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Chapter 319 - Stay Here, Don’t Walk Away (1)

In the end, An Yuting didn't get to meet Shen Xiuqi and instead was unceremoniously invited out of the building by the security guard at the door.

After Shen Xiuqi came out of the conference room after the meeting, he got to know about the news of An Yutong's suicide from Assistant Chen.

He thought for a while and said to Assistant Chen: "Head to the hospital to take a look at the situation there. If there is anything that you could help with, please help."

Assistant Chen went to the hospital and returned in less than an hour. He told Shen Xiuqi what he saw in the hospital, "As she was found in time, she was saved, she's emotionally unstable, and is experiencing some mental problems. Chairman An has contacted the best psychiatrist to treat Ms. An, I didn't get to help much."

Shen Xiuqi nodded and said, "I see, you may excuse yourself now. Also, send me the information regarding the Tai'an project."

Assistant Chen nodded and walked out to tend to his work.

Just then, Shen Xiuqi's phone rang. He picked up the phone and took a look. It was a video sent by Su Yaya. On his phone screen, Su Yaya's profile picture was her smiling very happily, and that lifted his mood.

Shen Xiuqi played the video, and Su Yaya's smiling face appeared on his phone. She held a bunch of flowers in her hand and said to Shen Xiuqi: "Look, are they beautiful? These are the flowers I just picked from the garden, I matched the colors myself, they're pretty, right?"

Upon looking at Su Yaya's smiling face, even if the flowers weren't beautiful, she was. Shen Xiuqi couldn't say that they weren't beautiful, and said with a smile: "They're really pretty, just like you."

Su Yaya smiled happily, "Husband, you're so sweet."

Shen Xiuqi smiled upon hearing her words and said, "You're the sweetest."

What a sweet talker!

When Su Yaya was genuinely happy, the joy showed on her face, her eyes were shining, and she said joyfully: "I'm going out soon."

"Why are you going out?" Shen Xiuqi asked.

Su Yaya said, "I'll bring you lunch in a while."

Shen Xiuqi said, "I'll be able to finish my work in half an hour. I'll go home for lunch, so you don't have to come."

Su Yaya pouted, "Let me send it to you, I can also go out for a walk in the meantime."

Shen Xiuqi was unswayed by her words, "Your cute actions won't work. I'll be back in a while. If you feel bored by yourself at home, you can ask your friends to come over."

Su Yaya felt unhappy, and complained: "I stay at home every day, it's so suffocating!"

Shen Xiuqi also knew that she wasn't happy being at home alone every day, but with so many things happening recently, he was really worried about letting her out alone, even if there were bodyguards following her, she would be safer at home.

"I'll head home to you in a while." Shen Xiuqi said: "I'll take time to accompany you out in the afternoon, okay?"

Since Shen Xiuqi had said so, Su Yaya naturally had nothing more to say, and said: "Okay, I'll wait for you at home."

"Good." Shen Xiuqi's gaze was filled with love, and his voice was gentle, as if he was coaxing a child.

"Husband, bye bye." Su Yaya smiled and chirped at him, before ending the video call.

Shen Xiuqi stared at the darkened phone screen and couldn't help but smile. Su Yaya was like a sweet pistachio, and he would instantly be in a good mood every time he saw her!

At this moment, Su Yaya was preparing to cook lunch at home. There was beef, tomatoes, potatoes, greens and more in the refrigerator. She was going to make a potato roast beef, tomato and egg soup, and stir-fry greens. That's about it.

When she was cooking, she used her phone to play some prenatal songs that she liked to listen to recently. She was in a good mood as she cooked and listened to the songs.

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