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Chapter 3 Oil

Chapter 3 Oil
"Everyone yearns for beauty, especially girls. They will never yearn for old age like Bai Yansong. They spend a lot of money and time on the face, skin or other body parts. This is the generality of girls." Friends laughed By the way, I don't know what women he has been in contact with, but what he said still makes sense.
"I once met a girl who is very beautiful, she belongs to the kind with especially correct facial features. She is small and exquisite, and she has a very good figure. She has the slenderness and plumpness of Oriental women. It is indeed a loss of one point, too thin, and one increase. The points are too fat. But God opens a window and closes a door. She has an inescapable shortcoming. Her skin is very dark. Although black is healthy. But she seems to come from heredity. In fact, we often say that other countries have it. Racial discrimination, just to be countered, we are the most alienated alien from us. She is often teased by colleagues. Some men, including some boys, even if they want to pursue her, but will shrink from others. What is more ridiculous is her work Only a few steps away from the whitening cosmetics counter. This makes her sad. But life always has to go on. This girl named Meizi lived in this way until that day.
Meizi was trembling when talking with me, and it was almost impossible to say a complete sentence. I don't stop and hug her infrequently. (I smiled and looked at him, and he also smiled: "Don't think about being crooked, I just want to comfort her, hugging is the most relaxing thing in physical contact.) She can continue to tell her story after a long time of calm.
It was an ordinary weekend, and Meizi was walking on the pedestrian street alone with her bag and umbrella. Unexpectedly, he ran into another girl. The girl looked at Meizi, and said in a mocking tone: "What kind of umbrella is so dark, it's unnecessary." After she said that she turned her head and left. Meizi almost cried out of breath. Body fat can be reduced, facial features can be corrected, but the color of the skin is destined from the mother's womb. Meizi doesn't believe in the whitening cosmetics. The sisters who sell this, naturally know that using it is just a waste of money. Meizi was very frustrated when he thought of this. Go around aimlessly.
Suddenly, a luxurious car passed by and stopped beside Meizi, shocking Meizi. Meizi just wanted to curse. But I saw a well-dressed young man getting on and off the car. The young man looked a few years older than Meizi, but he was tall and handsome. He always looked at Meizi’s face. She was embarrassed to see Meizi. She subconsciously. He turned his body, but his body still felt the young man's eyes like fire.
"Sorry, did you scare you?" The young man made an apologetic gesture.
"No, okay, what's the matter with you?" Meizi tried her best to be gentle and polite, although this did not match her usual personality.
"If you appreciate the light and have a meal with me?"
Sometimes things went so smoothly, Meizi and this young man named Zhan Yue became friends who talked about everything. Meizi couldn't help sighing about the wonder of the Creator. Perhaps losing something will definitely be compensated in other places. The colleagues around me envied Meizi for finding such a handsome and wealthy boyfriend, that they often wandered around on the road holding an umbrella, hoping that a rich man would see them. But this caused a few traffic jams at best.
On another loving date, Zhan Yue suddenly said to Meizi gently: "Meizi, do you know why I fell in love with you at first sight."
"I don't know, maybe it was God's arrangement?" Meizi smiled.
"No, because you look so much like a childhood sweetheart of mine. You have the same big eyes, straight nose, and naughty mouth."
Meizi was a little unhappy. It turned out that she was just a substitute. She said in shock: "Then what are you looking for? Which girl?"
"She's gone." Zhan Yue said dimly. Seeing the exhibition becomes more unhappy, Meizi is also a little sad. After all, it is very rare for a boy to be old-fashioned. Doesn't this mean that he is infatuated, and that Meizi is happy when he thinks about it.
"Actually, I almost forgot about her when I was with you." Zhan Yue said suddenly.
"By the way, Meizi, don't you always complain about your bad skin? I have an ancestral formula that is a kind of whitening oil. It is very effective. Why don't you try it?"
"Is it useful? I've tried many methods but no results." Meizi didn't want to refuse Zhan Yue's kindness, but she didn't have much confidence in this medicine.
"Believe me, it must be useful. I just brought some today. You can try it out. If the effect is good, continue to use it. If our plum skin is white, we will be the most beautiful girl in the world."
Meizi did not refuse, and accepted a small black bottle that Zhan Yue gave him. Perhaps the remedies were so mysterious. Just like the potion of the witch in a fairy tale, full of allure and unknown.
Meizi tried it on her hand after returning home. It was indeed a kind of oily substance, and it smelled weird, as if it had a unique pungent sensation. However, the effect was very good, and the place where the hand was applied the next day was significantly improved and different from other places. The plum is also relieved to be smeared on the face.
These days, Meizi’s family and colleagues are staring at Meizi with wide-eyed eyes, and they almost don’t recognize her anymore. Youdao is a white covering three ugliness. A girl like Meizi who is already beautiful is as dazzling as a beauty pageant. Up. Those who had laughed at her before all hid and looked at their skin secretly and looked at Meizi. Just like the contrast between ink and Baixue, they couldn't help but try to cover the exposed areas with clothes. Everyone praised and asked about the secret of whitening. Meizi always smiles without answering, her heart is only grateful for the exhibition.
"Let's go to my house today. Let's have a candlelight dinner together." Zhan Yue looked at the whiter and white plum, his eyes a little lost.
"Okay, it's the first time I've gone. I will dress up well in the evening." Indeed, the two have known each other for so long, and Meizi has never been to Zhanyue's house. As for where she lives, she has no idea.
The evening scenery is always very beautiful, but with a little sense of anxiety. Meizi sitting in the car couldn't open her eyes because of the wind blown by the speed of the car. I only know that the car has been driving for a long time. It's been a long time since Meizi didn't know where it was, and the scenery in front of her was so strange.
"Here." Zhanyue's car stopped next to a villa. He drove the car into the garage. Then he took Meizi's hand and went in. Meizi feels that this place is cold, although it is only August. Meizi looked at her side, there were few other people. There is only this house in Zhanyue around the empty space. The shape of the house is also more straight and rectangular. To put it bluntly, from a distance, the house stands here like a tombstone.
The hand held by Zhan Yue was a little wet, perhaps nervous. Young men and women who live in the same room after dinner may come together naturally. Meizi is not a conservative girl, but she is definitely not a bold and unrestrained girl. Although she has been prepared since the first day she met Zhanyue, she is still very nervous when she is really innocent. After all, this is her first boyfriend.
After entering, I found that the interior of the villa is really gorgeous, with many antiques and famous paintings whose names are not counted by plums. In the living room on the side there is a long dining table with steak, lobster, grilled goose and red wine. Next to it is a burning stove.
"Come on, Meizi." Zhan Yue made an inviting gesture, and the two sat down at the table.
The food is delicious. Zhanyue seems to be very happy and has a good appetite, but Meizi absently eats the food on the plate, while watching Zhanyue with his eyes, and Meizi seems to feel that such a big house seems even a servant No.
"You usually live in such a big house alone? Aren't you afraid?"
"No, it shouldn't be counted as a person." Zhan Yue looked at Meizi, "At least I won't live alone from today. You will stay with me."
Plum's face burned, and it was as red as the red wine in a glass. Wine can be intoxicating, and plum white face can also be intoxicating. Zhan Yue almost stared blankly, he got up and walked over to hold Meizi.
"I, I want to take a shower first." Mei Zi was hugged tightly by Zhan Yue, and said breathlessly. Zhan Yue hesitated, then pointed to it. "The third room on the left on the second floor is a bathroom with bathrobes."
Meizi ran up quickly, and made a grimace before going upstairs, "I'm coming!"
Zhan Yue looked at Mei Zi's back. There was no expression on his face, he just drank all the wine in his glass.
Meizi ran up to the second floor and counted them one by one. Suddenly she smelled a pungent and familiar smell coming from a nearby room. Meizi knew that this was the kind of whitening oil that Zhan Yue gave him.
Meizi didn't know that there was no power to drive her. Instead of going to the bathroom, she walked to the room step by step. The more you take one step, the stronger the taste. When she reached the door, Meizi couldn't help but pinch her nose. Because the smell seems not only unpleasant, but also a bit irritating to the eyes.
Meizi turned the handle. Very good, the door is unlocked. She looked around, probably Zhan Yue thought she had already taken a bath. Anyway, just take a look to see what the secret recipe passed down from their ancestors is. Everyone has curiosity, especially women.
Having said this, Mei Zi's paused again and took a deep breath. I know, I also want to know what the magical whitening oil is.
The room is not big, but full of that smell. It smells bad, even a bit smokey. Meizi thought, as if many perfumes are too strong, they will smell bad. Perhaps this is also the case. But the smell is very similar to the smell of rotten meat.
Meizi looked around the room. The whole room is covered with dark green floors. There was only one black bottle in the room, and the bottle seemed to be leaking from a large box. It is probably that kind of oil. Meizi approached the box. The box is one and a half long. Place it sideways in the corner of the room. Meizi walked over. I used the lid a little bit. Very good, the lid is not locked or staring. But the lid is heavy and I don't know what it is made of. It took a lot of effort for Meizi to open a small slit. Meizi used her mobile phone as a light source to shine inside, trying to see what was inside.
It is estimated that Meizi will never forget what she saw in her life. The light blue light of the phone just shone on one eye. Yes, yes, it is an eye, and it is a female eye, an open eye. With strong resentment and reluctance. Meizi pushed a few steps in terror, her feet limp on the ground. The heroine in the movie often screams when she finds out about KB. Meizi thinks so too. But she now understands that when people reach the real KB, they don't scream, but they can't speak or make a sound. Meizi immediately stood up and turned around to leave. But she stopped immediately. Because Zhan Yue stood at the door, holding a rope in his hand.
The man's face no longer had the usual gentleness and kindness, instead he was cold and indifferent.
"Why do you want to open this room? If you don't have Xiaoxue, if you don't know Xiaoxue, I might really fall in love with you. I intended to let you die without pain. But your curiosity angered me. Since you want to If you know, I'll tell you all." Zhan Yue said as he strode over, he tied the plum with a rope. Then he walked to the box and knelt down. As if talking to himself. It seemed to be talking to Meizi again.
"Xiaoxue and I have known each other since we were young. She is a completely kind girl without any scheming. I came from a famous family, and she used to be. But when I grew up, his family business fell. So-called rich people like us come with money. She went faster. Soon, Xiaoxue’s family had nothing, and she was even in debt. Her father could not bear the blow and committed suicide by jumping off the building. Her mother was also crazy. She had to give up her studies at a prestigious university to accompany her mother. I want to help her , But she was never willing to accept my help. She is a very self-reliant girl. Originally we decided to get married after graduating from university. But my father refused. He wanted me to marry the daughter of a business partner. Helpless, I want to ask Xiaoxue to go together. But she can't let go of her lunatic mother, maybe at that time, if we leave, there won't be another tragedy in the future." Zhan Yue's voice was crying. Meizi was very scared. She didn't know what the person in front of her wanted to do. But she guessed that the person in the box was probably Xiaoxue.
I finally got married with the person I didn't love. Later, after Xiaoxue's mother died, we were together again. Xiaoxue doesn't ask for any status, just hope that I can spare some time to accompany her. But this matter soon became known to my wife and family. She led people to humiliate her, scold her, and beat her. The next day, Xiaoxue took poison and committed suicide. I lost her forever. But, I saw you, your long smile is too similar. "Zhan stood up fiercely and pushed the lid of the box open. Meizi finally saw the whole picture of the people inside. It was a highly corrupt body. No matter how beautiful and slender she was during her lifetime, she is still a pile of rotten meat. This The corpse has swelled up. Corpse oil is flowing everywhere in the body. Only the eyes are thrown like living people, and they are still open.
"Look, don't you look alike? But you are much darker than Xiaoxue." Zhan Yue asked as he stroked his face covered with carrion and maggots.
Meizi can only look at him, and Meizi thinks he is indeed crazy.
"I paid attention to you a long time ago. Fortunately, I know through many channels that there is a transformation in Thai witchcraft. I want to mix the dead body oil with the very secret witch oil. Rub it on another person's face. This person will gradually become like the dead. In the end, the dead person can be resurrected completely on that person, exactly the same as before. So."
"So you found me? Use that witchcraft on me? Don't you think you are cruel? I have no grudges against you again? Why don't you use your wife? She killed Xiaoxue." Meizi defended loudly.
"This technique will be safer and faster if used between similar people. Don't blame me, blame you for being too similar to Xiaoxue." Zhan Yue walked over.
"Today is the last day. If you want you to drink the oil here, you will become Xiaoxue completely." Zhan Yue took the black bottle over.
Meizi was terrified, but the bottle was filled with body oil. She struggled, but the rope was tight. Zhan Yue's bottle has been fed to her mouth. Meizi vaguely saw the floating maggots and the disgusting smell of carrion in the black bottle.
At this time, Meizi saw Xiaoxue's body in the box and stood up. Meizi thought she saw the flowers, but she did see it. Zhan Yue saw Meizi staring behind him. Also looked back.
Xiaoxue did stand up, but she walked slowly, but climbing was more appropriate. Every time she climbed, a trace of body oil was left on the ground, just like a snail.
"Don't, don't come over, don't come over!" To Meizi's surprise, Zhan Yue seemed to be very scared. She backed away in fear and threw the bottle aside.
Zhan Yue yelled as he opened the door. But as soon as the door opened, Xiaoxue suddenly jumped over like a frog, and pounced on Zhanyue, sticking to Zhanyue. Zhanyue wailed while rolling on the ground. Finally, the sound became smaller and smaller. Then lay there still.
Meizi moved her body to take a look. It turned out that Xiaoxue's body completely merged the two like a strong acid. Zhan Yue's face was completely unrecognizable, like a pile of minced meat.
Meizi sat for dozens of minutes before he recovered. Then he untied the rope and called pol.ice. The matter was over. Meizi later learned that Xiaoxue wanted Zhanyue to get a divorce, but Zhanyue strangled her to death during the quarrel. Zhan Yue Hope's witchcraft actually wanted Xiaoxue's soul to be bound in Meizi's body and could not avenge him.
Although Meizi almost died, she really made her skin pale. After telling the story, she also smiled easily. She will gradually forget when the matter is over. "
I recovered for a long time, and asked puzzledly: "How is that plum now?"
My friend smiled at me, "In fact, most things in the world are heard from people. When Mei Zi bid farewell to me, I vaguely saw the red spots on her hands. Although it was small, I would not watch. Wrong. It's a corpse spot."
"Spots?" I exclaimed.
"Don't call it, it is indeed a corpse spot, but I didn't say that it was broken. In fact, who knows what happened at that time? I checked the news at the time, but there was no record. Later, the exhibition was transferred to a local pol.ice friend of mine to know the scene of the case. Too weird was classified as a suspicious case. And indeed there were two corpses. One male and one highly decomposed female corpse. But who knows if Meizi is really Meizi? In fact, as long as she survives well in the future, it will be an ordinary person. It’s enough to live as you, my job is just to record this incident."
I nodded thoughtfully. It's almost morning again, and it seems that this evening's story is over. I just lay down to sleep. Suddenly the friend's cat ran in from outside, very dirty.
"Your cat is fun, I also keep one, just like a toy." I pointed to the cat and said, the cat looked at me unfriendly and snarled.
My friend said seriously: "Cats are very spiritual animals. If you know the story of eight-tailed cats, I'm afraid you won't say such things."
"A eight-tailed cat?" I said excitedly, but I knew my friend was going to bed again.
"Yes, let's talk tonight." After speaking, he stepped out.

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