12 Five Levels of Pleasure

When the last piece dropped, the shadows of Vaan's rod loomed over Grissel's face, causing her eyes to widen with alarm. She was startled by its size.

"H-How can it be so big?!" Grissel gulped.

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Compared to the average male witch descendant with the potential to become Aura Masters, Vaan's body proportions were thinner than most.

But even then, their tools weren't this impressive.

"Surprised? I'm rather proud of my natural endowment—if nothing else," Vaan casually stated.

It was as if his body was born perfectly to master the Heavenly Massage, making him the natural predator of all women. And yet, they cannot help but throw themselves at him once they have a taste of his technique.

Despite being a proud woman with a superior gender mentality, Grissel was already suppressed by the sight of Vaan's rod as if it was the natural order of things, making her turn meek.

Even Grissel did not expect the man in front of her to bring out such a side of her.

She felt ashamed and humiliated, but she could not muster the strength to resist—no, more precisely, her body did not want to resist.

Vaan flipped Grissel around and continued to massage her back, targeting her erogenous zones and acupoints, stimulating her senses to pleasure and ability to absorb mana quicker.

As Grissel's surroundings became rich in a higher concentration of mana, Vaan benefited by absorbing a small portion of it.

All witches and witch descendants were endowed with the natural constitution to absorb the mana that leaked from the Realm of Gehenna into the world.

Thus, even if male witch descendants could not manipulate mana, their bodies are still strengthened by mana, allowing them to enjoy longer lifespans and greater strength than those without it.

However, after Vaan awakened his senses, he noticed the mana flowed directly into his Heaven-Swallowing Space and stirred minor changes.

'As expected, all the mana that my body should have absorbed over the years was fed to the Heaven-Swallowing Space,' Vaan confirmed his suspicion.

Why did Heaven-Swallowing Space possess the size of a small town? Why is his physique smaller than other witch descendants?

These doubts were answered in that instance.

'And because the Heaven-Swallowing Space is connected to my mind, the mana strengthened my mind instead? This would explain why I have great tenacity and intelligence…' Vaan pondered.

He always thought it was strange that he could quickly learn new techniques and clearly remember everything he read.

Even he was not this bright in his past life. He did attribute it to the new body's natural gift, but it was not as simple as he initially thought.

'Transformed mana is still mana, huh?' Vaan mused.

Suddenly, Vaan felt Grissel's body squirming as she turned her head back to look at him with infatuation.

"Hey, when are you going to continue?" Grissel asked softly with a hint of begging.

"It would be a waste to stop at this point, wouldn't it?" Vaan smiled before embracing his Grissel from behind as she nodded vehemently.

He could reap maximum gains through more intimate means of contact with witches.

In other words, he had to make love to them. But considering the benefits enjoyed by both parties without mutual feelings in place, it was more appropriate to call it dual cultivation.

Nevertheless, Vaan wasn't some impatient virgin.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

He proceeded to tease Grissel's supple twin peaks and rubbed his little brother against her honeypot, oozing with love nectar.

"Did you know? Pleasure is divided into five different levels," Vaan suddenly whispered into Grissel's ears as he continued to tease her, causing her heart to skip a beat.

His tone gave her a strange sense of excitement and anticipation.

"Pleasure is divided into five different levels? It's my first time hearing that. What are they?" Grissel's curiosity was piqued.

Vaan proceeded to press a few acupoints located in her lower belly before he casually replied, "The first level is Indifference. At this level, while feeling it, you neither enjoy it nor dislike it."

His rod abruptly smoothly penetrated her cave of wonders in that instance, and yet oddly enough, she neither enjoyed it nor disliked it despite feeling it.

Grissel quickly frowned at the dull sense of fulfillment.

It was at the same level as pleasuring herself, which is disappointing considering the man possessed such an impressive rod.

Nevertheless, Vaan was unconcerned by Grissel's thoughts.

"The second level is Interest. The sense of pleasure at the Interest-level isn't outstanding, but it is enough to leave a lingering impression, making the body desire a second experience," Vaan continued to explain.

He pressed and massaged a few acupoints on Grissel's lower belly again before thrusting his hips a second time.

"Mmm~!" a soft moan escaped Grissel's lips.

A look of wonder shortly dawned on her face as the feeling between the two thrusts was completely different.

The second time was so much memorable.


Grissel muttered with her eyes closed as if savoring in its aftertaste. As Vaan said, it left an impression on her.

But because she experienced something subpar first, the impression of the second sensation was even more significant than usual.

"Most men in brothels and massage parlors are usually around this level. Not exactly great, but enough to work in this industry. In other words, they are average," Vaan stated.

"The third level is Addiction. The best of the industry are all capable of performing at this level of pleasure," Vaan pressed Grissel's acupoints and gave her another thrust as he teased her with a question, "But can you guess what level I'm at?"

"Ahhhh~!" Grissel cried with pleasure.

Her lower body quivered with euphoric delight from the sensation of the third thrust spreading out to the rest of her body. Her honey pot quickly oozed with a larger amount of love nectar, and her mind ascended cloud nine.

Shortly after, Grissel succumbed to a sudden weakness as her body felt soft like jelly.

She had climaxed—climaxed by the third thrust.

Such a thing would have been unthinkable in the past, but she just experienced it. Since when was her body this sensitive?

"I don't know what level you're at, but I'm at least experienced enough to know that this is the best in the industry… All men at this level of skill usually don't work in brothels anymore…" Grissel spoke weakly.

Such men are usually monopolized by the Senior Witches, taken away to be their personal servants.