442 Breaking Limits

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Rowan's body was revealed and it had shrunken. He appeared like a victim of intense severe starvation as he was nothing but skin and bone. His golden hair was snow white and had begun to fall out.

However, his eyes were closed but his eyes were moving rapidly underneath, and he seemed to be muttering to himself, now and then a small smile crossed his lips before disappearing.

The slight interest in the heart of Dao Ma died away, he wondered why he had even paid much attention to a mortal, whose mind broke at the slightest revelation of his power, but he looked around in greed.

Whatever power was behind this mortal had spared no expenses to set this field of battle, Dao Ma was a little worried, could there be a foreign incursion of gods or monsters from another galaxy?

'why am I bothering myself, if the heavens collapse, there are larger hands than mine who can prop it up' Dao Ma muttered to himself, meanwhile there was a lot of good stuff here, especially that weapon, it reminded him of an old legend, where was…

A golden light flashed ahead and Envy buried itself into his forehead with so much pressure, that one of his knees was nearly forced to touch the ground, as the metal he stood upon caved it for hundreds of feet. The edge of the keen blade left a bright white line on his scales but could not cut through it.

His eyes flew wide with shock and then he roared in fury, "You dare…"

The Axe left his head with supernatural quickness and slammed into his long snout, and his jaws slammed shut so quickly he did not have time to retract his long tongue, and his razor-sharp teeth sliced through it, the crocodile tattoo on his chest seemed to look at the falling tongue that was lined with green blood with a disbelieving expression.

With a twirl that was as natural and effortless as water flowing in between two stones, the Axe slammed into Dao Ma's forearm and released an unexpected intense wave of vibration that vapourised fifty feet of metal underneath the body of Dao Ma, causing his Scepter to be shaken from his grip.

A hand caught the falling Scepter and retreated. Dao Ma was stunned for a brief moment and he looked ahead.

Rowan was back in his previous position and he was looking at the Scepter with curiosity. It was heavier than he expected. A white light flashed and the Scepter vanished. His body was still like a bag of bones, but with a golden flash, he returned to his previous self.

He now wore armor, but it was patterned after this River god, except his own was red and golden. This was the first offensive move that Rowan had made since he woke up, and his still blood had begun to boil

"Dao Ma, it seems you are not aware of the situation you are in and I will need to educate you. Don't worry, we have all this time to ourselves and you are not going anywhere. This is not a battle…"

Rowan's body suddenly burst into flames that burned with a golden light, making him resemble an Incarnation of the sun, but a wave of red blood erupted from his arm and wrapped around the blade of the Axe, making his holy image carry a heavy shade of bloodthirstiness and barbarism, he twirled the Great Axe and vanished.lightsnovel

In Rowan's eyes, reality stopped.

Dao Ma's eyes opened wide in shock, and his mouth flew open in a pained gasp as Envy buried itself once more into his stomach, the Axe was swung with so much might, that it buried its head and half of its shaft into the god's stomach.

Dao Ma was nearly folded in two, as his legs left the ground. His tongue had not healed yet, and a pained croak like a frog came from his throat. The sound of countless bones breaking inside his body was like hundreds of firecrackers going off at the same time.

Space around the area of impact shattered and the entire region was surrounded in darkness as space vanished in this place.

Reality and speed seemed to catch up with Rowan with a low droning sound and the god was launched like a rocket from the great blow he had just received, his body was moving with so much force that it was leaving spatial cracks behind.

This was the blow carrying all of Rowan's current Attributes into account, using three Transcendent State Berserker Skills thousands of times in a single moment and imbuing all that power in his Axe, all of this was done under Eruption whose massive energies were channeled towards his strength.

This blow from him could crush Jarkarr to pieces, finally, he was beginning to hit as hard as those powerful figures he could only helplessly watch the battle.

Rowan looked at the body of the god that had been shot away for at least ten thousand miles, as bright green blood that was enough to fill up a lake rained from the skies following the path of the god that had vanished into the horizon.

His body flashed with gold flames once more and he vanished, appearing on the other side of the planet, waiting for the god who had been flung towards this direction by his blow.

He crouched and held Envy with both hands, red blood once more poured furiously into the weapon and time seemed to slow down as the shooting body of the god appeared before him.

He doubled the Berserker Skills he was imbuing on the Axe to thirty-five thousand skills concurrently being activated, and the Great Axe turned into a small red sun, he fed Envy all the vitality it could hold for a single moment and reality around his Axe began to shatter for miles around him.

His Eruption burned more fiercely than before, as he brought his power to the limits and then he brought it further…

"This is an execution!" He swung the Axe down and it connected with the stunned face of Dao Ma.