Chapter 7 - Spiritual Roots

When the group arrived in the area, Minos said calmly. "Grandpa Dillian, try to converge the energy of heaven and earth towards the ground to see what happens."

Converging energy from heaven and earth was a skill gained by reaching the 5th stage of cultivation. As a result, cultivators could strengthen their techniques using free spiritual energy in nature.

As the butler Dillian was the only one in the group who had reached this stage, Minos had asked him to do so.

He intended to check whether the spiritual root would absorb this energy. This is because if the energy is absorbed, it means that the root is still alive.

Spiritual roots could be considered living beings, just like plants, but spiritual roots are practically immortals. In fact, their life expectancy was on par with the planet's, so typically, a spiritual root doesn't die. But it can happen if it's done on purpose by someone powerful or as a remnant of a high-level battle.

As for the effects of spiritual roots, they were similar to those of arrays that concentrate spiritual energy in certain areas.

However, the spiritual roots have a much higher capacity. It can enrich a region of up to hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. At the same time, the arrays only do this in the space of hundreds of thousands of square meters.

Arrays are also not as efficient as a spiritual root.

As a result, in various parts of the world where spiritual roots are more exposed, regions of high energy concentration exist as well, which could be considered true cultivation paradises.

However, in addition to being able to die, spiritual roots can also have a 'malfunction.' This usually resulted in a decrease in the spiritual density of the nearest region. Therefore, Minos wanted to know if the spiritual root of the Black Plain region was alive or dead.

After a few seconds, Dillian released a large amount of energy directed to the soil in that region. Immediately the energy was 'swallowed up by the terrain as if something hungry were watching its favorite food pass right in front of its eyes.

Minos then thought. 'The spiritual root is alive, but it seems to suck up any spiritual energy on the ground. From what grandpa Dillian described, whenever someone plants something on the Black Plain, the plant would wither and turn completely black. Then it would finally turn to dust. As for seeds, would consume it as soon as it hit the ground...'

He then decided to ask. "Commander Pyke, when the last expert came here, what conclusion did he reach?"

Pyke then answered sincerely. "According to that expert, the spiritual root seems to be severely weakened, absorbing all the spiritual energy it has to survive."

Minos thought with a smile on his face. 'Well, he wasn't wrong about the problem. But he also couldn't know how to fix it, since it would be extremely expensive for anyone in this world! After all, not everyone would dare to 'waste' Divine-grade medicine to nourish a spiritual root. Because of the cost, such a method would never have much support!'

As for the Divine-grade medicines, they were necessary resources to someone who wants to reach level 100!!

Minos then broke the silence. "I have a way that can help prevent this spiritual root from absorbing the energy present in the soil. With that, we will be able to plant on the Black Plain."

"Of course, we still have to increase the number of nutrients in the soil, but that's the easy part."

After hearing this, everyone was shocked, especially the two natives of the Black Plain, who had no expectations of this happening.

Commander Pyke immediately asked with a solemn expression. "And how is the young master going to do this?"

"Bring a group over here, tell them to dig a hole at least 100 meters deep. Then, after the hole is ready, let me know." Minos answered vaguely. After all, he would never say what he would be put here for people he had just met.

"Let's go back to grandpa Dillian. Our work here is done."

Thus, six men returned to the city, while two of them soon separated to create an excavation group.


After arriving at the mansion, Dillian finally asked Minos about the details involved in that resolution. "Young master, what do you intend to do with that hole?"

"The problem with the spiritual root is the lack of spiritual energy. I don't know why it happened, but as long as a tremendous amount of energy is deposited, the spiritual root will no longer steal the energy present in the soil. So, this solves the main point." Minos replied without hiding anything.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

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"As for how I am going to do this, I will put a Divine-grade medicine in that hole. After that, we'll bury it. With that, the spiritual root will begin to absorb energy only from this medicine, allowing living organisms to develop in the soil."

The 100 meters deep was just to ensure that the spiritual root wouldn't continue to steal energy from the soil.

"This will also restore the spiritual root to its glory days, increasing the density of spiritual energy on the Black Plain... But it will take 30 years for this to happen because it's a substantial amount of energy."

"However, in about ten years, the effects should start to show. At that time, the spiritual concentration of the Plain Black must be equal to that of the Red Valley and will continue to grow until this region returns to be an area with high spiritual concentration."

"What?? Young master, isn't that too wasteful? Even if the Black Plain recovers, I don't think it's worth it." Dillian spoke while looking extremely pale as if he had lost almost half the blood on his body.

Of course, for him who didn't know about the total wealth of the Spatial Kingdom, what Minos had just said was no different from wanting to burn money for the sake of strangers!

It didn't make sense to him.

"Hehe, grandpa Dillian, don't worry, I have others Divine-grade medicines. Spending just one on this project will be worth it." Minos reassured the middle-aged man in front of him. After all, the Spatial Kingdom had almost 30 medicines of this classification.

That's because each medicine can cause a person of level 99 to reach level 100 after completely absorbing the energy present in it. However, since the first human God, some millions of years have passed, but there were only 42 human Gods in all history!

This wasn't just for lack of resources. The problem is that most of those who can reach level 100 end up dying before achieving such an achievement. So, Minos had no expectations of helping 28 people reach that level. Therefore, spending a Divine-grade medicine on building his headquarters would be worthwhile.

Dillian then sighed after hearing that Minos wouldn't give up on such an absurd idea. Be worth? Such a thing would never be worth it for Dillian!

"Grandpa Dillian, I need you to organize a group to build an artificial lake 30 km from the city. I intend to mix water from the rivers in the region with a large amount of water from the Spatial Kingdom. This water is very rich in nutrients and spiritual energy. This should help when it comes to improving the quality of the soil and the crops that will be planted in the future."

Dillian then left to settle these and other matters. Minos, who was alone in his office, decided to go to the Spatial Kingdom and continue cultivating.

Within the Spatial Kingdom, the young Stuart was cultivating three whole hours when he finally leveled up to level 3!

He was pleased with his progress since, in 5 days, he managed to go from level 0 to level 3, which was very fast. If such speed were made public, even the geniuses in the highest level empires would be jealous!


After finishing cultivating, Minos decided to harvest the Divine-grade medicine that he would use to nourish the spiritual root of this region.

He then took some equipment from the large house next to the lake and went towards a vast garden where there were some herbs, some tubers, and fruit trees.

It was all Divine-grade medicines!

Minos then decided to harvest a particular medicine rooted in the soil.

He then applied a harvesting technique that he had learned from the knowledge obtained from his inheritance. Finally, after a few minutes, he held what looked like a giant carrot, which looked extremely attractive, incredibly orange, with no imperfections.

Minos then kept it in his spatial ring and returned to his mansion.


Three days passed quickly, and the 100-meter hole on the west side of the city had already been dug, and as for the artificial lake, it was still being prepared.

Finally, one of the most complicated problems in the Black Plain would be solved!!