14 New Path

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Rowan felt his mind becoming clear, and waves of orgasmic pleasure flowed through every inch of his body because presently what he seized was the source of creation, the first fire, the beating heart of the universe, call it by any name, what he just absorbed was endless potential!

Rowan called up the Primordial Record, and scrolled down until he could see how much the soul he just seized was worth, his eyes held a wisp of expectation, this would determine if he could live or die.

PᖇᎥᗰᗝᖇᗪᎥᗩᒪ ᖇᗴᑕᗝᖇᗪ

Name: Rowan Kuranes

Age: 11/11

Strength : 0.2

Agility : 0.2

Constitution : 3.5

Spirit : 2.5

Class: None

Title: Plane walker

Skill: (None)

Passive : Decipher language (complete), Icy soul (level 2)


Scion Of Light - level 0 [0/5]

Scion Of Darkness – level 0 [0/5]

Ouroboros – level 0 [0/1000]

Soul Seizer - level 0 [0/1000]

Soul Point : 25.0749

Remark : Divine Fodder

Roman's breath stilled for a while, and he smiled. He unconsciously released the breath he had been holding, and the ring of bone shrank and flew around him, until it formed a bracelet on his left wrist.

The Soul Seizer Record effect was both active and passive, it could draw the souls of the fallen around him without any directive from him, but if he needed to collect the souls of special creatures that for all purposes could be called Immortal, he needed to call up on the full might of the Record, and this was just at level zero. If he continued to upgrade Soul Seizer using plundered souls, who knew what height it might reach.

Rowan looked through the Primordial Record again, and out of curiosity, clicked on the Remark: Divine Fodder

Divine Fodder: From the dawn of creation, no single entity has been blessed with your Providence. Your existence is impossible. You held out your mortal hands and collected the Sun. Any being of great power that captures you and strips you of your Record. Shall ascend to the Heavens with One Step!

Well, this was…. Interesting, it would seem that his transmigration and the Primordial Record appearing inside of him was more than just a chance occurrence If his existence was impossible!

He would choose not to believe it happened by chance, it seemed the wiser option.

Beings of great power, was a peculiar word choice. Rowan was Nobility, and this not only meant he had access to information and resources most people did not, it also meant he had within him the capabilities to be a Dominator.

The doors to the Paths Of Dominion, were all but shut for normal folks, the exact reasons were unknown.

There was, however, the known fact about Nobility. Rowan heard the tale from his mother, he had forgotten it, for it was just a story she told him when he was young.

For an unknown reason, knowledge about the origins of Nobles was suppressed. Rowan scrapped through his new memories and the story came to his mind.

It was said that when the God King Golgoth conquered the world of Trion, and put countless races to the sword, he slew seven gods and bestowed their hearts to his seven brothers and sisters and from there on the clans of Nobility were born.

To be a Noble meant you were born from the blood of a god, your bloodline could be traced to one of the brethren of the God King, who were all powerful gods in their own right.lightsnovel

The reason Golgoth became the God King was that he did the impossible, he fashioned a Path that could lead to godhood for a mortal.

With the hearts of the slain gods, he created an undying legacy and bestowed it to his brethren. That action shifted the course of power for all eternity.

And so, the balance was broken, the seven brethren could raise countless mortal descendants, and they would have a path to power. They forged seven Pathways of Dominion. These Pathways were a way to harness and grow the power of a gods' bloodline.


The other gods fled, for Golgoth and his brethren suddenly had an army of mortals with powers close to the gods, they called themselves Nobles and Dominion was their birthright.

Even though it was highly discouraged, there had been mixing of the bloodlines over the millennia, most ended up as failures and defects, for powerful bloodlines do not coexist. The first Seven Pathways could only develop specific bloodlines—Those of the seven gods themselves.

The ingenuity of men was endless, and many lesser Pathways were created for the various bloodlines that resulted from the intermingling of bloodlines, most were not powerful, but they gave power to those that did not have the direct bloodline of the Seven. But none of the Pathways could ever be as powerful as the first seven, for they were forged with the hearts of fallen gods.

A Noble of the Kuranes family may have a deep bloodline and be born in the Legendary State. But if they do not utilize the Pathway specific to their bloodline, they would not grow. They would be stuck in the Legendary State and vice-versa, without a bloodline, even with a powerful Pathway, you could not harness supernatural powers.

So what this meant was that Rowan had the bloodline of a god, one of the seven brothers or sisters of the Godking, and the Pathway was a way to develop that bloodline.

Rowan realized the power of the Primordial Record, it contained valuable bloodlines that had inestimable power, Scion Of Light and Darkness were among the peak bloodlines in Trion. He could develop these bloodlines without utilizing a Pathway, and they could coexist inside his body.

His growth would be unfathomable. He did not need to search for any Pathways that would suit his bloodline. He could grow any bloodlines he acquired.

Rowan took a while to temper his excitement. There was no way to anticipate the limits of the powers he could acquire.

On the paths of Dominion, there were various stages you could ascend to, changing your mortal shell to be able to accept and use more esoteric abilities and even extend your life span, to his knowledge, there were four stages of growth, Or the Four States Of Change.

It began as a mortal, you had to train your body to the peak of human capabilities, reinforcing your physique with tonics and potions in order to be able to accept a bloodline. Almost every mortal who took this step failed, the lucky few that succeeded never went beyond the Second State Of Change.

To most Nobles, the Mortal State was a walk in the park, their bloodlines made advancing to a Legendary straightforward. There were even rumors of Nobles with deep bloodline who were born as Legendary or even higher.

The second State Of Change was the Bind State, also known as the Legendary state, this was the utmost pinnacle for mortals without Noble blood, then the Rift State and Finally the Incarnation State.

Rowan had a delicate choice to make, when he accessed the Soul Seizer Record, he went mad and killed himself twice. That event would shape the decisions he was about to make.

Rowan remembered the moment he nearly perished and those responsible. The Primordial Keepers.

They were beings that had transcended material existence, they resided outside the universe, and they managed an important part of the universe—Souls.

Rowan did not understand how he acquired the bloodline of the Primordial Keepers, if he were to guess, it would be his act of Transmigration. He had seen hints of this in the Primordial Record.

Soul Seizer, encroached into their domain, and for that, he was sentenced to oblivion. The only reason he was not dead was the barrier granted by the Primordial Record, it acted as a great filter, for without it, his mind could not comprehend the forces that dwelled in his body, and also that their influence were unable to extend into the material universe in an invasive manner without shattering the very fabrics of the universe.

Yet only their malicious intent was enough to turn him into a gibbering idiot, this was even with the barrier of the Primordial Record, without the timely aid of Maeve, he would have killed himself.

Even still they had succeeded, their tampering had driven him to the edge, and it would take a miracle for him to survive, for it was impossible for any living being to practice an Omnipotent Record, but unknown to the keepers, however, he had another Omnipotent Record.

The Ouroboros Record was an Omnipotent Record that gave him a bloodline that was absolute in dominion of the flesh, and the only way he could increase his lifespan was to upgrade the Ouroboros Record, just practicing the level Zero of Soul Seizer was impossible without the perverse regeneration capability and the physique granted to him by the Ouroboros Record.

Rowan knew of no bloodline that could have healed the damages that activating Soul Seizer as a mortal did to his body.

Any hope he had to gain more lifespan was via the Ouroboros Record, Scion Of Light and Darkness could not affect his lifespan, even if he cultivated them until Incarnation state.

There was no way a lesser bloodline could influence an Omnipotent bloodline. It would be consumed by it.

It could be said that the moment his mind touched Soul Seizer that his path had been laid out. He could not slowly develop other Lesser bloodlines.

Ouroboros would not allow the growth of Scion Of Darkness and Light, even though they could have been a quick Path to power.

As Rowan acknowledged that fact. Scion Of Light and Scion Of Darkness quietly faded from the Primordial Record.

His Paths just grew harder. How was he to find a thousand-soul points to become a Legendary without dying in the limited time he had?