311 Blessed by Mana

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Hours after arriving at The Vile Altar...

Deep in the ruins of this remote area of Scott Province, Vicente's unconscious body lay in the center of the dark area he had encountered hours earlier.

By now, the darkness of the area had returned to normal. Still, the place was somewhat different, without the previous negativity that had frightened the young Fuller.

On the other hand, the area's natural mana had increased and concentrated around the black-haired man lying unconscious in the middle of the ancient altar.

His chest rose and fell with a certain frequency, while his breathing was good, like that of a sleeping person. 

But in Vicente's consciousness space, his first Magic Gem and its two pentagrams were reaching their peak after the sacrifice of the spirit hours ago. 

After being used to the limit and exhausted, the powers of this gem and its pentagrams had almost completely 'dried up' and broken. However, with the spirit's action and the sacrifice of 40% of his power, this existence prevented such a tragedy.

Finally, after hours of self-repair, a unique fluctuation erupted from this primary essence of Vicente, breaking the dry, solidified shell that had appeared hours before.

As this happened, an intense yellow glow came from Vicente's gem, along with a vibrating sense from the two pentagrams.

Then, green lines appeared around the inscriptions on the yellow pentagram, while the reddish hue of the red pentagram became different, closer to orange.

Several different inscriptions appeared around Vicente's first pentagram. In contrast, the part of his consciousness space that belonged to his first magical form seemed to grow to the boundaries of the second magical form.

But it didn't go far, and after the first gem had gained only 1% of the space of the other, Vicente's consciousness space stabilized, along with his level, stopping at just over 93% progress within level 4.

Vice's spirit body within his consciousness space reached its best state, fully recovering from the damage he had suffered earlier.

When he opened his eyes in the dark chamber, he acted like he had woken up from a nightmare, feeling his heart beating fast and sweating all over his body.

He looked from one side of the dark chamber to the other, searching for the ghost from earlier, while he couldn't understand what had happened and how he could still be alive.

'Where is that fucking ghost? What happened?' He asked himself as he stood up, not realizing he had increased his level and experienced a significant qualitative improvement.

Then something startled him.

"My master, I'm here."

Hearing this voice from inside his head, Vicente widened his eyes before focusing on himself.

"You!" He shouted as he took control of his spirit body and looked at the cocoon where the ghost from earlier was inside him.

"You... Have you possessed me?" Vicente shouted, not remembering what had happened earlier.

Hearing this, the ghost inside the cocoon remained silent momentarily, analyzing the situation.

'It seems that my master wasn't in control earlier...' This negative entity looked at Vicente's second magical form from inside the cocoon and understood what had happened.lightsnovel

'So that's it... It seems that my master is loved by mana. In addition to two Magic Gems, he also received a consciousness gem.

The consciousness of his second magical form is what defeated me!'

According to some ancient legends of Polaris Realm, some Magic Gems could form their own consciousness under certain conditions.

If a magician was very talented and their magical form was very unusual, there was a slight chance the world would bless them during their Awakening and create a consciousness in their Magic Gem.

According to ancient theories that ghost knew, mana was not impartial. It favored those with a great affinity for it and sometimes blessed some of its chosen ones with something of the sort to help those magicians reach their potential.

Few knew why, but Magic Gems with consciences had already appeared around the continent, and there were reports of at least 50 people blessed in this way in known history.

For the ancient experts of the world, it happened because high-level talents were scarce, and the dangers of the magic world were infinite. To give their chosen ones a chance to progress, the mana, or rather the world, created consciousnesses in Magic Gems, which basically served to increase the chances of development for those favored by heaven.

Seeing Vicente didn't remember anything from before, this negative soul was sure this young man was a chosen one of mana, which was quite obvious after his display of power earlier.

'I didn't expect him to have something like that...' Thinking about it, the spirit finally explained to Vicente. "My master, earlier, your second magical form defeated me, and I became your slave. Look." He showed the symbol of his connection with Vicente, the yellow pentagram marked on his cocoon.

Seeing it, Vicente immediately felt a connection with the creature. 'He has indeed become my slave! How did that happen? Before he was...'

'Why is your current level so low? Before, you seemed to be a Sovereign."

"That's a long story, my master. Unfortunately, your body isn't strong enough to withstand the full power of your second magical form. To help you recover, I have given up some of my powers."


Looking at himself, Vicente realized he was stronger than before, having reached level 4 and already close to level 5.

'My strength has increased a lot!' He thought, feeling incredible mentally and physically.

Looking at his first magical form in his consciousness space, he saw the changes in his pentagrams, but also in his gem. 

His yellow Magic Gem now seemed to have a green hue, while his pentagrams seemed to be progressing qualitatively.

'I hadn't expected anything like this...' He smiled as he clenched his fists, seeing the evolution of his powers, a process that generally only happened to those who had passed the 4th stage.

According to basic magical theory, naturally formed pentagrams, such as those that came from Magic Gems, could grow along with their owners. However, this was a complex process, and usually, only magicians of at least the 5th stage could demonstrate it.

Virtually every 5th stage magician would have a first pentagram orange, while only geniuses could achieve such an evolution while still in the 4th stage.

But Vicente already saw signs of his evolution when he was only at the 2nd stage!

'I got it...' He smiled, feeling his heart calm down, realizing the spirit was trustworthy and had even given him something precious.