2 Mana

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After his initial excitement had worn off, Dilan calmed down a bit.

He was too exhausted from being flung through the air in the raging storm, and being punctured by an old tree trunk…

'I should figure out what is going on, first… I guess.'

There was not much to figure out, to begin with, but mysterious changes were occurring all across the world.

After having faced a near-death experience, he simply lay on the ground as he let his body heal and repair itself at a miraculous speed.

The magical effect of his Origin ability was still working, the hole in his chest healing.

It was nothing short of miraculous and he took his time to let it sink in that he was truly alive.

His eyes were glued to the Log of the Ancient as he tried to make sense of the stats that were very similar to those in video games he would occasionally play.


Strength= [1]

Health= [2.2/3]





'I guess <1> displays the average strength of a human?'

Knowing that his athletic physique was above average, Dilan felt that it should have been higher than just '1'.

But he didn't have the energy to be bothered about the non-existent distribution of status points. Besides, who would he argue with?

Considering that the holographic screen that hovered in front of him looked like those of games, he was shocked at how easily he had accepted the new reality.

His Health stat was much higher than everything else but that was due to his Origin ability.

Right now, his body felt far tougher and stronger than before, and it recuperated at a rapid pace as well.

'Looks like having played games and read novels will finally pay off…To think that this would ever be possible…'

In the past, playing games and reading novels had been a small hobby of his.

But he quickly lost interest in them, which was why he switched to outdoor activities of a greater scale to seek thrill.

Yet, given the current situation, his mundane life on Milarn was bound to change.

However, even if the endless possibilities excited him, Dilan forced himself to look for his phone to see if it was possible for him to call someone.

He found it in one of his pockets after carefully moving his body, in an effort to prevent his wounds from tearing open.

Unfortunately, his phone screen had shattered to pieces, pretty much like the rest of it.


His first thought was that it was frustrating to have no way to contact others, but after giving it another thought, he was not actually bothered about it.

'Well…my family will definitely be fine, without me even more so…so I shouldn't worry about them, I guess?

And my friends… they will be fine as well…If I can survive, they can too!'

Figuring that he had no means to contact someone, Dilan put his phone away.

Instead of wasting his time with something entirely useless, he averted his attention once again to the screen in front of him, taking a detailed look at the Log of the Ancient.

'Ranks…and...race? There will be more races than humans, I guess…Hmm, that could be interesting.'


Dilan was just about to distract himself further when his attention was drawn to the night sky.lightsnovel

It was still dark, but the sounds he could hear from the surface attracted his attention.

Several roars of different animals echoed through the area, reaching the ravine.

The roars made him shudder, reaching his entire being as chills spread all over him.

Dilan's heart began to beat wildly, but instead of fear, a nervous excitement emerged within him.

All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning shot through the ravine, crackling with electricity and followed by multiple faintly glowing outlines.

To his misfortune, he had been unable to see anything clearly.

This only fueled his determination to reach the surface, while he glanced up again.

The dark blue sky was now a deep shade of crimson followed by bursts of orange and yellow at random intervals.

It was as if a fireball had emerged and exploded a hundred meters above him, burning through the air and clouds.

The moment he saw the blazing flames that spread through the dark night sky, Dilan's eyes widened, and his mind went blank.

Due to the adrenaline that coursed through him ever since he had escaped death's bed, he momentarily forgot the [Mana] stat on the Log of the Ancient.

He simply accepted mana as if he had been absorbing it his whole life, something perfectly normal that belonged to the Log of the Ancient.

In games, this might be the case, but they were in reality.

Even if some weirdos might believe in its existence, mana was not supposed to exist on Milarn!

Thus, his ignorance prevented him from comprehending that the night sky had been lit up by the searing hot flames of a being that was not supposed to exist on Milarn as well!

Too much information had been bombarded on him just after he had escaped the clutches of death, and only now did he notice that the hole in his chest had closed in on itself and appeared to be almost healed.

He was perfectly fine with accepting his near brush with death just a little bit over an hour ago.

But seeing the gaping hole disappear from his body, leaving a mere scar was simply unbelievable!

Yet, it had happened and Dilan knew that he had to move on.

Something deep within him told Dilan that time was of the essence and there was no point in wasting it.

New and unknown dangers might be lurking on the surface, but his gut feeling told him that numerous opportunities awaited him.

And Dilan had never been scared of dangers.

As such, instead of hiding in the dark ravine, and waiting for someone to show up, he got up from the ground and approached the stone wall.

'Maybe 25 meters?' He gauged before placing his left foot on one of the several creaks on the massive wall.

With his skills and the enhancement his body received, he began to climb towards the surface slowly but steadily.

Sweat poured down his temples but he didn't mind the steep climb.

Yet, the moment he reached the surface his expression changed into a mixture of astonishment and interest.

He was hanging by the edge of the cliff and was about to throw his feet up and finally reach the top when he saw something.

A six-foot-tall ring made of a blue liquid came into his view.

Suddenly, a notification popped up right in front of him.

[Temporary Gate to (Hidden Goblin Lair) emerged. Conditions to enter not met (Level 5) All stats [1.5]]

"Goblins?!" He blurted out in disbelief before his eyes fell on the two short, dwarf-sized, green-skinned beings that turned in his direction.

Both of them had a long, crooked noses, and their hideous appearance was further enhanced by the grimace of two ugly existences that matched Dilan's imagination of Goblins nearly perfectly.

'So that is how the tides will change, for now?' He thought, clearly understanding what was going on as the Goblins charged at him, emitting weird noises.