28 Dangerous Situation

When Lillias noticed Vaan and Linette's bare bodies, her mind immediately drew an assumption before she froze in the next moment.

The lingering scent of Vaan and Linette's passion session pervading the tent, in addition to Linette's panic in wiping her face, it could not mean…

"Big sister… You're too much. How could you…do that in that in the same tent I was sleeping! Do you have any consideration for your little sister?"

While hammering Linette's shoulders with two small fists, Lillias complained, feeling aggrieved that the person she was eyeing got eaten by her sister.

"It was my bad, alright? I'll make it up to you when we reach the capital," Linette tried to soothe her little sister, but Lillias responded with a pout.


Seeing how her sulky little sister was so cute, Linette could not help but pull Lillias' head and embrace it in her bosom.



Linette suddenly yelped.

She immediately separated Lillias from her before she glanced down and noticed a bite mark on her twin mounds.

"D-did you just bite me…? Now, I'm mad!"

"Bleh~!" Lillias poked her tongue and said, "I was seeing if I can still savor the lingering secondhand taste."

"You…" Linnette was speechless.

After a moment, she could not help but sigh before saying, "I know you're very interested in matters between men and women since you just hit adulthood, but you should know better about the condition of your body better than anyone else…"

"I know, I know. I cannot stimulate my body, but I can still get excited, can't I?!" Lillias' eyes brightened in the next moment before pushing Linette aside, "Move, sister. I don't get in the way of my eye candy."

Lillias ogled at Vaan's bare body as he poised on the bed like some male supermodel while looking her way.

"Now, now. Don't get too excited," Vaan smirked at the two sisters while feeling fascinated by their interesting sister interaction.


Lillias was dealt critical damage and felt blood rushing to her nose before she covered her nosebleed.


"Uh-oh, I'm in danger."

Vaan slightly chuckled after seeing Linette's glare, but it was more serious than he thought as Linette dragged him outside the tent shortly after they dressed.

"Didn't you see my sister wake up?" Linette asked with a frown, "Why didn't you dress right away?"

"I was trying to deepen my connection with nature," Vaan casually teased.

"You…" Linette was ready to explode.

However, Vaan hugged her from behind while holding onto her crossed arms before he said, "Jokes aside, why are you so angry at me, my Lady?"

"How can I not?! You can just shoot that stuff on my sister's sleeping face!" Linette gritted her teeth and warned, "Don't you know that if I were any other witch, I would have put you to death for disgracing my sister!"

"What I'm trying to say is you can't act this blatant once you reach the capital. Otherwise, you will get yourself killed…" Linette shortly added with a softer tone.

"Now, now. You are falsely accusing me, my Lady. I was busy filling up the love jar. Where would I have the time to spray my seeds of life elsewhere? My Lady, you have mistaken Lady Lillias's drool for something else." Vaan explained.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

He didn't find it surprising for Lillias to drool in her sleep.

That girl was a bit perverted, and they were making love beside her, which fed her smell and hearing and allowed her to have a sweet dream.

Linette was embarrassed and deeply ashamed after learning the truth.

"I'm sorry for accusing you, Vaan… I'm not very experienced in determining the difference between—"


Before Linette could finish apologizing, they both heard a sudden impact on the far eastern side of the Blackmoon Region.

Rumble…! Rumble…!

This time, two powerful impacts came from the far western side.

The commotion alarmed the entire escort group, and even Lillias rushed outside to investigate.

Still, no one could see what was happening in the dark of the night beyond a certain distance after gathering together to check.

They could only see the vague shadows of the distant cliffs' edges due to the moonlight but nothing else below that.

"What's going on? What were those impacts? I could even feel the slight tremors from here!" Lillias exclaimed.

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"It sounded like something powerful just struck the cliffs on both sides, but it's too dark to tell or see."

"It must be quite far," Captain Rhys assumed before adding, "Judging by the distance we covered, it should be quite close to Blackmoon City."

"Close to Blackmoon City? Is the city under attack? Should we head back?" a young warrior questioned with surprise.

As the other young warriors wondered the same, Vaan simulated scenarios in his mind before arriving at a terrible conclusion.

"No! We can't go back! We need to get out of Blackmoon Region as soon as possible!" Vaan suddenly shouted at everyone, "Pack everything and let's go! The entire northside is going to become hell for everyone outside the city walls!"

Captain Rhys and the others were taken aback by Vaan's urgency before he asked, "What kind of situation are we in for it to cause you such fright?"

"The worse kind!" Vaan replied gravely. "I'll explain further on the way. But, for now, we need to move quickly!"

"Alright. We'll do as Vaan says."

Linette voiced her consent after Captain Rhys turned to her for her opinion.

Everyone immediately departed shortly after the escort group packed their belongings into their wagons, and Linette summoned her Earth Salamander.

It didn't take long before countless howling hellhounds rippled throughout the entire north side region.

"Vaan, explain to me clearly. What sort of dangerous situation are we in?" Linette inquired with a solemn expression beside him.

"Someone purposely struck the cliff walls to lure out the Dark Hellhounds lurking inside the cliff caves with the intent of harming everyone traveling through the northside. It won't be long before the entire north side becomes filled with enraged Dark Hellhounds roaming about," Vaan explained.

And the Dark Hellhounds won't just simply be roaming. They'll be looking for blood to spill.

Even worse, there will be many Rank-2 or even a Rank-3 Dark Hellhound among them!

Vaan had seriously underestimated City Lord Istana's madness.