981 Meanwhile I

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While Lex was absorbing the information about the Inn and the new realm, the universe had not stopped, and some other significant events happened to take place around the same time.

A young acolyte looked at his notebook with a frown. His own writing filled the last dozen pages, but he had no recollection of writing them. But it must have been him, because the pages were filled with the story he had written down from a character he had visions about: the warbringer!

"When did I even write these?" he asked himself, feeling confused. The only possibility he could come up with… was that he went to a place called the Chamber of Secrets in the Midnight Inn he visited. Over there he could delete memories from his own mind. But what was the point of removing his memories if he wrote about the warbringer in his journal, and would find it eventually?

The only possibility he could come up with was that he saw something extremely dangerous, and someone else had warned him to remove those memories. That way, he would not know of them until he opened his journal again.

So, was it safe now to read these? It had to be, otherwise he would not have recorded it.

Feeling a tinge of nervousness and excitement, he began to read.

'Fed up of war, he left his lands of origin. But in the wake of the warbringers departure, sanity was forsaken, and the dogs of war were let loose. The humans and mammoths forsook their accords. The marzu and devils brought hell to the lands. Rumors abound of dragons leaving their lairs on the hunt for a dwarf, and an enemy of their race. The caretakers and masters of the realm were themselves caught unprepared, for an enemy in the dark began to spread terror throughout their domain…'

The acolyte read his own notes avidly, as the stories they depicted were both unbelievable and extremely interesting. Had he not left the Origin realm already, he may have realized that the events he was reading about were no secret, but public news on the Henali portal.

Seemingly overnight, the aggression between the Fiery Mammoths and the Jotun empire increased drastically until official and outright war was declared. A war between two different galaxies was rare, but any time it happened, it promised to be devastating.

But even bigger news was that the Marzu declared that the devils had assassinated an heiress to one of their Magical temples, named Feyore. Some Marzu were angry about the loss, and others just offended at the audacity of targeting a member of their junior race. Regardless, another war erupted, once again without warning. But this one took place on a much vaster field than just one galaxy. Countless galaxies, owned either by devils or marzu, began waging war.

Around the same time, many dragons began emerging from their lairs. It was not rare for dragons to emerge from their lairs. After all, they were living beings too, and were not bound to one place.

But, in general, due to their lazy nature, it only happened infrequently. But for multiple dragons to emerge simultaneously was truly an earthshattering event. As it turned out, the incident on Frigra, where a human was seen sitting atop a dragon, was merely a spark. In secret, someone had been targeting dragons for a long time, and countless Heavenly immortal dragons had gone missing without a word.lightsnovel

It was only when they began searching for the human who offended them that they noticed an unusual lack of reaction from many known dragons! Upon investigating, they eventually discovered that they had been killed silently long ago.

That elicited a reaction that had never been seen in the recent history of the Origin realm! The Dragon King made a proclamation of war!

But what was the most bewildering thing was that no one had even known that there was a dragon king! How could there be a leader who united the most arrogant, powerful and lazy race in the entire realm?

No one knew the answer, but his authority was evident. The dragons emerged from their homes, and their might and terror spread across the realm as they searched for their unknown enemy.

As the entire realm seemed to be heading towards madness, the Henali were unable to divert their attention to resolve such issues because they had troubles of their own. A representative from the Versalis bank had shown up, downgrading the predicted rating for their realm!

The consequences of this were absolutely unacceptable to the Henali, but there was nothing they could do. They were losing their control over the realm.

The terrorist known as Jeffery, and more importantly the organization backing him, became vicious thorns in their side as their terrorist activities began to spread farther and farther.

The actual devastation they were causing was not as much of a problem as the inability to find them. Such methods spelt danger for the Henali, especially considering the fact that their war with the Fuegan was still not making the progress they had hoped. What if the Fuegan and that organization partnered up?

Considering the threat, the Henali, in their meeting with the representative from the bank, decided to take drastic measures. It would mean sacrificing some of their gains from the Origin realm, but it had to be done.

While all this was happening, on a certain planet, a certain being finally got their hands on a golden key from the Midnight Inn. But when they tried to use it, it did not work. Instead, some information was transferred to their mind, informing them that the Inn was temporarily unavailable due to renovations.

Feeling annoyed, the being opened up his group chat to update the quest giver on the status of the quest. Until the key started to work, he would have to remain a prisoner at the Inn. His own quest for a dance off with the Innkeeper would also remain unfulfilled.