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Chapter 2 Half face

Chapter 2 Half face
"The night is suitable for telling those bizarre stories." The friend stretched out. Drag the shirt off and cross-legged on the ground. There is no furniture in his house, and all the guests who come are on the floor. Because he said he hated chairs, doing it on the floor is the style of the ancients.
"Go on, what a half-faced story." I urged.

"Well, that's right. I'm afraid this is the weirdest of the many stories I know. Even the narrative is a little shaky.
I do travel without destinations as usual, but I usually choose more remote places, you know there are often many strange and interesting stories. But before I heard about it, but this time I experienced it myself.
I came to a village. In fact, this village is very big, almost a miniature city. People in the village all have different jobs, which just form a demand loop, and everyone is self-sufficient. So I gradually became a little isolated from the outside world. But they were still very hospitable, and they were very friendly and entertained me when I came. In addition, I have also studied medicine for a few years, and I can also help them treat some common diseases. They treated me as a guest. And it became a genius doctor. Haha. "My friend smiled triumphantly. I know that he actually had outstanding grades when he was in college. Although he doesn't like being a doctor, he belongs to the kind of person who learns well even if he doesn't like it. So even if he doesn't inherit that He would also become an excellent doctor than inheritance. Seeing him so happy, I guess the people in the village really respected him at that time." But it didn't take long. The village chief invited me to his house. The village chief is the most respected person in the village, quite the same as the patriarch. It can be said that he is almost the local king. Of course, he is also very friendly. But he always maintained the dignity and prestige he deserved. But this time he was very humble, as if asking me for it.
‘You have become a god. People in the village say that you have excellent medical skills and even solved a few intractable diseases that have tortured them for a long time. You are just too good. The village head kept complimenting me, almost blowing me up.
‘Say it, is anyone in your family sick? I asked him with a smile. But the village head was embarrassed, it seemed difficult to speak, and he swallowed back whenever he wanted to talk. In the end he whispered to me as if he made up his mind; ‘It’s my son, about the same age as you, he was a very good person. But I don't know when he locked himself up, staying in the room every day, eating only the meals we sent, but never seeing our family. Both my mother and I are going crazy. As a result, God sent you, you must save him. When the village chief said that he burst into tears and almost knelt down. I think things are not that simple, I am afraid that my medical skills can't control it. But I still promised to go with the village chief to his house to understand the situation.
The village chief’s house is indeed a lot more magnificent, but at the end it is an ordinary brick house. But it is slightly larger than the average villager’s house. The house has two floors. There is also a large yard in front of the door, with some poultry. On the right side of the house, the smell of original vegetables (in fact, farmyard manure) floated. Compared to there are toilets and vegetable gardens. The only thing that disturbed me was the big black dog, who was so tall and black, when he saw that I was a stranger, he grinned at me, groaning in his throat. I know this kind of dog is extremely dangerous. So I stopped. The village chief hurriedly scolded him for walking away before I dared to walk in.
The village chief’s family is very friendly and is a typical hospitable peasant family. I have always wondered what kind of disease a child raised in such an ordinary family got.
The village chief took me up to the second floor and came to a room.
"That's it, my son is called Zhuzi, and he has locked himself in it for a whole month. I really can't help it. If you didn't come, I would also go out to find a doctor." The village chief's words were all annoying.
"Have you talked to him? Since he closed himself up." I asked.
The village head shook his head and I signaled him to go down. At the time, it seemed to me that it might be some psychological problems caused by the irritability of young people during adolescence, so it might be better for me to let the village head as my father avoid. In fact, my idea was too simple.
The village chief went downstairs, muttering in a low voice, vaguely hearing it, I hope I can heal this time. I looked at his back and thought he was really pitiful.
"Is there a pillar inside?" I buckled the wooden door lightly. The texture of the door was rough with burrs. The first hit made me very painful, so I put a little effort down.
The pillar did not answer me, which was also expected. So I started the so-called psychotherapy. It is nothing more than something that has not been completely forgotten in college psychology class. Unfortunately, it has no effect at all. An hour later, I started to become anxious, and suddenly became curious about the people inside. I looked around and found an irregular hole in the lower right corner of the door. I squatted down so hard I wanted to look inside.
I finally set my eyes on the hole. There is not enough light to see clearly. But I still vaguely saw a tall silhouette sitting on the bed. It is estimated that he is the pillar. He sat indifferently like a statue. I suddenly had a very impulsive thought. What if I yell now and I see you?
I did so and shouted at the door: "Pillar, I saw you, you are sitting on the edge of the bed!"
He really reacted, and it was violent. He was rolling on the bed with his head in fear. He shouted: "Don't look for me! I have been punished!" Seeing him like this, I realized the situation was not in seconds. Then he stopped moving on the bed and lay on his back on the bed, forming a big font.
I quickly called the village chief. Let him knock the door open. The door is very strong. It took a lot of hard work with the village chief to break away. But when I went in with the village chief, the village chief looked at the person lying on the bed in a puzzled manner and said something that surprised me: "This, this is not my son!"
I looked at the village chief in surprise and then at the young man on the bed. His facial skin is very dark, his forehead is very broad, his big hooked nose, and his thick lips are sparsely covered with a few seemingly hard beards, which reminds me of the pork belly that has not been plucked out of the canteen. It is indeed not like the village chief from any angle.
"This is Xiao Liu, a good friend of Zhu Zi." The village head added.

Looking at Xiao Liu's face, I always felt that something was wrong, but I couldn't see it. In fact, if you think about it afterwards, you can tell if you were more careful.
Xiao Liu quickly woke up. He was still terrified. And kept covering his right cheek without speaking. Obviously he should know the whereabouts of the pillar. But he was emotionally unstable, and couldn't ask why. We had to let him rest first, and I went downstairs with the village chief.
"Where does this Xiaoliu live? Who is it?" I have to figure out Xiaoliu first.
"He is a good brother who used to pull urine and mud together since childhood. The two were glued together like tape." The village long sighed. "In fact, I am very opposed to it, because this small six is ​​idle on weekdays, thinking about how to make a fortune in one step. We often encourage our Zhuzi to do some boring things with him, saying that it is to prepare for future wealth. Zhuzi also Follow him foolishly. Hey, what a sin."
It seems that this Xiaoliu is just a vagrant. But why is he in the pillar room, and staying in it for half a month?
"When was the last time you saw the pillar? What was the situation at that time?" I suddenly felt that I was not practicing medicine, but solving the case. I was inexplicably excited when I dreamed of being a detective since I was a child.
"A month ago, it was the night, and he hurried home, saying he had a stomachache and ran upstairs. As a result, he never came down again."
"Are you sure that's the pillar? You didn't find Xiao Liu had been here afterwards?"
"It's definitely a pillar, would I not know my own son?" the village head said firmly.
In fact, with the layout of the village chief’s house, it would be possible for Zhu Zi to sneak out and let Xiao Liu come in to replace him. But what is he running away from? And when I yelled that sentence, why was he so flustered and frightened? But I still think it's better to go to the Xiaoliujia first.
I was led by the village chief to Xiao Liu's house. Sure enough, people like this are often very poor. Xiao Liu's parents are very honest farmers. I also looked at the legs for Xiaoliu's mother. So they still know me.
After a while, we asked them about the recent situation of Xiao Liu. Both shook their heads and said that he had been missing for almost a month. Because he often wandered around and couldn't get home, the old couple didn't care. When the mother asked vigilantly: "Did Xiao Liu get into trouble outside?"
"No no, it was the pillar that told me to come and see him." The village head responded according to the words prepared in advance. The two couples were also a little relieved.
After coming out of Xiaoliujia, the village head became more worried.
"From the time point of view, it really was Xiao Liu who stayed in that room a few days after the pillar came." I touched my chin, which is my habitual posture, although I don't have much beard.
The question now is where the pillars have gone. If you want to know, you have to wait for the little Liu in the village chief's house to wake up.
But Xiao Liu couldn't wake up.
The village chief and I found out when we got back to his house. Xiao Liu died in the room less than half a time before we went out. The same posture as when we were walking. But he still breathed when we left.
Things are different when dead. I feel that I can't handle it anymore. I asked the village chief to call the police.
"Pol.ice? We don't have one here." The village head shook like a rattle.
"Then how do you solve something that usually happens?"
"We rely on the people in the village to make a joint decision." The village chief said as expected. It's really a wonderful village, and it actually retains such laws and regulations like King Zhou Wen.

I had no choice but to ask the village chief to gather everyone here, don't tell Xiao Liu's parents yet. I can't bear to see them sad, and the most important thing is that they will make things more troublesome if they cry. I stayed alone in Xiaoliu's death room and looked at his body, because I believed he should die very unwillingly.
I am not a forensic doctor, but I am still a medical school graduate. I vaguely remember what was taught in the anatomy class. I began to look at Xiao Liu's body carefully.
There is no trauma on the surface, at least it seems to be with the naked eye. I just went out with the village head for more than an hour. Although the village is not big, the Xiaoliu family and the village head’s house live at two extremes, so it took some time to walk. The corpse was still warm, but the plaques had already begun to appear, although not yet noticeable. But what interests me most is his left cheek.
His left face is completely asymmetrical with the right. It can almost be said that two different faces were cut and put together in half. And I found some differences in the corpse spots on the left face.
Corpse spots appear as early as 30 minutes after death, and generally begin to appear within 1-2 hours of death. The formation and development of plaque can be divided into several stages.
The initial stage of the formation of plaques is called the stagnation period. This period is clearly visible within 5-6 hours after death. It can last for 6-12 hours. The plaque fades or disappears when pressed during the accumulation period, and the plaque reappears when it is pressed out. If the position of the body is changed in the previous stage. The corpse spots also changed and reappeared in the new lower part.
The second stage of plaque development is the spreading period. It takes about 8 hours to develop from the post-mortem period to the spreading period, which lasts to 26-32 hours. During this period, the blood plasma stained by hemoglobin soaks into the surrounding tissues. At this time, the plaque can not disappear completely after pressing, but it fades slightly. After stopping the pressure, the plaque returns to its original color slowly. Change the position of the corpse, some of the plaques may be displaced, and some of the plaques will remain in the original place.
The third stage of the development of the plaque is the longer time to infiltrate the tissue. During this period, pressing the plaque with the finger will no longer change the color or disappear. If the position of the corpse is changed, the plaque will no longer be transferred.
The plaques on other parts of Xiaoliu's body belong to the first stage, which is also normal, but what is puzzling is that the plaques on his left face also did not change color under the backlog of thumbs and did not disappear. Obviously, it is a plaque that occurs after the corpse has been left for a period of time.
Moreover, the corpse spots on the left face show a red color, and those who freeze to death will have red corpse spots.
Frozen to death?
It's summer now!
I frowned and left here. Although I had touched a lot of corpses, it had been a long time since I saw them, and I was still a little uncomfortable. I came downstairs.
The village chief has already brought in several important people, all of whom hold positions in the village. They all believed that the village chief would definitely not harm Xiao Liu in the first place. Then they discussed whether to bury Xiao Liu in this way. I stood aside and waited for them to disperse before going over to the village chief.
"Is there any place near here that is very cold? It's cold enough to freeze people to death?" I asked.
"Cold?" The village head looked at me strangely. It's no wonder, but he thought about it and told me: "Yes, it's too hot here in summer. We opened an ice cellar in the back mountain and stored it. Some ice cubes, what's wrong?"
"Take me right away, hurry." I said in an unquestionable tone. The village chief had to take me over, although he was surprised.
We soon came to the ice cellar in the back mountain. It is said that it is an ice cellar, but it is actually just a basement. It is estimated that it was used to store vegetables. But it feels a bit cold just by getting closer.
The village chief opened the ice cellar at my request. I walked in with him. Sure enough, I found what I was looking for by instinct. No, because it should be a human being, or maybe it should be a corpse.
This corpse can’t hold the pillar, and it’s very strange. It doesn’t look like a person from the village. It looks like a city. He is pretty well dressed. It looks like it was frozen to death because he still kept it. In a curled up state. Moreover, this corpse has no face.
You can imagine what a faceless corpse looks like. Although his face is covered with frost in the ice cellar, his appearance is even more KB. However, judging from his posture, I can still see that he is probably a man in his 30s. .
We brought people here soon, but I didn’t let them come out like the corpses, because it would quickly decay. If the idea in my mind is right, he should be related to Xiao Liu’s death and the disappearance of the pillar. Big relationship.
Everyone was talking about standing behind, and I suddenly found that the village head's face was ugly. In the whispers of the crowd, I seemed to have heard the pillar and the ice cellar, and the key to the ice cellar is only available to the pillar and the village chief. In this way, the suspicion of the pillar was like a louse on the monk's head.
You can imagine what a faceless corpse looks like. Although his face is covered with frost in the ice cellar, his appearance is even more KB. However, judging from his posture, I can still see that he is probably a man in his 30s.
We brought people here soon, but I didn’t let them come out like the corpses, because it would quickly decay. If the idea in my mind is right, he should be related to Xiao Liu’s death and the disappearance of the pillar. Big relationship.
Everyone was talking about standing behind, and I suddenly found that the village head's face was ugly. In the whispers of the crowd, I seemed to have heard the pillar and the ice cellar, and the key to the ice cellar is only available to the pillar and the village chief. In this way, the suspicion of the pillar was like a louse on the monk's head.
Two corpses in a row, and both died abnormally. I still called the police. Despite the village chief’s objections, everyone still thought it was better to call the police. What I saw on the faces of some of the people in the crowd was not a responsibility, but an air of gloating. They all seem to have two faces, one is sternly demanding to call the police and be fair for the dead, and the other is smiling.
It will take some time for pol.ice to come, I have to see what else I can do. The village chief seemed very upset. No wonder, it seemed that as soon as I came to this quiet and quiet mountain village, I threw two dead bodies with strange causes.
The faceless corpse, and Xiao Liu's bizarre corpse on the left face. I suddenly thought of the right face of the dead in the ice cellar? I thought about everything suddenly and got an answer, but I had to confirm it to the village chief first.
I looked at the village chief fiercely, and he looked around in a daze. I pulled him aside. In a low voice, he asked him: "Let's talk, where did you hide the pillar?"
The village head was shocked, "What are you talking about, I haven't seen my pillars for more than a month, so you can ask me."
"Xiao Liu didn't want to stay there, maybe you kept him there?" I drew a match and lit the smoke. I didn't look forward to the village chief, because the eyes were a weapon of dialogue, and it was useless if it was overused.
Sure enough, the village head began to sweat, his eyes turned like dice in the color cup. But he still said nothing.

"When I first came here to help Xiaoliu's mother, she mentioned his son, saying that his son has a long-term throat disease, and his voice and hoarseness are very different from others. You shouldn't be here. Haven't heard the so-called pillar inside speak for a month? Even if you haven't. You said you have to deliver food every day, but Xiaoliu's skin is very dark, and shouldn't your pillars be dark? Have you never doubted Well, I admit that I'm all hypothetical, but when pol.ice comes, it's useless for you to hide it anymore."
The village chief's forehead was covered with sweat. "I hid the pillar, but I won't hand him over, because he has already received retribution. Even if he is handed over to pol.ice, it will only cause chaos."

"Retribution?" I asked suspiciously.
"Yes." The village chief lowered his head and began to describe the KB scene he saw a month ago.
"I just had dinner with Zhuzi's mother that day, Zhuzi rushed home out of breath, rummaged through boxes and cabinets, and asked us for money, saying that we were going to go out with Liuzi for a while. I started to feel bad, so I forced him to ask him after he opened his mother. This kid didn’t have any scheming. I tried all the tricks as soon as I forced it. At that time, I knew that he and Xiaoliu had murdered.” The village chief said here, the old tearful, almost choked with speech, I had to pat. On his shoulder, motioned not to get too excited.
"He said that he and Liuxia tricked an outsider to buy ice. It is said that he wanted to open an ice. What he wanted was ice made of the kind of pollution-free water here, and he sold it to the rich. The pillars are here. Xiao Liu's persuasion had to take the man to the ice cellar. But the man said that he wanted to buy them all, and threatened to sell them if he didn't sell them, otherwise he would bring people. The ice in the ice cellar belongs to the whole village, the village There is no refrigerator or the like, and I rely on this ice cellar to cool off the summer heat. So the pillars don’t want to sell, and the three of them have a dispute. When pushing, the man was pushed hard by Xiao Liu and his face was hit on the edged ice. On the block, the smash was completely unrecognizable. He shouted that he was murdered, and he was murdered. As a result, the pillar was smashed behind his head with ice, and the man fell silent. When the two saw an accident, they ran home to each other. I want to make an appointment to hide from the limelight."
"Why is the face of the dead body in the ice cellar gone?" I asked, even if it was smashed, it was different from the face being removed.
"I don't know, maybe this is their retribution." The village head continued.
"My lungs exploded when I knew about this. I took the bench and threw him on him, but he was also my son. Once the ice cellar was known to the villagers, he couldn't escape. I had to agree. Hide him, and plan to find an excuse to seal the ice cellar some time later. But a few days later, the face of the pillar changed." The village chief's tone suddenly became terrifying.
"His right cheek was itchy at first, and then he often said that it was cold, followed by a lot of spots, and finally it was rotten, and it was very smelly, one by one pustule. He called it pain every day. But I used many methods to no avail After waiting for a while, the face actually improved again, but, but..." The village chief paused.
"But his right cheek is unexpectedly unconscious, just like a person who has suffered a stroke. He can't do all the movements there, he can't close his eyes, and eat and drink water leaks out. He often shouts that there are ghosts and ghosts. I was afraid of provoke others, so I hid him and hid him near the toilet at the back of the house. And Xiaoliu also came. He said that he had similar symptoms and was afraid so he came to look for the pillar. Xiaoliu hid in the pillar’s ​​room again. It was said to the outside that the pillar had a strange disease and he didn’t want to see people. At that time, you happened to be here, and I was like asking you to be a guise. After all, a doctor came but prevented him from seeing the pillar. It will be controversial."
The village chief finally finished. I also ran out of cigarettes. I slowly said to the village chief: "The man died of freezing. It is estimated that Zhuzi and Xiaoliu just stunned him. But in fact, they could be saved, but the two of them were so scared they shut him in the ice cellar. He froze to death. As for Zhuzi and Xiaoliu’s weird illness, I can’t tell, although I am an atheist in theory. You should take me to see Zhuzi first.”
The village chief looked at me, and finally believed me. He nodded and told others to deal with the matter. Take me back home.
I finally saw the pillar in the dark room in the backyard. He is close to dementia. Extend and disperse afraid of light. Keep giggling. But that smile was very KB. Only half of the face was smiling. The village chief wiped his tears and said, "Even if I raise him for the rest of my life, I have to raise him."
"Don't hit him, Xiao Liu, don't." Zhu Zi suddenly shouted, then knelt on the ground like crazy and fainted. The village chief and I hurried over to help him. But right him up and have a look. There was a slight smile on his expressionless face. Although it was only a moment, I was sure I was right. It was a smug smile after revenge. And on that side of the face, I saw the same corpse spots on Xiao Liu's face.
"He is dead." I looked at the pupil of the pillar and said softly. The village chief kept crying like a child, holding the corpse of the pillar. Tears and snot stuck to the face of the pillar.
I stood up. Get out of the house. Suddenly my head thought of a book I had read a long time ago. It is said that a person can retaliate by cutting off his face with a strong resentment before dying. I thought it was just bullshit, but I didn't expect it to happen.
The matter quickly ended, the village chief was no longer the village chief, and Zhu Zi and Xiao Liu's body were also taken away. The evidence at the scene also shows that it is indeed as described by the village chief. And as I thought, the face of the corpse in the ice cellar was cut off by himself.
I left the village. Before leaving, I visited Xia Xiaoliu's parents. They still don't have too much sadness, maybe it's just that I can't see it.
When I was sent away, the people in the village had already discussed how to rebuild an ice cellar and planned to sell it. "
I looked at my friend, it seemed that his face also had a weird smile.
"Is there such a thing? I can retaliate against others by cutting off my face?" I asked curiously.
"Who knows? Maybe Zhu Zi and Xiao Liu were just scaring themselves, but no one knew what they saw before they died. Also, it is said that the corpse spots on their faces disappeared again during the autopsy. Haha, isn't it strange?"
"It's very strange, hey, sometimes crime is just a flash of thought. Retribution is also impossible to shirk." I sighed.
"That might not happen, sometimes, bad luck will find you on its own. Just like the salesperson I know who wants to make his skin white."
"Oh? What's that story?"
"Only talk about one a night." The friend stood up and said with a smile: "I will talk tomorrow night, listen to too much and be careful of nightmares. Go to bed, I'm tired of talking." After speaking, he went to his room. Up.
I had to lie down and sleep, and fell asleep soon. Fortunately, maybe it is not easy to have nightmares during the day. I slept comfortably.

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