1938 Hair Tonic (3)

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However, who would have thought that when their hair tonic was about to hit the market, Hongyan Youth would beat them to it?

Although hair tonic was not an exclusive product, there were a few companies producing it. It could not be said that after one company had this product, others could not interfere.

However, the pie in the market was only so big. If someone took a big bite, others would naturally take less.

Initially, Qi Xin was ambitious and chose to use this product at the start of the battle.

But who would have thought that Qi Xibei would be faster than them?!

After all, they had prepared this plan for several months!

In the past two months, they had produced a lot of hair tonics and were waiting to go on the market.

It could be said that they had invested a lot in this area.

But who would have thought that Qi Xibei would beat him to it?!

What kind of joke was this?

Could it be that she had been watching them make their decisions?

Qi Xin was furious and immediately sent someone to investigate this matter.

Then, she realized that Qi Xibei had already come up with a hair tonic.

However, at that time, she did not mass-produce them.

Due to the small production volume and the lack of official publicity, even if someone used it and sold it online, not many people would notice.

After all, Hongyan Youth's skincare products were the essence. They had already attracted everyone's attention, so they did not have the mood to pay attention to an ordinary hair tonic.

After all, not everyone had such a need.

This time, Qi Xibei had made such a big deal out of it and even invited a big star to be her spokesperson because she wanted to be one step ahead.

Most importantly, she could even ruin Qi Xin!

Liu Manhong and Huo Zijun were overjoyed when they saw the sales report.

"Our products are good!"

Huo Zijun was very happy.

He no longer doubted Qi Xibei's strength. It could be said that he was now Qi Xibei's most loyal fan.lightsnovel

Of course, he was confident in the sales this time.

However, when the final sales exceeded his expectations, he was also shocked.

They had prepared tens of millions of bottles of hair tonic, but they were sold out in a day!

Such speed was truly shocking.

"Of course!" Liu Manhong nodded. "This is the celebrity effect that Beibei brought. Moreover, the quality of our products is the leverage."

Now, who didn't know how high-quality Hongyan Youth was?

Even foreign customers came to buy Hongyan Youth.

It was a pity that there were not enough products for customers in the country, let alone selling them overseas.

However, hair tonic was different from other products. With their production capacity, they could mass produce it.

"Get the factory to increase production."

Huo Zijun called his secretary and gave instructions.

Qi Xibei had told them before that the production had to keep up.


This was the first time they wanted to completely seize the hair tonic market!

They would definitely not give Qi Xin any room to breathe!

After receiving the instructions, they immediately contacted the factory.

At the same time, they also sent out products by express delivery as soon as possible. They had to deliver the products to the customers in the shortest time possible.

Their products were effective as soon as they were used. Although the effect was not immediate, it was definitely much better than other products on the market.

After using these products, customers would naturally know which ones were the best.

At that time, a large number of people would definitely keep buying.

Therefore, their current production was to cope with the subsequent buying frenzy.

A few days later, there were indeed waves of good reviews online about this product!