16 Awakening Horror

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The serpentine head struck at Rowan's neck, and with a sickening wrench, his head was torn off! In a maddening frenzy, it struck at the rest of Rowan's body, and in a flash, Rowan was in pieces.

A closer look revealed something strange, the cuts were mirror smooth, Rowan's dismembered body floated inside the egg, and no blood flowed from the cut, his body had been neatly sectioned into thirty - three pieces.

He did not feel any pain, which was a blessing, though he wondered how he was still alive. That thought had no meaning however from someone who had returned from death multiple times. Rowan felt he should have a record or something for the achievements.

Oh, you're saying you survived a fall from a cliff! Me? I just died like three times. But you know, who's counting, am I right?

The head of the creature suddenly reared back and struck its neck, it worked at it, and beheaded itself, a thick flow of golden blood poured forth, and in a while, it filled up the "egg"

His body floated inside the golden soup that felt very warm, if his body was complete he would have stretched in pleasure.

"This must be what being inside a mother's womb must feel like." Rowan felt an incomparable comfort, he struggled for a moment when his body began to liquefy inside the egg, but he slowly settled as instinctually he knew this was what he needed, his body was going to be reforged and needed new materials, he was replacing his bloodline and his physique, and slowly he fell into a pleasant sleep.

He wondered what he would become when he came out. He hoped it was something powerful.

Maeve turned back and saw the huge egg that hovered a few inches off the floor, her eyes filled with curiosity and wonder.

Something flashed past the open window, she turned and frowned. The Moonlight tonight felt off in a manner she could not place her fingers on. She walked to the window, and standing by the edges looked around, but found nothing.

Must be a bat. She thought as she went back and guarded Rowans. Nothing would get past her watch. The air beside her shimmered and a massive hammer appeared by her side, she idly stroked it as she peered around in watch.

Inside the egg, a pale outline of a skeletal system was beginning to form, it happened slowly, and even as the night passed and a bright new day began, it was incomplete.


The rising sun fell over the small town of Calcutta, dispersing the gloom of night, slowly the vibrancy of life filled the air, and everything dark and mysterious almost seemed like an afterthought, a forgotten dream... But that was only on the surface.

The carpenters, tailors, and blacksmith began their daily trade, the ringing of metal, and the buzzing of saws rang out, and apprentices ran about delivering supplies and taking orders.

The pub opened, and due to them closing earlier than usual, it was packed full, many people wishing to drown their unease in booze.

The Flying Hog was the most popular pub in town, and also the gathering spot for small meetings and the occasional celebration.

The town crier a rambunctious youth of fifteen was heard calling for a town hall meeting by noon. The captain of the soldiers stationed at the noble's manor would be coming to hear their problems, this sparked a series of conversations Inside the pub.

A particular rude voice took center stage, its owner had seen better times, matted hair and beards spoke of excessive depravity and a lack of hygiene "So those noble can leave their fancy halls, and elaborate feast to check on common peasants like us?"

"There is a reason I don't like drinking with you, Glenn. Put one shot inside you, and you yap more than a freaking sow!" Another equally disheveled man replied to him.

"Oh get off your high horse Jerry, I don't remember you losing any family. I lost mi' boy last week."lightsnovel

"Good riddance, that lad won't let my daughter rest, sickening how he undresses her with his eye."

"You... you.... I'll kill you"

A scuffle broke out between the two drunk men, but their quarrel was lost under the din of the pub.

"Hey..... the old priest's calling for volunteers to check the old mining tracks outside the village, he says he needs ten men with weapons to accompany him."

"Well that's not a bad idea, but would it not be better if we hear from the captain of the guards first before making any abrupt decisions? "

"Great suggestions, I don't know about you, but these incidents do not seem normal, I have lived in Calcutta my entire life and I have never seen anything like this." An old man replied to two young men who were farm hands, they came to the pub because it was the best place to receive information outside the occasional town hall meeting, and the beer was good, so that didn't hurt either.

"Anyway I don't trust nobility, we could be animals to them, I rather we listen to the priest and solve this problem with our own hands." The loud voice of Glenn broke the surrounding noise.

"Silence fool.... if this was in the principalities of any other noble you would be drawn and quartered for muttering less, do not let the magnanimity of Lord Rowan, make you forget your place!" This voice was from the owner of the pub, Madam Declara, a woman in her forties, although she had Grey hair and deep laugh lines, it was impossible to hide the fact that she must have broken a lot of hearts when she was younger, her charm remained, but it had changed into charisma by the years and by the responsibilities she carried.

"Little bitch!" Glenn muttered under his beards and turned away, If Madam Declara heard him, she gave no sign.

Madam Declara continued, " I know this is a painful and stressful time for all of us, but this is the time when we ought to have one voice and keep a calm head. I have it on good authority that Lord Rowan returned yesterday, and he brought back with him, a fresh batch of soldiers, now it's all a matter of clearly stating our case to the right authorities and we should start seeing resolution to our problems. we should all know, that these disappearances are not normal and it's not something we can tackle."

Madam Declara paused and looked at the crowd, some new faces had packed outside the door and windows, " Remember the last heat wave, Lord Rowan opened his coffers to us, or many of us would have starved, what about the tax freedoms we enjoy?"

The expression of most of the people in the bar appears to appear with her assessment. The people of Calcutta were hardy folks, who lived on the edge of the kingdom, so they were used to crises and had a firm sense of togetherness that only suffering can bring.

"That's right" Jerry who was just in a brawl rose and said, " This issue began when Lord Rowan went on a trip, now that he's back, we can see a quick resolution!"

"Only people like you would love to be cuddled by the nobles, suckling their royal tits and forgetting what it means to be a man!"


"Glenn you stupid son of a swine, what else can we do, if you had a solution, why did you lil' brat disappear!"

A powerful voice spoke with an air of finality, silencing the crowd,

"The meeting would be held in the town hall, make sure your affairs are in order by then, old priest Purdue can be our spokesman to the captain. I expect to see a packed hall by noon. This crisis is getting out of hand, we need solutions quickly." It was a burly man who should be the town blacksmith Bjanir as he addresses the gathered people, he was the master of Regolf.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news." Mysha the town's foremost fisherman said, " The catch had been getting worse, but since three days ago the lake is now empty, not a shadow of a fish in sight."

This news brought a new wave of shout and panic in the pub, and it took a while before it settled.