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Chapter 4 Eight-tailed cat

Chapter 4 Eight-tailed cat
"In ancient Egyptian mythology, cats play a very important role. It is said that long ago, cats ruled humans. They were cunning, cruel and very clever. They used humans as slaves. Knowing the appearance of dogs, they drove them away. He became a cat, and turned cats from rulers into human pets. So dogs were regarded by Egyptians as the most important friends in life. And Egyptians believed that cats would bring death.” The friend drank tea and said slowly. .
"Does the Egyptian myth only involve cats?" I looked around, and the cute kitten went out to fool around again.
"Of course not, what I'm telling today is the story of an Oriental cat." The friend said with a smile.
"It is said that the Buddha said at that time that there are seven orifices in the world who can cultivate into immortals. The so-called seven orifices are actually living things according to today's words. Cats are naturally included. And according to records, cats can cultivate every 20 years. When the tail grows to the ninth, it can be repaired to a certain level.
But the ninth tail is not long enough. When a cat has eight tails, it will get a reminder that it must satisfy one's wishes. And every time a wish is fulfilled, the cat must disappear a tail to fulfill it. So this almost becomes an endless loop. But the cat I'm talking about completes this cycle very religiously. So although it has always had eight tails, it is no longer known how many years it has lived, nor how many people it has helped achieve. It has also complained to the Buddha, how can we cultivate Dao in this way? The Buddha laughed without answering. "My friend stopped for a while and said mysteriously:" In fact, I just listened to my grandparents talking about the above. Because the eight-tailed cat will not help people casually, it will only help the offspring of its first owner realize their wishes. In my hometown, the rumors of the eight-tailed cat are very common, and everyone hopes to meet it, because if it is willing to help you, you can realize any wish, any wish. "
I looked and vaguely remembered that he had visited his hometown once before inheriting the inheritance. I couldn't help asking him: "Have you seen it? That's why you can inherit such an inheritance?"
"Fool, my parents passed away a long time ago, and the inheritance is only something I can accept when I graduate from the university prescribed by my parents." The friend laughed. I was a little embarrassed when I was smiling.
"But I did know some stories about eight-tailed cats when I went back."
"My hometown is a place rich in products. Of course, there are also many rats. In order to solve the rat infestation, every household has raised cats from a long time ago. It is strange that no one in our area raises a dog, and we never eat dog meat. Cat's The existence has given the locals great benefits. There is no mouse infestation, the food is harvested, and the disease will not be spread. So everyone loves cats. And there are naturally many cat legends.
The first one I know was told by my uncle and grandfather. He passed away last year. At that time, he and I were still strong when talking about this matter. Although the old man was nearly eighty, he was very handsome and spoke clearly and neatly. It was just that the eyes were deeply sunken, and it was a little scary at first glance, because he had serious cataracts and he was reluctant to undergo surgery, so he had no choice but to do so.
In order to facilitate the description, the following is in his tone.
"Your grandfather and I (my grandfather) were only ten years old that year. There is a mountain behind the village. We often go up the mountain to play, or if we are lucky we can hit some small animals. You must know that the children in the countryside will feed themselves very early. Myself. Of course, we know that there are wolves on the mountain, but we usually don’t go far, only on the side of the mountain, and your grandpa is very good at identifying wolves’ territories. He knows those places cannot be visited, and those places can be visited.
We have also heard the legend of a eight-tailed cat in the village. It is said that it was raised by a teenager in the village hundreds of years ago. It is a very large cat. It is almost as big as an ordinary dog. And the whole body is snow white, and the tail is thick and long. People at the time were in awe of this cat. They think this cat may be the cat demon in the cat.
After the boy's death, the cat disappeared, and then someone claimed to have seen the cat, and the boy's offspring were all Fei Huang Tengda. In the end he became a famous family in the village. Everyone thinks this is a blessing from the cat demon. But the offspring of the young never mentioned it. Because in the taboo, if you tell the story of you and the eight-tailed cat, you will lose your life. But since I have lived enough anyway, it doesn't matter if I tell you (Speaking of which, my uncle smiles heartily).
The weather was good that day, but the weather in June would change within a few minutes of a tree. Even a good weather observer like me was negligent. I didn't ask your grandpa to go with me that time. Because he is already going to school in the provincial capital. Can't be as wild as me. So I want to go to the mountain to pick some mushrooms or eat game by myself. But I didn't wait for me to reach the mountainside. It rained heavily, and I recalled that I had never seen such a heavy rain in decades. I had to find a place where the leaves are denser and hide. The sky is dark and tight, and the air is also very depressed. I almost forgot it was morning. When the heavy rain and lightning were going together, I vaguely heard the cry of the wolf. At this time, and it is raining again, it is impossible for a wolf to come out for food. But soon the second wolf howl confirmed my guess.
Before I go, I have seen four wolves have surrounded me. This is not the first time I have seen a wolf. I used to go up the mountain with my father to fight a wolf. But after that, I just played with the adults. But this time I may really be reduced to the food of wolfberry belly. I began to tremble, and I couldn't tell if I was scared or was being poured on by the rain.
The four wolves are all adult wolves, and their hairs are tightly glued together in the rain, which makes their body shape very thoroughly displayed. I can even count how many of their ribs they have. It seems that they have been hungry for a long time. I just face them like this, I know the wolf will not attack you at once. They will be careful, patiently observing, looking for the best chance to guarantee a hit. I don't know myself, maybe my throat may be torn in the next second.
At this time, I saw the wolf suddenly retreating, with a low growl in his mouth from time to time. I knew it was a growl with threats and fear. I looked around. Sure enough, I saw it.
Its length is almost beyond my imagination, it can almost be regarded as a little lion. But it was all white, and the rain didn't seem to touch its beautiful hair. The eyes are like two black agates, glowing with unknown light. And the most striking thing is its tail. It is the eight heels, scattered behind like the emperor's support on a tour.
I suddenly remembered that everyone in the village said that eight-tailed cats usually appear in unusual rainstorms, and they look for people who need to realize their wishes.
The wolf was quickly scared away. The eight-tailed cat also strolled up to me. In front of it, I almost forget that I am a person, a person who should be superior to many creatures. I feel very small. But I want to own it again, because it is so beautiful. (Speaking of this, my uncle's eyes are very soft, looking forward, almost immersed in his previous memories)
It shook its tail slightly, then shook its head, stretched a very long waist, and looked at me.
I know it is waiting for my request. It turns out that our family is the descendant of that boy, which makes me excited and excited. But its sudden arrival made me feel at a loss. I really didn't think about what I should let it help me achieve. I asked it carefully: "Can I touch you?"
It narrowed its eyes expressionlessly, when the rain had stopped. The sun soon came out again. Its white hair became translucent in the sun. Maybe it agreed. So I touched the hair around its neck with trembling hands.
A person will touch a lot of things in his life. Those that feel good are silk, satin, glorious porcelain, or the skin of young women. But the fur of the eight-tail cat feels different to the hair I have touched. It's not as messy as ordinary cat fur, nor as soft as fox fur given to us by others. I don't know what kind of feeling it is, but it feels very comfortable. My hands seemed to be stuck there. I even want to fall asleep on its fur like this.
But it quickly dodges, maybe it doesn't like getting too close to people tired. I knew it was still waiting for my wish, and its eight-heeled tail was dangling restlessly. I really don't know what I want to achieve, so I told it to go home with me first and tell you when I think about it.
The eight-tailed cat looked at me, suddenly his whole body shone, and I almost couldn't open my eyes. Then I saw a cat on the ground. A white cat that is no different from ordinary hair and has only one tail.
I knew it was Yao, I was so happy that I picked it up, and went home excitedly.
In the following days I played with eight-tailed cats almost every day. The adults in the village will not interfere with children playing with cats. At that time, I was reluctant to go to school like your father, and the family was rich, so it was my temperament. But Yao was very reluctant to play this way at first. Whenever I like to tease other cats, I throw paper balls or yarn balls at it. It always looks at me indifferently. It's like an old man looks at a childish child. I finally realized that teasing him in this way was actually disrespectful to him.
It called me every day, or squatted at the door with its tail wagging. I know it doesn't want to stay here. It wants to fulfill my wish as soon as possible, and lose a tail, and then repeat that endless practice. Looking at its back, I think it is very pitiful.
I sat in front of it that day and asked it: "Are all wishes come true?"
It didn't make a sound, just looked at me lazily.
"Then, my wish is that you can have nine tails." I said every word.
The eight-tailed cat was stunned. The black onyx-like eyes were full of doubts, followed by a look I later knew called gratitude. Maybe it finally understands what the Buddha meant. Only when it meets the wishes of someone who is willing to make it fulfilled, it can have nine tails. In the past, people thought for themselves selfishly. They believed that it was for the eight-tailed cat to realize any wish for them. They would not consider the feelings of the eight-tailed cat, because every tail must undergo decades of practice.
The eight-tailed cat slowly got up, leaned in front of me, and licked my hand, very warm. I saw that its eyes were a little wet, maybe it was tears. Yawei can't be called Yawei anymore. I saw it grow nine tails, so gorgeous and magnificent, its body shone with white light. Even later, the iron eggs in the same village kept betting that they saw a bright white light in my house that day.
I watched it go, still a bit lost. I know I won't meet with it in my life.
But it seems that I will be protected by it in the days to come. I have nothing to do in my life but live a happy and peaceful life. My children are very filial and my body is very healthy. Perhaps it is thanks to it, and, yesterday I dreamed of it, and it said it was coming to pick me up. "
The above is the narration of my uncle's grandfather. At that time, I could only be skeptical after hearing it. I knew that there was an illness in medicine that was intended. Most of them are elderly people who are in good health, but their memories are confused. They tend to connect some irrelevant things together to form what I call memories. I don't know if my uncle also has this disease.
But soon his old man passed away before I left my hometown. The walk was very peaceful. Just sleep on a wicker chair during the day. The family also said, this is called funeral.
At the funeral, I was the longest in my generation. So I came to guard the spirit of the first day, and what happened that night confirmed the story of my uncle.
After about two o'clock in the morning, most of the people dispersed, only a few guardians were still there, but most of them were already asleep. But I was surprisingly sober. I feel a little sad when I think of my relatives who talked and laughed with me the other day. But in the silent night, I heard a meow. It's not as weird as KB is in the movie, but it's full of gentle calls.
I also saw it. I saw an eight-tailed cat. No, it should be called a nine-tailed cat. As my uncle described it, people who saw it for the first time would marvel at its beauty. The white snow-like hair has jet-black eyes like black jade. And the nine floating white tails are more graceful and luxurious.
It came straight to me, completely ignoring my surprise. I really want to wake up others. But the mouth could not say anything.
I watched it walk to my uncle's coffin, licked his hand like my uncle when he left, and then disappeared like a puff of smoke.
After a long time, I found that I could speak out. But I didn't tell others, I knew it was nothing more than to provoke ridicule, and it would be a taboo for us to say this during such a serious funeral. I returned home after my uncle's funeral. And I never saw a eight-tailed cat again. Its legend seems to have ended. "
"What a magical cat." I couldn't help but sigh.
"Indeed, but do you believe it?" my friend asked me.
"Of course, if others say that I might not believe it, but no matter how weird you are, I am sure." I said firmly.
"That's good, a confidant must die without regrets in life. It is enough if you believe it." My friend smiled and patted me on the shoulder, motioning me to rest early. I know the story tonight is over. When friends go out. The room returned to my own silence. At this time, the friend's cat came back from outside. I looked at this cute cat and thought to myself, would it be the eight-tailed cat? If anyone has the destiny to see an eight-tailed cat, remember to ask it to have nine tails, because they are very lonely and lonely in the world.

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