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Chapter 5 Scalpel

Chapter 5 Scalpel
"Many people study medicine with compulsiveness. My college classmate Lin is. But this is no way, because his family is a family of doctors. His family studied medicine for three generations, and his grandfather and father are very famous in the medical field. So he himself said that the college entrance examination volunteers from the first to the eighth were all medical schools.
There is no denying that inheritance is indeed very useful. Lin seems to be born to be a doctor. He remembers very hard textbooks. According to his classmates, he was familiar with every blood vessel in the human body, but he was often lost on the way back to his home.
He graduated with honors and refused to stay in school as a graduate student. In our opinion, he is a bit weird, and he actually refused such a generous offer. But recently, when I was traveling abroad, I suddenly received a call from him, asking me to lie down immediately, saying that there was something important, so the two of us sat and chatted together after graduation. Naturally, I also asked why he Refusal to pass.
It was not Lin's idea to refuse to pass, but the decision of his family. His grandfather did not approve of Lin going to graduate school. He hoped that Lin would now come to the hospital where he and Lin's father were. Maybe the old man can't wait. Lin himself did not object. Because the road itself was chosen by Grandpa for him.
It is a pity that Lin's grandfather died of a cerebral hemorrhage before Lin officially started to work in the hospital.
The death of grandpa gave the family a big blow. Their family members are not prosperous. Lin is an only son, and so is his father. After the funeral. Lin's father gave Lin a box. "
"Take it. This is what your grandfather often explained during his lifetime. It must be given to you." Father solemnly handed the box to Lin. This surprised Lin, because in Lin's opinion, Grandpa was sometimes harsh and even a little overbearing. He always thought that his grandfather didn't care about him, and only forced himself to study medicine for the reputation of the so-called family.
"This is my grandfather's collection. You must keep it carefully. You have to know that I am not qualified to inherit it. Your grandfather often tells me that you are studying medicine. This thing can only play a greater role in your hands." Father Slowly and authentically. But sadness and nostalgia for grandfather surged in Lin's heart.
When Lin said this, I couldn't help but ask Lin, what is in the box?
Lin said that Grandpa's explanation at the time was that you should not open the box until you are helpless with the patient.
Naturally, Lin has grown into an excellent doctor, but it seems that the path of practicing medicine is very smooth. He often teases himself, perhaps because of the blessing of Grandpa's Spirit of Heaven. But soon he met a patient that he could not solve with all his might.
"The patient came last week. When he came in front of me, I saw a fat ball. Some people said that people depend on clothing, Buddha depends on gold, but even though this fat guy wears a brand name, I can I felt his vulgarity and mediocrity. The most important thing was that I smelled a stinky smell as soon as he came in. He was followed by a group of people, where it was like seeing a doctor, and it was almost B social negotiation. Although dressed appropriately, the clothes are expensive. Many subordinates. But I know that his illness has tortured him not lightly, because I saw his dough-like fat face, like being rubbed by a person, and his facial features are not clear." Lin said I often bring a little lecture feeling.
"I was very surprised at the time because in winter, he actually only wore a thin piece of underwear under his jacket, and I saw that he still had many similar clothes in his hands.
When I asked about his condition, he was embarrassed, and eventually he let everyone out, leaving only the two of us in the room.
I will never forget what he showed me when he took off his coat and clothes. It was a disease I had never seen before in the medical profession for so long. "Lin's voice was a bit jerky, and the Adam's apple was turning up and down unconsciously. Although it was very slight, I still saw it.
"His back can no longer be called a back. You can imagine what the hornet's nest you can see. The high degree of ulceration and the high density of the wounds make his granulation bad, and the wounds tear each other. I was surprised to survive. I also smelled a very pungent pus smell. But I am a doctor, so I had to hold my breath and observe the wound up close.
It is indeed a very peculiar wound. If you read it, you will feel like someone has used the Dali King Kong finger in a martial arts novel. Each wound is a regular circle. But they have sunk and started to die. And while I was observing his wound, I saw a scene that surprised me.
I saw with my own eyes a fingerprint slowly appeared on the right side of his neck near the clavicle, which was one of the few or intact muscles. It was a normal depression, then deeper and deeper, and finally began to turn black. I knew that the blood vessels had begun. It was necrotic, and finally it was like a water bag was punctured, and the wound formed. But the strange thing is that although all this is happening slowly, this person does not seem to have any consciousness.
At the end of the examination, I signaled him to put on his clothes, because I really couldn't bear to look twice.
I asked him when he started doing this, and he answered in pain for almost a month. He didn't care at first because there was no pain, but later found that the clothes he took off were all pus and blood, and his body was full of rancid smell. I have to see a doctor. Only then did I understand why he brought so many sets of clothes. "Speaking of this, Lin looked at me suddenly," Do you know how surprised I was at that time, because I am not a doctor who specializes in skin diseases, not to mention that it hasn't been long since my debut, why did he come to me for treatment for such a serious illness? "
"I asked him at the time, but he kept silent. I had no choice but to let him go back first. I was thinking of a way. Looking at his staggering departure. I suddenly thought of the relic left by my grandfather. The box was right. Lie quietly on the bedside of my house. Now maybe it's time to open."
At this time Lin walked into the room and took out a box. The box is dark green all over, about the length of a hand. I was attracted by the box when Lin took it out of the room. Because it glows with mysterious green light.
Lin slowly opened the box in front of me. The moment I opened the box, I doubted my eyes, because I seemed to see a translucent object leaving the box.
Lin and I finally saw the contents of the box. Slightly disappointed, just an ordinary scalpel in the box. But there is something unusual, because the handle is golden, but the blade, the blade is not!
Lin cautiously picked up the scalpel, wondering why there was no blade but only the handle. We didn't expect him to make a sudden ah. At this moment, we discovered that it was not that there was no blade, but that the blade was extremely thin, so thin that it was transparent as air. But just now Lin was accidentally cut by a sharp blade. The blood quickly flowed to the surface of the knife, and this was the original shape of the knife. It turns out that the blade part is much longer than the handle, so it is about an inch longer than half of the scalpel. While Lin was bandaging the wound, I suddenly discovered that the transparent blade was soaked in blood that seemed to have some streaks. I picked it up and looked at the light carefully. It turned out that it was not a streak, but two lines of fine print.
"The healer saves people by using techniques, and Shiren saves the soul." There are only these ten words.
"This is what your grandfather left for you when there was no way to deal with the condition?" I asked. "Perhaps your father can know the mystery."
"It's useless. My father is like us. He has never heard of it before. But my grandfather was a very famous surgical expert. But it is said that unlike other experts, he is best at diagnosing and treating some very strange diseases, because most of these people I don't want to expose my illness, so although my grandfather is famous, he didn't become a genius doctor who is well-known by all those cases." It seems that Lin's grandfather is indeed very low-key.
But what exactly can this knife help? At least how to treat the back patient in front of you. I asked Lin, but Lin was also silent.
I finally suggested putting the knife here first. The patient's illness was very strange, and why did he only look for Lin to see it. Lin nodded and said that I saw a lot of strange things and wanted me to investigate the patient with him. I laughed, but I didn't see you come to me if it was good.
Soon, we learned the identity of Fatty, who was not ordinary people. He is a local engineering construction boss. There are many construction teams under his banner, and there are many projects undertaken by him. But the fat man seemed to be not a serious businessman. He owed his wages and deducted materials, but there was nothing wrong with him. According to him, his diet, work and rest are normal, and he has not been exposed to any poisons or has a history of back trauma. This makes us both difficult. Although I know that the symptoms of fat people are a bit like the bugs of the Miao family. But it's not all like it, because people with such a strong gu can hardly survive. According to his condition, he won't live long. And now this age is probably too difficult to find someone who can kill Gu.
"In this way, you go to scare the fat man, let him tell you why he chose you to treat his disease, maybe there is some reason to find here."
Sure enough, the fat man heard us say that he would not live for a few days, and he was frightened like a plump bug that saw pesticides. Hey crying, crying and crying, he knows that Lin's grandfather has a scalpel, and the knife holder can heal any stubborn illness.
Lin and I are very strange. It seems that a patient my grandpa had treated before told Fatty. But the fat man said that no one had seen how Lin's grandfather used the scalpel.
Lin and I had to go back to his house again and took out the strange scalpel to observe. I suddenly slashed my hand with the knife. It really hurt, but it seemed that I didn't feel any soon. I looked at the wound again, and the wound healed as quickly as it was fitted with a zipper. If it weren't for the blood stains next to him, there was no scar at all.
Lin looked at me strangely, "You are crazy."
"Does the hand that you hurt last time healed soon?" I asked Lin.
Lin immediately thought, "Could it be that this knife can quickly heal the wound?"
"Yes, that's the meaning of the first sentence to save people with a spell."
"Then the second sentence Shi Ren saves the soul?" Lin asked.
"Don't worry about so much, save the fat man first."
We immediately asked the fat man to come to the hospital to perform the operation on him. Since he has this magic scalpel, Lin intends to do this operation with me only. In fact, it is an operation, but I just want to experiment on fat people.
But the fat man’s situation no longer allows us to experiment. His wound is rotten, and we can even see his thick fat layer and bones through the holes in the wound.
Lin immediately applied to the hospital for surgery, but the hospital disagreed, saying that the fat man had a very high mortality rate from the operation and he asked the fat man to transfer himself. But the fat man said that he had seen many doctors, and the results became more serious. If Lin didn't perform surgery on him, he would sue the hospital and Lin for inaction, and both the hospital and Lin would go to court.
The hospital reluctantly agreed. Lin asked me to enter. And don't want any other assistants, he doesn't want grandpa's scalpel to be known by others.
It is not easy to anaesthetize a fat man. I wondered whether to give him double the weight. Lin used the scalpel given by his grandfather to make a circular cut at a growing wound. Sure enough, the wound began to heal quickly and squeezed out the pus and blood.
Sure enough, it was a magic scalpel. Lin and I were greatly encouraged. There were many wounds. We carefully removed them one by one. The muscles and skin where the scalpel went healed very quickly. In the end, only the biggest part of the back was left. A wound, this wound has penetrated into the spine. I still can't understand why the fat man doesn't feel any pain.
Just as the knife had just touched the wound, something incredible happened. The fat man actually got up by himself. That kind of anesthetic trick will never disappear in such a short time. We watched in horror as the fat man slowly sat up. He slowly walked off the operating table, and the cover on his body also fell off. He stood there completely, and I suddenly remembered the head hanging in the slaughterhouse. The carcass of a pig.
"You can't stop me!" The fat man suddenly made a very shrill woman's voice. What is even stranger is that I haven't seen the fat man's mouth move.
"This animal must die!" The fat man "talked" again.
Lin was trembling all over, which was beyond his doctor's ability to handle it.
"Who are you?" I asked sternly.
"I said, he must die, I can't let you destroy my plan!" The voice is getting higher and higher, I am afraid that it will call people when he shouts.
"Well, we won't save him, but you don't want to call him anymore. If you want him to die, you have to tell us the reason." I tried my best to appease the thing that I don't know what to call.
The fat man still stood there like a dead body. I noticed that his heart was actually bulging.
"I said, he can only die!" That kind of thing does seem to resent the fat man very much, and he refuses to say anything.
While calming it, I signaled Lin to go out and shout for someone. Now I must subdue the fat man. Because I saw him take a scalpel next to him like a sleepwalker and slowly wipe it on his neck. If he waited for Lin to estimate that Fatty would be over.
I didn't know where I thought of it, and suddenly shouted: "Your husband doesn't want you to do this!" I am totally blind, or it is better to gamble.
Sure enough, the thing didn't continue to move, and the fat man stopped. Just then Lin rushed in with some people. He immediately overpowered the fat man.
At this time the fat man continued to be anesthetized again. Lin and I were in a cold sweat.
"Don't move the last wound on the back. I want him to do a CT of the heart part first." I said to Lin.
"Do CT? Or the heart? Why?" Lin asked suspiciously.
"I was in charge, just do it. And too many people were allowed to see the film."
After dozens of minutes, Lin and I were watching a CT of Fatty’s heart. We were speechless. Because the CT of Fatty's heart clearly saw a face. That is, the fat man's heart has actually evolved a face.
"What is this?" Lin wryly smiled.
"I'm afraid the real source of disease is the heart. An operation is still needed." I said to Lin.
Lin couldn't do the operation independently this time, so he told the hospital the whole story. The dean takes it seriously. Several heart surgery experts performed this operation together, and of course Lin and I went back together.
When the fat man's heart was truly exposed in front of us, we looked face to face. His heart is extremely hypertrophy, and it is indeed a human face, to be precise the face of a woman with closed eyes.
The part of the face is just the extra part of the heart. Now Lin must cut off that piece with a scalpel.
When Lin's scalpel just touched the human face, the human face suddenly opened his eyes and used his mouth, let’s call it a mouth, and suddenly bit the knife. And gave out the same piercing smile last time. The other doctors were paralyzed. A nurse next to her passed out.
"Let go, what's the point of going on like this?" I said to that face.
But the eyes of that face looked at me with hatred. Suddenly he spit out the knife and said sharply, "What do you know? You just see him because he has a lot of money, and seeing a doctor is the exclusive of the rich. Have my baby been sick and saw you come to treat it? Who is the only one of you? If the animal sees a doctor, just call the vet!" Hearing the words, the experts ran out like crazy, shouting ghosts while running.
I have to admit what she said.
"Can you tell me everything?" Lin said sincerely.
The face seemed to move a little, and the voice softened. "I don't want to say so much. Go and ask a worker named Agong. He knows everything. I advise you, save beasts like this. I know I can't resist the knife. ." Then she looked at Lin's scalpel. Then there was no sound.
Lin tentatively touched again,Sure enough, it didn't reflect. Lin immediately cut off the face. The moment it was cut off, the face turned into blood, leaving only a needle.
The matter was covered up. Anyway, the best thing in the hospital. Those few experts who were scared away also thought it should be an illusion. And I waited for Lin to submit the report and deal with everything and go to the worker named Ah Gong.
We finally found Ah Gong in a workshop. He was like a firewood that hadn't been burnt clean, black and thin. Long-term malnutrition and fatigue made him look very weak and tired. I can't help thinking that with his state of life, he can't resist the invasion of some diseases. Once he gets sick, they will be wiped out like the survival of the fittest in nature, because they have no money to cure.
After listening to our statement, Ah Gong's first sentence was: "Is the fat man dead?" It choked us. In the end, Lin embarrassedly said that the fat man was fine and he was recovering well. Ah Gong sneered at us, and finally slowly said what happened.
The face we saw in the heart is a woman named Xiaofeng. She and her husband are from the village of Agong. The three of them came to the city to work together. The husbands of Agong and Xiaofeng work at Fatty’s construction site. Xiaofeng does some casual work. Although the original life was difficult, it was still going on. But it was not until Xiaofeng's child got a serious illness that he needed medical expenses urgently. And the fat man owed his wages, Xiaofeng's husband and workers went to ask for wages, but were arrested by pol.ice for harassment. In the end, Xiaofeng's husband threatened the fat man with gasoline all over his body. Who knows that the fat man didn't look at him at all, and Argonne's husband accidentally approached the open flame at the construction site and burned alive in front of the fat man. Agong had no choice but to comfort Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng insisted to sue the fat man, and the result can be imagined. And Xiaofeng's child died in the aisle of the hospital because he had no medical expenses. Xiaofeng finally went crazy. Then disappeared. I don't know life or death. After Argonne finished speaking, he looked at us contemptuously and said something you can go away. Then he patted his butt and went to work again.
Lin and I were speechless for a long time. Lin told me, what does the last sentence on the scalpel mean? I didn't answer him because I didn't know either. "
After I listened, I said to my friend: "Perhaps Lin's grandfather meant that it was the doctor himself who saved the soul."
The friend suddenly realized that he patted my shoulder happily, "Yeah, why didn't I expect that the doctor is kind, so that he can be a doctor with soul."
"What's going on with that Xiaofeng?" When my friend finished speaking, I secretly regretted the poor woman.
"I don’t know, I still don’t understand what she did to the fat man, but Grandpa Lin’s scalpel is indeed magical, and its origin is mysterious. Lin has come out of the hospital, and his father is very supportive of him. He is now I have been a doctor, and often donate medicines to the doctor."
"Shi Ren saves the soul." I said.
"Yes." The friend said approvingly.

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