441 Understanding Intent

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Rowan was very curious about the implications of this development, the fog that covered his acquisition of Chaos Blood had always placed him on edge. Why would this Primordial go out of his way to provide his blood to him, did he sense Rowan's potential? Perhaps he saw he was able to use Soul Energy.

If that was the case then Rowan could be in far more danger than Labaletai knew, if Chaos truly understood the potential of Soul Energy, and he most likely did, then Rowan would be the best candidate for him to use, Rowan was barely at the second Great Circle and his bloodline was ascending to that of a Primordial, his potential could not be underestimated.

His emerging Primordial Bloodline seemed to have the capability of destroying Intent, yet he wanted to acquire the ability that the Chaos Door used and also learn as much about Chaos as he could, both tasks were vitally important to his future.

Rowan did not show any of his thoughts on his features, but he was eager to continue his conversation with the Chaos Door

"What are the implications for the emergence of a NewBorn like me?"

The Chaos Door seemed to be in a daze, "That would mean that our Father is somehow getting stronger, or his prison is beginning to fail. Anyway I would advise you to never leave this universe for the next 100 billion years, else there are many powers who are going to be very interested in you. Your presence is a sign of doom."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Bah, so many questions that we begin to forget the crux of the matter, let me settle your queries on the issue of Intent first and the gift I gave you. You must have heard or perhaps seen what happens when a charismatic mortal leads a nation, or when certain brave acts by someone can inspire countless people."

"I have," Rowan replied.

The Chaos Door nodded, "A brave man or a cruel one, can inspire countless people to follow under his banner and perform feats of good or ill, sometimes The charisma of someone can be so strong, that they can usually leave their target under their spell, even long after they are gone. A word from a holy man can lead a million people to take their own life…That is Charisma, and it is the foundation for intent."

"An Intent is similar, but a million times stronger, for it affects not just people but also fate. You see when someone reaches a certain level of power, they create a Domain around themselves formed by their beliefs and their power. This Domain makes the words that speak to be law. To reach that level of power you would have needed to crush countless people under you and be assured of your indomitable strength. At that time your will would begin to warp reality. A god would wish for a field to be watered, and if there are no clouds in the sky, then a group of mortals would slit their throats to water the fields, this is Intent."

"Take for instance, the fact that you cannot move, that happens because I simply wanted you to be still. I exerted no power from my end, but reality itself obeyed my will. I don't know the reason why you can't move, perhaps your mind has convinced your body that it can't, or perhaps a freak spatial anomaly just happened to settle over your body at this instant, whatever the reason, reality itself obeyed my will. This is the true stage for the powerful. Yet if this body was strong enough, they would be able to fight against my Intent, but that does not mean a mark would not be left behind."lightsnovel

"Even if you have the power to fight against my Intent, every time we clash, the mark left behind by my Intent will grow, especially if you are the weaker party and you don't have a Domain to fight against the intrusion, suddenly you will find yourself at the whims of your enemies with no idea how you got into that situation, for reality itself betrayed you."


The green light unleashed by Dao Ma from his Scepter swept past Rowan and a short while later, through him. The light had a solidity behind it that felt as if he was hit by a truck.

His feet dug a few inches into the ground and he braced himself. The green light spread past the planet and impacted the formation above with a loud blast. The light from the formation dimmed significantly.

Rowan did not fight against this wave of power and watched every single application of force as it was used by the god even while it ravaged his body.

Previously, his Force Field held against the blow at the start, and then millions of tiny holes were torn in it and the green light pierced through it and into his body.

This green light was a deeply sinister poison that seeped into his flesh and actively hunted down every cell in his body. Rowan did not concentrate on the war ongoing in his body as his cells fought against the poison. What he was focused on was the method the poison entered his body.

Each drop of poison acted like a drill, and across the entire planet, and even in empty space, tiny holes filled every corner of its surface. This sight was so horrifying that it would fill a victim of Trypophobia with such a deep revulsion that they would tear out their eyes.

The attack ended as suddenly as it began, and the green light faded away. Dao Ma looked up with a bit of shock and anger that the Formation was not destroyed, his single attack had aimed to wipe out every living thing here on the surface.

'Another blow would finish it off' he thought to himself and he turned to the foolish mortal who dared to command him, and he sneered, "You should commend yourself that you were able to withstand one of my blows and remained standing, but for how long? I commend your pride, but that backbone of yours is at the edge of breaking, can you hear it creaking?"

Dao Ma brought one hand to his ears and a long tongue licked his snout.