14 Worthless

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By the time Dilan was done practicing with the Reinforced Stone Spear a little bit, everyone had woken up.

Ailee came out of the kitchen, visibly embarrassed as she looked at Dilan for a few seconds. 'I didn't even notice that I had fallen asleep…'

However, Dilan didn't seem to mind as he had other things to do.

"I've created a rough plan on how much food our entire group can consume each day.

For now, it doesn't matter who dares to go outside to hunt, or who helps make living easier for all of us. So everyone can get the same amount of food…for now!"

He felt that his idea was quite fair and would ration the food supplies efficiently, but when he saw the expression on everyone's face, Dilan could only think that his intention had been misunderstood.

But that was not something he could really be bothered about.

If they didn't want his help, it was possible for him to leave as well.

Though, contrary to his expectations, a few survivors took a look at the pinned note before they turned around in silence, without a word of complaint.

It was obvious that Dilan had taken his time to make precise calculations for everyone's benefit.

As such, it was wrong and a bit ungrateful for them to say something against it.

They had seen the terror of the outside world and could understand that the hunters required more energy than them.

After all, they were doing nothing right now but just huddled in a safe zone!

"I looked at Dilan's plan earlier, and like it as well." Jack stated in a clear voice, convincing the others that had been grumbling and whispering with a few others to make them agree as well.

Their trust in Jack was unwavering. This was something Dilan didn't understand.

However, instead of bothering about something like that, he turned towards the doors of the cafeteria, where he saw Ailee.

She looked through the small slit in the doors.

"If everyone who wants to go out is ready, we should leave now. The coast is clear and I haven't heard any zombies approaching us for a few minutes."

Jack had already given her the Glock 18, which Bianne used the day before. They had only two extra magazines each.

As such, Jack told Ailee repeatedly that she should be careful with each bullet she fires because it had to be a safe kill.

The noises of the Glock were also loud enough to attract zombies. Thus, it was even more important to pay attention to the surroundings when shooting.

After hearing Ailee, Dilan nodded his head before moving through the room, while tightly holding the Reinforced Stone Spear.

Moving around the furniture as silently as possible, they opened the doors of the cafeteria only a few minutes later.

Stepping in the hallway, Ailee, Jack, Oliver, and Dilan started the process of clearing the first floor.

With careful steps, Dilan stepped forward, involuntarily leading them as an unofficial leader.

Oliver followed a few steps behind him, while Jack and Ailee were close behind.

Earlier, Jack had acted full of confidence, and shown how ready he was to kill all the zombies in order to evolve and become stronger.

But right now, he underwent a reality check as the gloomy air around them and the eerie feeling crawling up their spine made him feel as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

That was the case for the other two as well.

Only Dilan was quite calm as he opened one door of the hallways after another with his weapon thrust forward.

Searching through each and every small room, he spent a few minutes ensuring that the immediate surroundings of the cafeteria seemed to be safe, as expected.

Jack had already told him that he had blocked the doors that connected the corridors with one another through big metal chains.

As such, the only path that should be safe was the way from the cafeteria to the entrance hall of the hospital.

The entrance hall was connected to the second floor with stairs, which was also why Jack had been so angry at her when Bianne shot at Dilan the day before.

Her action could have ended up attracting zombies who would have followed the noise and attacked them from the back and the front at the same time.


And seeing that there were several groups of zombies that reached the entrance hall by now, it was quite clear that they had been far more fortunate than initially expected.

In the entire entrance hall, there were at least 40 zombies.

Amongst them, more than half seemed unrestricted in their movement, while others had either difficulty in walking, or their entire flesh had been eaten and they were just walking skeletons with bits of flesh sticking at odd places.

Some had even their bones cut, and a handful of them had their entire chest ripped open.

It looked quite hideous and frightening, leading them to give a collective gasp of horror along with muffled screams at the harrowing sight.lightsnovel

While Oliver looked at everything with disgust and fright, Ailee's hand began to tremble.

Jack could only look at the entire scenario in front of him with an unmoving gaze.

Yet, it was Dilan, whose eyes were gleaming brightly because he could tell that only 25 were able to move, while less than 10 were completely unscathed, and with the same strength of the ordinary zombies he had fought the day before.

With that in mind, he quietly moved around the group of zombies before reaching the close range of the group he wanted to target.

They had yet to see, sense or smell him, which was quite odd.

But that was something Dilan used to his benefit as he didn't hesitate to use his high speed to catapult himself ahead.

He had revealed himself through this move and by the time he reached the group of unscathed zombies, they had begun to growl out in anger, but Dilan's spear pierced through the first in their group already.

Wielding the Reinforced Stone spear with only one hand, Dilan's speed seemed to have become much higher, allowing him to thrust, retract and issue a second attack within moments.

His first attack had pierced the zombie's head, but his second attack had missed its target.

The thrust didn't hit the zombie's forehead and narrowly missed it as the monster moved away the moment he had attacked it.

Owing to this, the flow of his attack was interrupted.

But instead of panicking, Dilan jumped backward in order to correct his stance before attacking once again.

His momentum today was much better than the day before, and the zombies were not even able to reach him in the first few ten seconds.

And afterward, only five of the ten unscathed zombies were left standing while the rest lay unmoving on the floor.

Oliver had yet to move, but it was as if his mind had blanked out after seeing the brutality.

His body froze the moment the zombies began to growl out, fleeting memories of various humans being torn apart by zombies before their victims awakened as one of them returned to his mind.

Nonetheless, his skinny hand was still tightly gripping the Reinforced Stone Dagger, the white of his knuckles clearly visible, leaving welts on his fingers.

On the other hand, Ailee was still trembling while she tried to tightly hold the handle of the Glock 18, while Jack was already pointing the Glock at the zombies near Dilan.

"Don't shoot!" Dilan quickly warned in between two breaths, stopping Jack from trying to support him in any way.

He leaned forward and pushed ahead while slashing through the leg of one zombie.

The bones of the zombies had grown much weaker than the average human bone and could easily crumble.

Thus, it was no problem for the Reinforced Stone Spear to cut through the zombie's leg.

Following this realization, Dilan averted his focus to crippling the four other unscathed zombies.

His speed was terrifically high as he shot through the rows of zombies, starting a slaughter as his weapon hacked, cut, and pierced through the zombies like dead meat.

He ignored the zombies that weren't able to move freely and focused on those that were weakened in other ways.

Moving around the entrance hall with fast strides, Dilan prevented the zombies from encircling him.

They were not even able to touch him even once, and his movement became even faster than before as he kept increasing his kill count.

"Oliver, what are you waiting for?" He suddenly screamed through the room, shaking the young man out of his stupor.

His eyes locked immediately on Dilan, who was fighting with his life on the line.

'Fuck it!" Oliver cursed before he began to move to Dilan.

However, his speed was painfully slow.

'I…am….worthless..' Oliver told himself, his entire body trembling as he faced the first zombie in front of him.

It turned towards him, and let out a deep growl as its rotten, and half-eaten face stared deeply at the young, skinny man.

A moment later the Reinforced Stone Dagger fell to the ground, followed by Oliver, whose legs buckled under him.

Fright and nervousness overwhelmed his mind, preventing him from stepping backward as the zombie lunged at him.

Just at this moment, blood splattered on Oliver's clothes as a grayish spear tip pierced through the mouth of the zombie.

Dilan had appeared behind the zombie that was about to attack Oliver and injured it. He stared at the trembling man with ice-cold eyes as he said,

"Pick up the dagger, and kill it. Now!!"