21 Feeding Ouroboros

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Rowan was in a dilemma, for his transformation was taking far longer than expected. He had used the transformation of Soul Seizer as a benchmark for the time needed to activate an Omnipotent Record, but he made a mistake, for Ouroboros was the direct opposite of Soul Seizer.

Soul Seizer Domain was in the Spirit and Soul, and it could be argued that the transformation of his Soul was still ongoing because Rowan was aware that his spirit was still growing.

If his spirit was still transforming, he couldn't know, for his capabilities to understand the mystical and invisible realm of the Spirit were still limited.

Soul Seizer broke his bones and mangled his flesh to craft The Jaws Of Dagon, and this was a bloodline that primarily focused on the Spirit, what more Ouroboros whose domain was the flesh.

What was happening to him was marvelous, and as his spirit followed the process of his growing body, he gained a unique appreciation for its capabilities. His understanding of his body grew, and he knew that for the Ouroboros bloodline, it would take at least a year before he could leave this shell.

He did not have that time. Disregarding the dangers he was in—he still shuddered when he remembered that creature rubbing and gnawing away at his egg, everything about it screamed wrongness, a deviant.

Rowan had never been religious, although the Orphanage he grew up in was run by a church, he had never accepted the doctrines. Humans were plenty evil themselves, there was no need to assign the folly of men to demons.

But not here. Oh no, not here. Demons here are real, and evil was not just a concept, it walked the earth, and it stays beside you and lives with you.

He could feel the revulsion in his body when the creature was beside him, it felt like cockroaches climbing across his face, yet he still felt a weird hunger inside his spirit.

Jesus. Don't tell me this body has a hidden fetish to be violated.

His trusted left hand, Maeve, appeared and Rowan knew for the moment he was secure. The clean manner Maeve had slaughtered the creature still left him in awe. Rowan had seen violence, but not like this. It was almost like art and Maeve was a skilled painter, every motion she made carried a purpose, and no single movement was wasted, how much battle would you have to fight to become someone like that?

If he remembered correctly, Maeve's favored tools of battle were Heavy Weapons. He did not know her bloodline, but she had great strength, he knew she did not give her all because her main concern was his protection.

When she killed the Abomination, he received a wisp of its soul, it was not as abundant as the Demons, but it solved one of his speculations.

He did not need to kill before he obtained the benefit of collecting souls, although he did not know how much it factors into how many soul points he received, for he only collected three soul points from the slain Abomination.

However, all his speculations would be useless if he died in the next hour. The hands of fate were manipulating his life and he did not have an easier bloodline to enhance. He called up the Primordial Record.

PᖇᎥᗰᗝᖇᗪᎥᗩᒪ ᖇᗴᑕᗝᖇᗪ

Name: Rowan Kuranes

Age: 11/11

Strength: 1.7

Agility: 0.9

Constitution: 4.5

Spirit: 2.7

Class: None

Title: Plane walker

Skill: (None)

Passive: Decipher language (complete), Icy soul (level 2)


Ouroboros – level 0 [0/1000]

Soul Seizer - level 0 [0/1000]

Soul Point: 28.0777lightsnovel

Remark: Divine Fodder

He would be amazed at the growth in his Stats, if not for the pressing concern about the measly Soul points he had and that he needed a thousand to get to the next level.

According to knowledge from the Primordial Record, a single point in any of the stat represented the average of all humans, and ten points in any stat represented Legendary.

What did it mean that he was still in the mortal state, yet his Constitution was almost halfway to legendary? He was still growing, and his bones were a little over five feet now, he was no longer a child. If he continues to develop in this egg, his stats might break through Legendary while he is still a mortal.

As much as he hated the Primordial Keepers, their bloodline was outstanding, his spirit had already grown again, and this was without him even doing anything to boost the bloodline. If only he had more time, it would be a simple thing to just live a leisurely life and his stats would continuously grow. Was this what it meant to have an omnipotent bloodline?

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

He ran his senses through his growing body, he was still bones and muscles with only his twin heart and brain already formed, the rest of his organs were still growing; he knew even his heart and brain were not fully developed.

He must be the most pitiful member of the Ouroboros bloodline to ever exist, for them, centuries were like seconds, and he should have had the benefit of an extended lifespan as a mortal to slowly grow, even if he were to spend decades inside his egg.

Therein lay the crux of the matter, his new body might be powerful and have a long lifespan, but his Soul was spent. Every time he died, the fuel for his resurrection was his soul, and the only way he had found out to grow his soul was to change his state.

This all leads to one thing. He must kill. He must commit endless bloodshed in a short amount of time to become a Legend.

But how was he to do that? Rowan pondered, his mind making different scenarios to beat his impending death.

First, even though he might lose the benefit of easy Stat growth inside the egg, and he was not fully formed, he must break out and start harvesting souls.

This may cause incomparable damage to him, but at least he would get to live and maybe in the future he might repair the damages, anything was possible given time—The one thing he solely lacked.


Maeve appeared before the "egg". It appeared to have shrunk a little. A golden line in the shape of a snake swallowing its tail was embossed on the gray egg like a tattoo. The golden tattoo brightened and dimmed as if it was breathing.

Unaware if Rowan was aware of his surroundings or even if he could hear her. She spoke," Master, there have been some unfavorable developments. Your land is under attack. According to the priest Purdue, he believes this is a work of an Abomination. He is correct."

Maeve paused and looked at the egg, which was now flashing with golden light, it seemed to be telling her to continue, to test that hypothesis, she said, "Master, can you hear me?" The egg flashed twice. Excited, Maeve began to narrate the rest of the priest's tales and the arrangement she had made.

" I wonder if it's to your satisfaction"

The egg was still for a while, and then she heard a gurgling sound, and a low voice, "This Abomination, I assume it is the same from the lore of the Great Massacre."

"Yes Master, it's a long shot, but certain conditions and places could trigger a similar phenomenon to occur."

"Maeve, my change..... my transformation requires fuel, I need to kill. If this Abomination is similar to the myth, it would have hundreds of split bodies. Those would be essential to me. The reason I killed that Demon is related."

"Forgive my impertinence, Master. Your state is not suited for battle, I don't see how that's possible. Also, I do not doubt there would be Abominations that have evolved to their battle form, they would make terrifying foes."

"I understand Maeve, trust me. I am not so foolish to bite more than I can chew. At the least, I need to be somewhere close to the battle."

"I do not think that is a wise option, Master. If I'm to provide a suggestion, we are bringing the people to the manor, the Abominations will inevitably follow. Be that as it may, I won't be leaving your side for the foreseeable future, but first I have to secure the manor to make sure there is no hidden danger. "

"Then I would leave it to you…. Oh, and Maeve."

"Yes, Master?"

"Be careful!"

She smiled, "I will be, with your blessing."

Rowan had made his decision, but first, he should use the Soul points he had already gathered and pour them into the Ouroboros Record. He called up the Primordial Record and he started feeding the Ouroboros bloodline.