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Lathel learned that the origin of the problem of the Dark-Elf race is the Elf Queen. She doesn't want to let the women of her clan forever be the playthings of human nobles; that's why she wants to find a replacement.

Of course, the replacement is none other than the Dark-Elf clan. However, the Elf Queen would probably never have thought that she would die so suddenly like this.

Lathel shook his head, then disappeared.

A moment later, the elf queen suddenly moved. She sat up, and the wound in the middle of her chest slowly closed.

On her forehead, a magic circle suddenly appeared; however, it had countless cracks, which then shattered, turning into ashes.

"Ha…" The Elf Queen let out a breath, cowering on the ground in fear: "What the hell just happened? Luckily, I have that magic; otherwise… I would have died."

"Could it be that… the Dark-Elves have found another terrifying existence that can help them?"

The elf queen trembled. It must be known that this is a large kingdom of humanity, and no one can easily enter this kingdom.

Not only were the dark-elves able to infiltrate this kingdom, they were also able to enter this room without anyone noticing.

'Not good!' The Elf Queen silently complained in her heart: 'That person must have killed the Darkness King. If that person is stronger than the Darkness King, I can't tease him.'

'Maybe he knows I wasn't dead; maybe he just wanted to give me a little warning.'

The Elf Queen shivered and clenched her teeth: "Damn it! Why were the Dark-Elves able to find such great help?"

"If my elf race also received such great help, I wouldn't have to sacrifice this body, nor would I need to be the toy of those dirty human nobles anymore."

"Damn it! Why? Why…"

"I need to revoke the order... Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll definitely die next time."

"But… damn it! I don't want to admit defeat."

"Ah!" The Elf Queen suddenly realised something and smiled fiercely: "Hahahaha... I may lose now... but I'm not sure I will lose in the future."

"Dark-Elf race, you can escape now, but what about your descendants?"

"I don't believe that you can hide forever, nor do I believe that your guardian can protect you forever."

The Elf Queen thought of something, and her face showed a very satisfied smile.

Lathel, of course, did not know any of that. He thought he had successfully dealt with the elf queen, so he was returning to his valley.

After returning, he summoned Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Iritellis.

Looking at the five girls standing in front of him, he sighed and said: "Every party will come to an end; every meeting must reach the parting stage."

"It's time… I need to leave."

His followers didn't understand what was going on; their faces showed surprise and confusion; only Iritellis was different.

Iritellis immediately realised that Lathel had successfully completed the trial, and that he needed to return to the real world.

As for her… She clenched her hands and bowed her head, not knowing what to say next.

The other four girls said nothing, but Autumn and Winter just looked at him with eyes full of nostalgia and pain.

Lathel sighed and said: "Don't be so sad. Breaking up now is just to make the next meeting even more memorable."

"Please try your best until you see me again, I want to see how much you have grown."

Everyone just nodded slightly and said nothing. Anyway, this happened so suddenly that they didn't even know that Lathel would have to leave.

"Of course, before I go, I have a gift for you." Lathel said, smiling.

He took out four scrolls of four different colours from the 'Storage Space' and threw them to Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn.

"How much you can learn and how much you can discover depends on your ability."


"Iritellis, I know you cannot abandon the Dark-Elf race…"

"Master…" Iritellis quickly knelt on the ground and said embarrassedly: "Sorry, I..."

"Okay, you don't have to apologise to me. This is an opportunity and also a challenge for you."

After Lathel finished speaking, he took out a black gem and threw it at Iritellis: "This is the location of the Darkness Space. I have placed information about it in the gem. You can look at it carefully."

"I hope... you will not be lazy, and that you'll continue to practice so you can become free and fly around the world."

"I…" Autumn couldn't control herself and spoke up: "You... will you come back?"

Lathel nodded: "Uhm! But I don't know when I will come back. Maybe 100 years from now, 1,000 years from now, or... 15,000 years from now."lightsnovel

"15,000 years?" Summer pursed her lips tightly as she tried to stop herself from crying: "Huh! Then when God returns, at that time, I will have become a God."

"Hahahaha… I hope so too." Lathel smiled and said he also didn't think they could become gods.

He just hoped that they could become stronger and be able to freely go anywhere they wanted; he also wanted them to have enough ability to defend themselves.

Spring cried a lot; however, Lathel could not pamper her forever. He sighed and said: "You need to walk alone from now on."

"Even though you were not born to the same parents, you are like sisters. If there are difficulties, you can overcome them together and help each other, understand?

"Yes… God." All four people said in unison.

Lathel looked towards Iritellis, frowned, and said: "Iritellis, I will wait for you in the future."

"Master… don't worry. When we meet again… that is when I will be useful to you; I will no longer be someone who only knows how to cry and hide behind you." Iritellis smiled and said, but tears still flowed out of her eyes like two streams.

Lathel just smiled and nodded slightly. Then he activated the time magic engraved inside his body.

His body emitted a dazzling aura, then... he disappeared. It seemed like he never existed in this place.

Winter suddenly turned and left. Autumn saw this and quickly asked: "Winter, where are you going?"

Winter stopped walking, she raised her head, looked into the distance, and said softly: "I don't want to continue staying here. I feel... if I am strong enough, I can live a long time."

"He also said that he would come back; what if, by the time he comes back, I have died of old age? Or what if, when God comes back, he sees my ugly and aged appearance?

"I want to be stronger; I want to keep this appearance forever for him."

"Don't be lazy; I hope we can meet again and worship God together again."

After she finished speaking, she left. No one asked where she was going; however, everyone thought that one day they would meet again.

Autumn smiled, looked towards Spring, and said: "You also know that God once talked about 'the call of destiny', right? This is the most suitable time for you to follow that call."

Summer and Spring looked at each other, then looked back at Autumn. Summer now wiped her tears and said firmly: "Huh! We are weak now, but that doesn't mean we will still be weak in the future. I will definitely become stronger."

Summer finished speaking and turned to leave. Autumn looked towards Spring and said softly: "What about you?"

Spring clutched the dress and said in confusion: "I... I don't know." But… I'm afraid… I'm afraid that I can't overcome the dangers outside."

Autumn smiled: "So let's go together, okay?"

Spring raised her head, her eyes shining: "Really?"

"Uhm! We can search for 'Fate's Call' together, at least we can take care of each other, right?"

Spring happily nodded: "Thank you, Autumn."

Autumn now looked towards Iritellis, then said to Spring: "You go out first; I have something to tell her."

Spring obediently nodded and left. Autumn now walked in front of Iritellis, bowed her head, and said: "I hope you can help me and everyone save this place."

"Of course." Iritellis smiled and replied: "Anyway, this place has a protective dome, which is very suitable for the Dark-Elf clan to live in. Besides… this place is the place my Master built, I want to protect this place."

"Thank you." Autumn said her words truly came from her heart: "After this… everyone and I will definitely come back."

"Uhm! I'm waiting for you to come back."

Lathel slowly opened his eyes; he saw a familiar scene and breathed a sigh of relief: "It seems... I'm back." How much time has passed?"

He wondered, then looked around and saw that the stone pillars were not yet fully lit.

However, in the distance, a door appeared. Lathel frowned, feeling something was wrong.

'Could it be that everyone is moving towards the door?'

"Lathel!" Suddenly, a voice like the sound of a silver bell rang out, and then a soft and small body rushed towards him, hugging him tightly.

"You… you are…"

"Heh?! Lathel, you..." The beautiful girl holding him immediately raised her head to look at him.

She saw Lathel's eyes looking at her, filled with strangeness, which startled her: "You... have you forgotten who I am?"

"This…" Lathel faltered. He knew this girl was the Holy Maiden of the Church, but… he actually forgot what her name was: "Sorry, what is your name?"

Arine: "…"