9 Omnipotent Records

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Scion Of Light: The domain of Light favors you, your descent ushers light on all creation, and you shall hold the sun, in the palm of your hand.

I saw a man who walked in darkness, his eyes were closed, and his hands were clasped to his chest as if in prayer, he walked in the darkness for an unfathomable amount of time, and when it seemed the darkness was all, there was, he opened his eyes, they were twin orbs of flames that lit up the expanse, and he screamed with a voice that stirred the skies "I am Light!".

The endless night was torn apart, flames as hot as a sun poured from his open eyes and mouth, he unclasped his hands and a circular shockwave of flames poured from his flesh, and the world he walked on, burned to cinders.

All Paths Of Dominion for Light unlocked.

(Orion favors you)


Rowan pulled away from the vision, he collapsed on the floor, his breathing labored, his temperature had spiked, and his hair curled up and became dry. Sweat poured down his brows, and in a while, he was soaked, how terrifying. That man was a walking nuclear bomb, every gesture he made carried sheer explosive power, could he become something like that?

Rowan found the words, "Orion favors you." to be very troubling, according to mystical text, Orion was the incarnation of the Sun God, he was a Supreme being who governed the movement of the stars.

If gods existed, their attention was not something he craved, what were mortals before the domain of gods? Nothing but specks of dust, meaningless and easily discarded. Their attention could either be a boon or woe to him.

A memory occurred to him, and he hobbled down to his book shelve, the vision had drained him, and he grunted in annoyance as he strained to reach a book near the top, before going back and dragging a chair, safely retrieving the book, he looked at the name: Royal Kuranes Genealogy.

He rapidly flipped to a specific page, to the primogenitor of the Kuranes family. Barubiel Kuranes, legends called him the Scion Of Light, his talents had supported God King Golgoth to the throne of Trion, creating a chance for mankind to rule the entire planet, and his prowess In the Dominion of Light was unparalleled.

His abilities should have made him Immortal. A Herald of the God King himself, but he went missing and although the Kuranes family was still powerful, Rowan remembered they no longer walked the Pathway Of Light, but a different one. The Pathway of the Adept.

Rowan closed the book with a snap, it would appear that Rowan was a Scion Of Light, but he had never gone through the ritual to awaken his talent as a child because he was too frail to go through the process, perhaps if his family had known he was the heir of their primogenitor, they would have moved mountains to enhance his physique and awaken this broken talent. He laughed weakly and sighed.

"Tsk.....tsk...so it was like this all along, what a joke."

Rowan had a stoic personality, and although he did not write an elaborate dissertation on the relationship with his family in his diary, he could still see clear hints in his writings, a little pattern of abuse and neglect that Rowan hid with cheerful language and sarcastic humor. Why else was he placed in a fief at the end of the world, and it was unlikely that a noble of his age was not married or even engaged?

Except for the minimal benefits of his station, he did not get any help from his family and the only person in the world he cared for, was taken from him, it was no wonder he agreed to the dastardly ritual his father made him perform. He knew he was an experiment, he knew his fate was grim, he knew he was going to his death, yet he agreed.

It was the only card he had to play, to free his mother from torture and imprisonment.

Rowan did not want the sacrifice of this young man to be in vain.

They may think you are a failure, but I will prove them wrong.

Where was this sentiment for a dead prince coming from? Maybe it was because he shared his body and more intimately he shared his soul, it made him empathize with him on a deeper level.

He had recovered from the strain of viewing the vision of Scion Of Light, he was beginning to understand the intricacies of having a high constitution, and a freaky healing factor.

Once more he plunged into the Primordial Record, determined to understand everything it had to offer him, and with tense breath, his mind entered into the next Recordlightsnovel

Scion Of Darkness: Your soul traveled through the shroud of Death. You are an anomaly that walks the Earth. Darkness has invaded your soul, and you shall extinguish all sparks of light.

All Paths Of Dominion for Darkness unlocked.

(Thanatos favors you)

A man in a tattered cloak walks down a snowy field, he is barefoot, and every step he takes leaves an imprint of his feet behind, behind him rose an army of monsters, titanic colossi that rumbled the earth with each step, to gigantic floating tentacles that led to bizarre creatures the size of cities to marauding werewolves and liches and bone dragons and myriad of creature with forms that bleeds into shadows and coldness.

Behind this lone man, they were all silent, they followed him. An army that covered cities moved across a doomed world in silence.

The footprint that he left behind was black, and from the blackness, the snow behind him turned black. Every step he took made the world fall into darkness.

In a while, the planet he walked on fell into everlasting darkness.


Rowan froze after this vision, collapsing bonelessly to the floor, where he hit his head on the edge of the table with a sickening thud.

His heart stopped, and for a while, he thought he was going to perish, he had not spent a full day, but he was going to die for such a stupid reason as not sitting down when touching the domains of gods.

Thankfully, he felt a pleasant warmth envelope his heart and it began to beat. The warmth covered his body and he watched in rapt fascination as black veins all over his body retreated into his skin. He raised himself, marveling at the feeling of good health after the near-death experience.

It occurred to Rowan that he was not being careful enough. But the dam had already burst, nothing would hold him back from checking out every secret here. Not trusting the chair, he sat on the ground cross-legged.

His mind went back to delving into the Scion Of Darkness, and he contemplated on the new favor from another god, this time a Death god. Rowan knew you should not slap a smiling face, but unsolicited favors, especially from gods, were not necessarily a good thing, their blessings can be heavier than mountains.


But why should he worry about gods, according to the accepted texts, they were all dead or fled from this plane of existence. The God King brought down their Dominion. The Primordial Record had opened a link to these forgotten gods, how novel?

The Pathway Of Light and Darkness were two different Pathways, and if Rowan did not miss his guess, would he be able to utilize both paths? Or would he have to choose? He hoped it was the former. Rowan did not feel safe in this world, and he would never reject any chance of becoming more powerful.

The Primordial Record, what sort of existence was it? To draw two polar opposite alignments together in the same body, and yet he was aware that there were still more records left, his phantom fingers itched as he pushed the next button.

A flash of black text materialized over the page.

Warning, If you are about to view an Omnipotent Record, proceed.

Omnipotence, Rowan liked that word. Would it kill him if he opened it, he hoped not because he was going ahead