6 Intervention

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What emerged from the Goblin gate the moment before it disappeared was not one or two but a total of 15 Goblins.

They wielded different weapons than the Goblins he had encountered before, and two of them were also using bows and arrows.

But that was not all because there was one human-sized Goblin towering over the ordinary Goblins.

His arms were overproportionally long, making it seem as if they were long poles whereas its legs were shorter in comparison.

Seeing the monster that seemed to be the most dangerous of them all, Dilan knew one thing for sure- the moment he was caught, his life would end!

Yet, even with that in mind, turning around to run for his life was not an option because he could tell that the monster would be faster than him.

Even if he was ready to fight with his life on the line, the Goblins in front of him were certainly not something he could defeat, not all of them at once.

Definitely not with his current strength!

And to understand this, Dilan didn't need his gut feeling to attest to the fact.

'Should I use my status points in Agility??'

His mind told him that this was probably for the best, but his body didn't move a single inch.

He was frozen in place, and could only stare at the monsters in front of him.

Oddly enough, they had yet to notice him and kept looking through the surroundings but missed him as he was hiding behind a huge bush.

This allowed Dilan to feel a ray of hope emerge within him.

But no sooner had he thought that he would escape them without being spotted, the human-sized monster which he had labeled as Goblin Warrior, turned in his direction, staring straight into his sky blue eyes.


All of a sudden the Goblin Warrior began to cackle before it slowly stepped toward him.

The scent of blood was thick in the air around Dilan, and it didn't require much intelligence to understand what he had done to the Goblins he had encountered.

Thus, the Goblin Warrior wanted to let Dilan suffer and give him a slow death, which was something he sensed clearly.

He had endured enough pain in the last few hours and wanted to avoid being tortured by all means.

Yet, his body was not listening to his commands and seemed to be rooted to the spot.

This made things even worse as his body and mind were being influenced by the unknown future he was to encounter.

However, just as the Goblin Warrior appeared in front of Dilan, something unexpected happened.

The Goblins that had followed the Goblin Warrior suddenly halted in their tracks, their hideous faces turning even worse as they stared at something behind Dilan.

At this moment, the mysterious energy, mana, seemed to shroud his entire body, suppressing Dilan's entire being.

His entire existence felt insignificant all of a sudden, and he believed that he was about to die.

Yet, contrary to his belief, the reality was different!

A being that was enveloped in bolts of lightning shot past him all of a sudden.

Grazing him, the lightning burned his right arm before a gust of wind splashed his face.

Through the lightning that brushed past his slim face, his shoulder-long brunette hair fluttered in the wind.

Dilan's sky blue eyes were wide open, as he witnessed how a slim panther with purple fur and eyes that were darker than the abyss pounced at the Goblin Warrior without a sign of hesitation.

It avoided the Goblin Warrior's spear thrust easily, before using its sharp claws and teeth to start tearing it apart like paper.

Meanwhile, the panther's bolts of lightning spread out, lunging out for every single living being in the vicinity.

The bolts of lightning ended the life of the ordinary Goblins at once as their painful screams filled the morning sky, while the terrific force of the panther was enough to tear out the Goblin Warrior's arm as if it was nothing.

At this moment, Dilan realized three things at once- first, that his existence was not only insignificant, second-that the entire world was changing into a place that followed the laws of the jungle, and third- that he was able to move once again!lightsnovel

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

The Lightning Panther was distracted but had managed to take down the entire Goblin group by itself.

Thus, Dilan used the chance to save his life.

Slowly backing off, he paid attention not to step on any twig around him and remind either of the beasts about his presence.

Making a detour through the thicket, Dilan felt that his heart was pounding wildly as he tried putting as much distance as possible between himself and the beasts.

His eyes were still fixated on the monsters ahead of him.

The last thing he saw was the Goblin Warrior using its remaining arm to thrust its spear into the side of the Lightning Panther, who reacted with a shocking amount of electric currents that began to crackle in and around its wide maw.

A moment later its fangs sunk into the neck of the Goblin Warrior, who screamed out in pain before quieting down forever.

This scene left a huge impact on Dilan, causing him to quickly make use of his five unused status points on his [Agility] property.

His agility was thus increased to become 60% more than the average human.

Dilan knew that this was not enough to flee from the Lightning Panther if it were to pursue him, but the energy that coursed through his body while he made use of the status points allowed him to fall at ease.

His mind was cleared, and Dilan turned around the moment he spotted an enormous tree.

Barely being able to avoid stepping on the twigs littered across the forest floor, he began to run through the forest.

Though, he maintained a slow pace and ensured of making no noise before rushing through the forest on the mountainside.

He was clutching the Reinforced Stone Spear tightly with his left hand and didn't even notice that his right arm was completely burned.

But his body was already trying to tend to the issues, while his muscles had pumped up and adrenaline kicked in again.

With the aim to get away from the fighting beasts, he kept running frantically for more than ten minutes. But now he had no idea where he was.

However, that was not something he could be bothered about because the Lightning Panther had not followed him.

That was a great relief, and Dilan slowed down.

Looking around he tried to figure out where he was, and his eyes went to the sun to roughly gauge his current location.

'If we're on the southern side of the mountain, then Rian should be quite near!'

Dilan was not eager to enter cities after he had heard about zombies, but he was hungry and thirsty.

The mountainside of Rian didn't have many edible mushrooms or mountain vegetables.

As such, he felt the need to reach Rian, even more so because it was just a small city with 500,000 citizens.

It was but a speck of dust on the vast expanse of planet Milarn, a small city, sandwiched between a mountain and an open plain.

'If I want to survive this apocalypse, I will need to team up with others. Otherwise, I will die the moment I encounter monsters like the Lightning panther!'

Making a decision, Dilan paved his way through the forest.

It was gloomy, eerily silent, and luckily, he didn't encounter a single terrifying monster on his way.

This allowed him to catch his breath as he had begun to sway a little after the continuous battle and running around.

His steps were slow but his guard was up as he kept walking towards Rian city.

On the way, he came across only a few hedgehogs and small animals that were relatively harmless.

They looked at him, mostly in confusion, but quickly averted their attention when roars of ferocious beasts reverberated through the surrounding.

Wanting to avoid them, Dilan quickened his pace and reached the outskirts of the forest relatively quickly.

To his misfortune, the growling and hissing of several monsters reached his ears, making him stop dead in his tracks for a moment.

"What is that?..."