Chapter 2 - Awakening

During the six years that Minos has been unconscious, Dillian has applied a variety of different medicines to his young master's body in an attempt to awaken him.

However, there was not much success.

Even Minos' absent mother, who visited him quite irregularly, also tried to help him as she could. Still, unfortunately, it seemed that something else was preventing him from waking up.

During this period, some changes occurred after the attack on General Albert Stuart.

For example, the Red Valley region, one of the best areas in the Brown Kingdom, which should have been passed on to the general's family, was then allocated to one of the kingdom's most prominent noble families. The Silva family, a power that was a tremendous military force, second only to the royal family.

The Silva's pressured the king to change the mandate passed on those lands to the Stuart family since there was no such need since Albert Stuart was already dead. His only son had never made any contributions and was still struggling to survive.

In this way, the Silva's obtained the property of the Red Valley after months of talks.

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On the other hand, Minos was 'blessed' with the impoverished lands of the Black Plain. Which, despite its vast size, this region had the lowest spiritual density, the smallest population, and, as a result, the worst economy in the entire kingdom.

And having a sovereign who had been unconscious for years, despite not making the situation worse, those who lived on the Black Plain could still feel a particular antipathy for Minos. After all, they could not show discontent with the king's orders, leaving only the weakest link…

Anyway, now Minos Stuart was 15-years-old and had already lost five years of cultivation, since cultivation started at ten years of age, the best time to start cultivating.

At 15, the most talented youths in this kingdom were already between levels 20 and 29, which was the Spiritual Beginner stage, the third stage of cultivation.

In contrast, Minos was only in the first stage, Body Foundation, level 0, the level of an ordinary person who has never cultivated in his life!

However, this slight delay was not so bad. After all, he received large amounts of knowledge from a level 100 expert! His talent, which was initially classified as Black, but after receiving all the understanding of a God, surpassed the Golden classification!

With that, he would only face a bottleneck in cultivation, which would be to reach level 100, having more than a 50% chance of achieving this level.

So, the only problem now was for Minos to wake up and gather the right amount of energy. Of course, there is a limit for each level and the body, so he could not just absorb the Divine-grade medicines of the Spatial Kingdom and become a God.

If he tried something like that, then his body would explode immediately!

But even so, with his current understanding, it would only be a matter of time.


Thereby, time passed, and eventually, the now-unconscious adolescent's body began to show signs of awakening when he opened his eyes and began to observe his surroundings.

This was his room, and it looked the same as he had left it on that fateful day.

There was a bookcase filled with books ranging from medicines, pills, geopolitics, and much other essential information that he learned when he was at the Spiritual Academy.

Apart from that, it included a large closet, a study area, and his bed. Although noble, Minos was a simple man, and thus his room was devoid of superfluous items.

At that moment, Minos began to think about everything that happened, from his father's death to the inheritance of the God Henricus Longus, when he thought with tears in his eyes.

"My father sacrificed himself after being ambushed... Unfortunately, I can't do anything now. I must focus on cultivation and start planning how to increase this planet's average level of this planet... My revenge will naturally happen when I reach the necessary level."

Minos seemed very calm and determined. In fact, even though he was unconscious for six years and still had to have the mentality of a 9-year-old child, this was not the case.

After inheriting a significant amount of information from the long life of a God, which reached just over 50 thousand years, Minos now had a personality quite mature for his present age.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

"From the knowledge I inherited, there seem to be 11 stages in cultivation, subdivided into ten parts for each stage. It is Body Foundation, Transition, Spiritual Beginner, Spiritual Warrior, Spiritual General, Spiritual King, Spiritual Emperor, Spiritual Saint, Spiritual Sage, Spiritual Demigod, and God."

"As for vitality, it doubles at every stage from the post of Spiritual Beginner, reaching just over 50,000 years for a God. But not only this, the amount of energy in each stage increases in a factorial order."

"For example, someone at level 69 has seven times more energy than someone at level 59. And a God, level 100, has eleven times the energy than a Demigodm, at level 99!!"

"In addition, someone can fly by attaining the rank of a Spiritual Emperor. With the rank of a Spiritual Saint, one can live temporarily in the form of a soul and then rebuild his own body or possess someone. A person could travel through space at the Spiritual Sage stage and finally build spatial kingdoms at level 100."

'And those older men from the Spiritual Academy were full of themselves because there were Spiritual Kings in the kingdom. They are ignorant...' He thought for a moment.

'As for my Physique, haha, I was fortunate. Although it has regressed from King-grade to Common-grade, it will now be much easier to attain the Divine-grade due to its mutagenic factor. And it looks like it also specializes in energy storage...'

'Hmm, if I'm not mistaken, I must store up to 5% more energy in each cultivation level, and it will continue to increase... When my Physique reaches the Divine-grade, I will have up to 40% more energy than someone normally would have.'

"This is great. Although it takes longer to move forward, I will be much stronger than those on the same level as me!"

At that moment, the door to Minos' room opened, and a middle-aged man with a mustache on his face entered the room. This was Dillian, the butler of the late General Stuart. He was 150-years-old and was at level 45.

As soon as he saw the young man sitting on the bed, he immediately ran towards him, as if a miracle had happened. "Young master, did you just wake up? How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, grandpa Dillian. I just woke up. I feel as good as after a long night's sleep." Minos answered sincerely. After all, Dillian had accompanied his father for many decades, even before he was born.

Dillian was the second person he could count on during his life while his father was still alive.

"Good! Young master, after so long, I was afraid that you might never wake up." Said the butler with a severe face.

"Hmm, how long has it been since the attack on my father?"

"It was six years, young master. After the master passed away, you were brought here, and during those years, I was doing everything possible to help you wake up. Mrs. Maisie also tried very hard to find help."

"Did my mother do this? As if she cared, if I saw her five times in my nine years, it was a lot. I thought she would enjoy the relief of not having to come and see me during this period." Minos said with a mocking face as he spoke of his absent mother.

The middle-aged man then countered. "Don't say that, young master. Mrs. Maisie has many responsibilities on her shoulders. The power behind her has high expectations for her."

"This is just her excuse. But forget that, tell me about what happened in the last six years."

Then the butler and the young man started talking for a few hours about the events that had occurred while he was unconscious.

"So, this is how it is… For now, we can only accept this situation since we have no way to retaliate. But it isn't all bad. The Black Plain can perhaps be improved."

When Minos said this, he immediately thought of visiting the Spatial Kingdom and finding out precisely what he can do. After all, it's one thing you heard something from someone. It's another thing to see right in front of you.

He thought seriously. 'I have to enter the Spatial Kingdom to get to know the situation there before I start dealing with the Black Plain. I must also start cultivating after getting some resources. I want to see exactly the effects of a talent that surpasses Golden.'

As for entering the Spatial Kingdom, he had a strange ring on his index finger, on his right hand. Such a ring was left with Minos by the soul fragment during the receipt of the inheritance.

The ring was invisible to anyone other than Minos, and it was also the means of entering and leaving the Spatial Kingdom regardless of where he was. Almost like a teleportation item.