1186 Help Yourself

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A group of students from the Special Class barged into the Yellow Class's courtyard fiercely and destroyed everything present.

Not only did they destroy things, but those people were also full of evil words.

"Xue Fanxin, you ruthless and poisonous woman. How dare you poison people? Quickly hand over the antidote, or don't blame us for being impolite."

"No wonder Young Master Xiyu said that she was a scourge. She is indeed a scourge."

"Ming Lan and the others have been poisoned with such a terrifying poison. It's enough to show how ruthless this woman is."

Xue Fanxin allowed these people from the Special Class to scold her. When they were done, she asked coldly, "Are you done?"

The people from the Special Class were first frightened by Xue Fanxin's powerful aura, but then they became bold and arrogant.

"Xue Fanxin, Ming Lan and the others only said a few words about you in the library. Do you have to poison them so ruthlessly? Their entire bodies are itching unbearably now, and their faces have already been scratched bloody. If you don't want to exacerbate things, you'd best hand over the antidote obediently, or else…"

"Otherwise what?"

"Otherwise, we'll report you to the Disciplinary Elder."

"Then go ahead and report me!"

"You… Xue Fanxin, if the Disciplinary Elder finds out about this, even if you are the granddaughter of the King of the Desolate Region, you will still be punished, so you'd best think carefully."

Xue Fanxin smiled coldly and mocked them. "You people are really ridiculous. You keep saying that I poisoned them, but where's the evidence? You won't be like Feng Xiyu and say that I hit him just because I have a grudge with him, right? If that's the case, then please help yourself. Forget about going to the Disciplinary Elder to report me, you can even go to the dean to report me."lightsnovel

At this moment, Sang Ruoxin walked out of the crowd. She seemed to be talking politely, but she was actually aggressive. "Xue Fanxin, we don't want to blow things up to this extent, but Ming Lan and the others have been feeling strange ever since they returned from the library. During this time, they only came into contact with you, so you're very suspicious."

"Suspicion is not enough to convict someone. If the people who manage the Central Continent like to convict people of suspicion, how many wrongdoings will there be?"

"You…" Sang Ruoxin could not stand Xue Fanxin's arrogant appearance, but she could not think of a good reason to retort.

Xue Fanxin did not give Sang Ruoxin a chance to speak and continued to bombard her. "There's no evidence yet for poisoning. Let's not talk about it for now. Let's talk about your Special Class coming to our Yellow Class to cause trouble. I wonder if the Five Elements Academy has any explicit punishment for destroying public property? If not, then everything will be fine. If there is, then you'll be unlucky."

Hearing Xue Fanxin's words, the students in the Special Class started to be a little nervous. Only now did they realize what a low-level mistake they had made.

Just now, they had only been hot-headed for a moment. Later, someone had fanned the flames and said that the person who had poisoned them was Xue Fanxin. They had shouted that they wanted to come to the Yellow Class to settle scores with Xue Fanxin, so they had come together. But now that they thought about it carefully, things seemed to be too simple for them.

Putting aside the matter of poisoning, as new students, gathering a crowd to cause trouble was a huge mistake.

Sang Ruoxin saw that the situation had taken a turn for the worse and was extremely angry. She quickly thought of a way to salvage the situation. "We're not here to cause trouble in Yellow Class. We just want to ask you for an explanation."

"Explanation? What explanation? Do you have evidence to prove that I poisoned them? If you don't have evidence, why did you come to me to ask for an explanation? Then who should I ask for an explanation from? The Disciplinary Elder or the dean?"

No matter what Sang Ruoxin said, Xue Fanxin could deal with it easily. With just a few words, she made Sang Ruoxin speechless.

Just as Sang Ruoxin was helpless, she heard Huo Lieyun shout, "Everyone, move aside. The Disciplinary Elder is here."

Hearing that the Disciplinary Elder had come, the expressions of the people from the Special Class instantly turned extremely ugly. All of them were extremely nervous, and even Sang Ruoxin was no exception.