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Chapter 87 - : Winter Is Coming!

In this battle, the two of them had never moved. Only the constantly erupting elemental energy reflected the intensity of this battle.

At this moment, Frost already knew that the two of them were of similar strength. However, she had yet to transform back into her dragon form, so she still had a trace of reserve strength.

After being turned into a human, Frost realized that her actions were not as smooth as when she was in her previous dragon form.

Therefore, her combat strength naturally decreased.

At this moment, a red and black wave attacked her face.

The black-red wave swept through everything in the surroundings as a violent and deathly energy constantly erupted.

The surrounding moonlight seemed to have been completely corroded by this wave, falling into darkness and fear.

Interesting power!

Frost’s eyes narrowed. Then, the massive frost power in her body began to erupt. Endless mist surged out of her body.

The surrounding temperature instantly fell by several hundred degrees!

Her Frost Dragon’s use of frost was never at a level where she was completely unskilled like Pierce.

Therefore, compared to Pierce’s frost power, the difference was like heaven and earth!

However, Pierce still had the angel divine power that made her feel fear, which was also why it was difficult for her to fight him.

The frost power spewing out of Frost seemed to freeze space and time.

The world was filled with ice and snow.

However, in this snowy world, a red and black knight holding a spear stood quietly.

With the armor on, no one could not tell if the expression on his face was surprise or calm, but one thing that was sure was that he was not afraid of this icy world.

Frost grinned as she condensed a spear and shot at Red Lotus.

The spear condensed from ice made a sonic boom in the air, as if nothing in the world could stop it.

However, even so, in the face of this ferocious ice-blue spear, Red Lotus calmly picked up his spear and gently pushed it towards the ice spear.

There was no dazzling light, no ground shattering, only simple power that he knew.


The ice spear shattered and turned into frost that filled the sky, shining under the moonlight.

However, after the spear shattered, and the fragments filled the sky, a huge dragon claw filled with hard scales appeared.

That’s right, Frost, who was completely unfamiliar with any human combat style, had already turned back into her main body.

It was a huge body, crystal-like scales, a ferocious head, and brutal eyes.

Every part was constantly reminding people of the cruelty and power of this creature.

At this moment, Red Lotus moved.

It was not too much to call him a knight. The background introduction introduced him as Pope Red Lotus, but in Frost’s opinion, this guy was simply a knight. He did have a weak disposition of a pope!

He took a step back and stabbed the dragon claw with the spear in his hand!

On the tip of his spear, a red-black energy was condensing.

It was the power from his body, the power of death. At the same time, it was the power that turned this town into hell!

They were also from another world like the Frost Dragon.

The two devastating forces collided and exploded. Both sides retreated.

Pope Red Lotus looked at his trembling hands and was slightly shocked.

He did not expect this creature to be a dragon.

Did those creatures that lived in legends really exist in this world!?

Then what about God?!

For a moment, Pope Red Lotus fell silent when he saw the huge body appear.

No one knew what he was thinking. Similarly, no one wanted to know what he was thinking!

And Frost was such a person. She did not care what this armored monster was thinking!

She only knew that what she wanted to do now was to tear this armor into pieces!

Her huge body covered the sky, and her scarlet beast eyes stared fixedly at the figure on the ground. All of this seemed to be the same as the previous time she descended into this world.

However, the figure standing in front of her was not that ridiculously strong angel!


The roar woke up the pensive Pope Red Lotus. When he looked at the Frost Dragon, he felt his body trembling.

He was afraid!

As a dead person, I’m actually afraid?!

Pope Red Lotus thought in confusion.

His body could not help but begin to tremble under this powerful frost power!

The landscape did not freeze. Instead, he saw that she, who had become a dragon again, was frantically condensing the surrounding frost element. After a while, the surrounding frost element was completely absorbed by her.

The massive frost energy in her body was accumulating strength and ready to erupt.

This was her strongest move!

Why didn’t she use this move when she was fighting the angel and Pierce?

Frost could only cry without tears. She felt that even if she used this move, the Crimson Firmament in the battle angel’s hand could destroy it.

At this moment, the fallen pope suddenly felt a chill!

Surprise appeared in his eyes!

He could actually feel the cold now, he thought in disbelief!

It had been more than a thousand years, but this was the first time he felt emotion other than deathly silence!

After thousands of years, he really felt cold!

The dragon in front of him made the eyes of Pope Red Lotus burn.

He could feel death, even cold.

This feeling was simply a great honor for an undead like him!

Perhaps this Frost Dragon could completely kill him!

Pope Red Lotus could not help but think.

At that moment, he slowly picked up his spear and aimed at the huge figure flying in the sky.

His body was no longer under his control. It was the consciousness formed by the souls of thousands of people in the entire town, controlling his body!

Faced with such a powerful consciousness, Pope Red Lotus had no intention of refuting at all.

Dragon, I hope you can kill me!

At this thought, Pope Red Lotus began to mobilize power at the same time. A trace of light flashed across the dark red spear, and it quietly aimed at the Frost Dragon in the sky.

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