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Chapter 703 - Bold and Brazen

Huangfu Chengdao, the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan, didn't just feel ashamed.

He felt like someone had slapped him in the face with a shoe with poop stains.

He felt that his heart was broken, especially when he saw the Lady of the Clouds flinging herself into Li Yidao's arms without caring about anything.

He just couldn't accept such a reality.

He had heard the Lady of the Clouds say that she had someone on her mind and she had been wandering in the Star River to find that person. However, he was very confident that with his identity, status, appearance, talents, and power, he would definitely take the place of that unlucky guy in her heart and become her real destined companion in her life after a short time.

However, he had never expected that the man on her mind would be Li Yidao.

Moreover, he hadn't expected that all that he had done was nothing compared to a poem recited by Li Yidao.

Deep humiliation, disappointment, and unconcealed rage drove him to the verge of exploding.

He had an impulse to cut off Li Yidao's arm when he saw the smile in the eyes of the Lady of the Clouds as she held Li Yidao's arm tightly. She had never smiled to him that way.

He didn't care about the looks of curiosity, mocking, pity and gloat on the onlookers' faces.

He only cared about the stance of the Lady of the Clouds now.

Everything that had happened in front of him felt like a nightmare.

Only when this woman flung herself into someone else's arms did he clearly realize that he had fallen so deeply in love with her. He felt like he would lose his entire world if he lost her.

If possible, he would be willing to give up everything to win her heart.


"Mr. Huangfu, I'm sorry. I've told you before that I have already fallen in love with someone. Now I've found him," the Lady of the Clouds said in a soft and apologetic tone, "thank you for taking good care of me all the time. You're a good person. I hope you can find your own happiness as soon as possible."

She gave him a "good person" card without any doubt.

Huangfu Chengdao took a deep breath.

He looked at the Lady of the Clouds. No matter how angry and sorrowful he felt, he just could not burst out in anger. Her bright eyes would put out the flames of rage in his heart like the magic water from a heavenly river.

"It's fine. I will never regret having taken care of you." A graceful smile flashed across Huangfu Chengdao's handsome face. He said, "However, I will not give up pursuing you. As long as you are not married, no, even if you were already married, I would always be waiting for you. I believe that my sincerity will be rewarded."

For a moment, the Lady of the Clouds did not know what to say.

The surprised crowd at the banquet burst into an uproar.

Saying those words in the presence of so many big shots was the same as swearing an oath.

Many people thought that the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan was destined to become a powerful and influential person who could accomplish great undertakings in the Star River in the future. "How could he really fall for a woman? In the past, he left aside his practice and clan matters to take meticulous care of the Lady of the Clouds and travel around the world with her. He did that just to spice up his life filled with long-term dull training and power.

"After he gets what he wants, he will eventually get tired of it."

However, they had never expected that this peerless Heavenly Legend, who was cold and ruthless in nature, would take it so seriously.

More surprisingly, after the Lady of the Clouds had made it clear that she has found the person she loved and politely rejected him, he still confessed his love to her passionately.

"Is Huangfu Chengdao really an affectionate person?"

Many people thought it was time to reevaluate their opinions on the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan.

Even Bai Yuanshou looked at Huangfu Chengdao in surprise.

He was deeply surprised by the way that this best successor cultivated by Heavenly Deity Clan and the future master of the Heavenly Deity Clan behaved just now. "The young master is completely different from what the Heavenly Fox Clan thinks he is… What's the reason for such a change?

"Is it really because of the so-called love?"

Bai Yuanshou wanted to shake his head, but a faint smile appeared on his face.

"Perhaps this is a good thing for the Heavenly Fox Clan."

Li Mu was quite surprised when he saw that Huangfu Chengdao, the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan, acted so affectionately, but did not get exasperated as he had imagined.

"Huangfu Chengdao is different from his persona in my mind.

"However, although his passionate confession is a little touching, he is fighting over a woman with me. I certainly will not be moved."

"You should just let go of her," Li Mu said bluntly.

At such a moment, only idiots would say something about grace and fair competition.

"How ungraceful he is!"

Duan Shenping the "Seven Luminaries Divine Bell" and the others commented in their minds.

The young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan looked at Li Mu and said, "He whose virtue doesn't match his rank is doomed to suffer. You are humble and lowly. You are not qualified to have such a goddess like the Lady of the Clouds, and you can't protect her. If you know yourself, you'd better get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won't have a chance to regret it when you bleed in the end."

Li Mu stared at the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan as if he were looking at a fool.

The young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan said, "I don't know how you have managed to deceive her, but I will quickly investigate your background thoroughly and let her know who you really are."

Li Mu yawned and did not bother to argue. He took Hua Xiangrong's arm, turned around, and left.

Huangfu Chengdao's eyes were flaming with anger, but he managed to control himself.

After this short interlude, the banquet continued.

However, the people of various tribes and clans had different thoughts.

No one expected the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan would suffer such a great deal in the end.

"Who on earth is this Li Yidao guy? He actually had a romantic relationship with the Lady of the Clouds. He is riding the crest of the wave now. Not only has he ranked fourth on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions, but he also has won the beauty's heart. He was nobody about three months ago.

"Such luck and opportunity are really enviable."

Li Mu took Hua Xiangrong to a corner of the main shrine hall. They took their seats and began to confess to each other.

"Does Huangfu Chengdao know your background?" Li Mu asked.

He had to figure out this question before he could make subsequent arrangements.

Hua Xiangrong shook her head.

Li Mu had told her the matter about sinners. For this reason, since she came to the Star River, she had been very vigilant and never mentioned her background to anyone. The young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan asked her about that several times, but she didn't tell him.

Upon hearing that, Li Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

"In this case, things will be much easier."

"By the way, where is Bai Mochou? Has that old woman left your body?"

Li Mu waved his hand and created a sound insulation barrier. After they talked for a while, he suddenly remembered that when they were on the Heavenly Land, that Bai Mochou of unknown origin had once possessed Hua Xiangrong's body and done a lot of things.

Hua Xiangrong nodded and said, "Miss Bai and Long'er told me that they were going to do something great and would come back to me soon."

Li Mu said, "Long'er? That flood dragon? Has she entered the Void-breaking Realm and entered the Star River too?"

Hua Xiangrong covered her mouth when she smiled. "Yes. Long'er has practiced for one thousand years. After she succeeded, she could enter the Void-breaking Realm. She is very powerful."

Li Mu thought for a while. "That makes sense."

Now he already knew that the little devil that Bai Mochou brought back from Taibai County happened to be the flood dragon living in the deep pool of the Nine-dragons Fall. At that time, he almost beat that flood dragon to death and broke one of its horns… "Did we get to know each other by fighting?"

At the thought of that, Li Mu blushed with shame.

Later, he learned that the flood dragon was actually a female, and that it was so young and beautiful after it transformed itself into a human form.

Judging by Hua Xiangrong's tone, she had a very good relationship with that female dragon.

"How come that old woman was willing to get out of your body?" Li Mu asked again, "Has she found another suitable body?"

Hua Xiangrong nodded and said, "Well, Miss Bai said that she was going to find an immortal's shell. She will probably come back after a while."

Li Mu snorted. "She is carefree enough to leave you here alone."

Hua Xiangrong laughed again and said, "Didn't you always complain that Miss Bai occupied my body before? Now that she is gone, you should be happy."

Li Mu said, "Yes, I'm happy, but your safety always comes first."

Bai Mochou was sex-indifferent to men, and she had been inciting Hua Xiangrong, trying to change the latter's sexual orientation. However, Li Mu had to admit that that old woman's way was not to be underestimated. As long as she was in Hua Xiangrong's body, at least Hua Xiangrong would be perfectly safe.

Hua Xiangrong smiled and said, "Miss Bai told me that Huangfu Chengdao, the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan, could somehow count as a gentleman. She also said that he could protect me for some time and she would be back soon."


Upon hearing that, Li Mu felt contempt for Bai Mochou.

"That old woman thinks so highly of Huangfu Chengdao. She must be blind."

At this time, Li Mu suddenly remembered another thing.

"Bai Mochou is surnamed Bai, and Bai Yuanshou is also surnamed Bai. In the entire Ziwei Star Zone, there are not many big families with the surname of Bai. Could it be that Bai Mochou is from the Heavenly Fox Clan? Maybe she is really a 'Fox Spirit'."

This thought flashed across his mind quickly.

As the banquet was about to end, Li Mu became a little anxious again.

He looked at Daji the little princess, who was talking and laughing with Wang Yanyi the "God of Sword" on the other side of the dance floor. Today was the best time for him to reconcile with Daji. If he missed the opportunity and Daji returned to the White Fox Tribe, he would surely have no chance to see her in private.

"Wait for me here. It won't take long."

After asking Hua Xiangrong to wait for a moment, Li Mu got up and walked toward Daji.

Many people at the banquet saw what Li Mu was doing. Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads.

"What's going on?

"It seems that Li Yidao is still not satisfied after winning the heart of the Lady of the Clouds. Is he going to flirt with Daji the little princess in the presence of the Lady of the Clouds?

"Why is he so bold and brazen?"

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