and turned into ghosts after death, and would eat everything. The index finger is a symbol of human appetite. Eating one's index finger is actually a contract with a starving ghost. They will help you eat the nasty fat and fat you don't want. But once contracts become uncontrollable or excessive, they will swallow you as a whole."When my friend said this, he came over and whispered to me:" After I heard the story told by the old man, I couldn't help but stroke my own index finger. I thought, could it be changed by eating my index finger? Thin? When I was puzzled, the old man smiled and got up and left. I noticed that he only had four fingers on one hand, but the index finger was missing. Later, I went around to inquire, and the people nearby said that they didn't know the old man, saying that the old man seemed to have come after liberation, and everyone called him Minbo."I opened my mouth and didn't speak. I also stroked my index finger like a friend, and suddenly remembered the ant colony I saw a few days ago. Suddenly felt a tingling. My friend looked at me in a daze and laughed violently. Click on my shoulder, "Don't worry, there are some things that are there, and there is no if they don't. It should not be forced by manpower. ""That's not necessarily true, it's a man-made thing, you don't want to be destiny. "I also smiled and retorted.
The friend looked at me, "Have you heard the story about half-face?" "No." I looked at him, and his face suddenly showed a few weirdness, which looked like a clay sculpture. "Forget it, let's talk about it tomorrow, you see the sun is coming out." My friend suddenly returned to normal and pointed to the sun outside the window. I had to suppress my curiosity and go to bed first. Wait until the evening to continue.

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