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Chapter 209 - The Key to the Dark Side

Chapter 209: The Key to the Dark Side

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Pierce did not feel any surprise when he saw the name on the rankings, because this was the spot he deserved.

The difficulty of Pierce’s invasion was far beyond that of ordinary contestants because he was always in hell mode.

Naturally, as the invading monsters became stronger, he would obtain the corresponding rewards after every victory.

Although in the eyes of the other contestants, everything Pierce had experienced was far from what they could challenge, in Pierce’s eyes, this level of difficulty was far from being terrifying. His overall strength was not even close to being challenged by the invasions.

Pierce walked outside and placed the materials he had bought in the huge courtyard.

Then, he summoned the undead army and the lightning sura. He asked them to classify these materials and begin the construction.

He took out his blueprint and handed it to Frost and the Undead Archangel, letting them be in charge of the construction.

Pierce’s lips slowly curled up when he saw the Undead Archangel take his drawing.

He was sure that the Undead Archangel had gained a lot of intelligence. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to understand this blueprint.

However, this was just a small matter and did not affect the overall situation. After all, Pierce had used many methods on the Undead Archangel.

Before handing the godhood of the Death God to the Undead Archangel, Pierce had already prepared for all possible contingencies.

Unless he advanced to the level of a real God, there was nothing to fear.

Pierce slowly smiled at the thought.

Then, he turned his gaze away from the Undead Archangel and looked at the rewards notice.

The rankings were announced, and it was time for the rewards to be distributed. Everyone was filled with anticipation, hoping to obtain powerful bloodlines.

Of course, Pierce was not really looking forward to the common bloodlines. After all, he already had two particularly powerful mythical bloodlines in his body.

[First place: Pierce: Personal Reward: Key to the Dark Side!]

[Second place: Soros: Personal Reward: Soaring Serpent Bloodline!]

[Third place: Zenus: Personal Reward: Bloodline Enhancement Potion!]


After seeing these rewards, everyone’s blood boiled. After all, the rewards were related to the bloodline, except for the first place reward which was the key to the dark side.

Pierce, who had obtained first place, was at a loss. He did not understand why he had obtained a key.

However, after seeing the name of the key, he instantly understood.

Wasn’t this the term that appeared when the Crimson Tide invaded?!

In other words, he could open the path to the dark side with this key?

However, what benefits could he obtain from there? Perhaps the real reward was hidden there.

It seemed like this reward had to be obtained by himself. This reward was useless to the other participants since they could not even pass through the obstacle.

Everyone received their rewards.

Pierce was surprised to see someone unknown in the second place.

What kind of fortuitous encounter did this Soros have?

However, Pierce did not care much. Even if the other had a fortuitous encounter, did he have a godhood?

Pierce was definitely the biggest cheat.

A dazzling light flashed and a stone engraved with unknown runes appeared in Pierce’s hand.

The stone was not big and could be held with just one hand. However, the runes on it emitted a dazzling dark light, looking like an ominous thing.

Was this the key to the dark side?

Pierce picked up the stone and sized it up. He only knew it was a key, but had no idea where to find the door.

However, this was not difficult for Pierce. After all, he had the hint system.

After staring at it for about 30 seconds, Pierce saw information about the stone.

[This strange stone seems to be a key to somewhere. If you want to find the gate, I suggest you press the stone on a city wall!]

[Friendly reminder, if you want to go to the dark side, you have to bring Miss Seraph with you. After all, that place is not somewhere anyone can go.]

After reading the two pieces of information, Pierce had a relevant understanding of the situation.. In other words, as long as he found a random city wall and pressed the stone in, he could open the door to the other world.

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