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Chapter 94 - Sky-high Priced Jewelry

Qin Zhenzhen followed behind Su Qiao, enjoying the attention of the crowd.

She was pleased with herself in her heart, and she acted even more arrogant than Su Qiao.

She was even more determined to cling tightly to Su Qiao.

Su Qiao walked up to the third floor and followed the service staff into a private room.

The decorations in the private room were extremely luxurious. No wonder there was an entrance fee of 3,000 taels of silver.

Su Yan had already entered another private room. She took out the Treasure Pavilion’s booklet and browsed through the jewelry on it.

She selected a few and got someone to bring them over.

Su Qiao, who was here for the first time, appeared to be a little timid. She noticed the look in the eyes of the service staff beside her and tried her best to put on a calm facade. She randomly selected a few pieces of jewelry.

After the service staff nodded and left.

Qin Ahenzhen shouted exaggeratedly, “Sister Su Qiao, I can only enjoy this kind of luxurious life by following you.”

Su Qiao drank her tea and smiled, patting Qin Zhenzhen’s head. “Oh, you!”

Qin Zhenzhen looked at the jewelry on the booklet and was shocked by the prices.

They could easily each cost a few million taels of silver. The 3,000 taels of silver just now was really nothing.

Su Qiao’s body also froze. Looking at the price behind the few pieces of jewelry that she had casually ordered, she felt dizzy.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to buy them if she didn’t like them.

Su Qiao made up her mind to leave after finding some fault.

However, she was a little pained that the private room cost 3,000 taels.

Soon, the service staff brought the jewelry that Su Qiao had chosen.

With one glance, Su Qiao felt that she couldn’t take her eyes off them. They were really too beautiful.

She suddenly felt that the jewelry at home were trash compared to these.

Su Qiao tried her best to avert her gaze and pretended to be dissatisfied.

Qin Zhenzhen happily touched this, looked at that, and pulled Su Qiao to tell her how beautiful they were.

The smile on Su Qiao’s face was almost gone.

The service staff suddenly said, “Are you not satisfied with all of these? If you don’t like this jewelry, the Lady next to you has taken a fancy to it. This is custom-made, and there’s only one of its kind. If you don’t like it, I’ll give it to her.”

Wasn’t the lady next to her Su Yan?

Su Qiao smiled. “I think this one is quite suitable. Let me take a look again.”

The service staff said again, “Then can you make a decision faster? That Lady’s time is quite tight.”

Su Qiao frowned unhappily.

Qin Zhenzhen said, “That Lady’s time is time, but our time is not time? Do you think we won’t buy it or something?”

The service staff still smiled politely. “These custom-made designs are based on a first come, first served basis. Since that Lady has taken a fancy to it, we can only give it to that Lady as you are still hesitating.”

Su Qiao said unhappily, “How can you be sure that she will buy it?”

The service staff’s smile became more obvious. “That Lady has already paid. If you decide to buy, we will refund the money to that Lady. If you don’t, this jewelry will belong to that Lady.”

Su Qiao gritted her teeth. The jealousy in her heart was about to burst out.

Looking at the service staff who was waiting for an answer, she gritted her teeth and said, “Since that Lady has already paid, I won’t take it away from her.”

Qin Zhenzhen fawned on conveniently, “Sister Su Qiao, you are just too kind.”

The service staff’s movements of bending down to take the jewelry paused. She forced her laughter back and said, “Then I will be taking this jewelry.”

Su Qiao’s fingernails sank deep into her palm. She stared at Qin Zhenzhen with an undisguised glare.

Qin Zhenzhen was shocked by Su Qiao’s glare. She weakly shouted, “Sister Su Qiao.”

Su Qiao looked at Qin Zhenzhen angrily and scolded, “Idiot.”

Qin Zhenzhen’s face full of embarrassment due to Su Qiao’s scolding.

Su Qiao couldn’t be bothered with Qin Zhenzhen. She had already made up her mind not to associate with such people anymore.

Qin Zhenzhen stopped talking. Su Qiao calmed the anger in her heart.

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