21 Delight

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While Oliver and the others spent the entire afternoon throwing all the zombie corpses out of the second-floor windows, they were astonished to see fire-spewing birds flying through the air.

They looked like robins but were the size of bald eagles.

However, this was not the most astonishing fact because they saw that humans on the ground were hunting the fire-spewing birds.

Fighting against the birds, the group of humans was able to conjure earth spikes from the ground and threw them high, aiming for the birds in the air.

Meanwhile, when the bird counterattacked by spewing flames on the human group, a semi-translucent dome suddenly popped up, protecting them from the blazing flames.

It had been so interesting that they all forgot to dispose of the bodies and instead watched the fight with curiosity. The fight ended shortly after, and the group of humans disappeared.

But their fight left a huge impact on everyone, clearly showing that there was hope for mankind to survive this apocalypse.

Yet, when Jack saw the fight, his interest was automatically drawn to the abilities used by the fighters than the humans themselves.

They were powerful and clearly exceeded human norms.

As such, Jack was able to convince his small group of loyal followers to pick up the weapons manufactured out of the rat horns to leave for a night hunt!

All of them were eager to become stronger, but Jack's plan was not the same as the one he told his followers.

But that was only something the three loyal followers noticed way too late.

Tiptoeing their way out of the cafeteria, they rushed through the entrance hall up the stairs.

When they reached the second floor, even Jack couldn't help but feel slightly nervous.

However, that was not something he could reveal in front of the others.

"The right corridor should have a few more zombies than the one in the front. So let's first clear the one at the front!"

When they had cleared the hall on the second floor earlier, the right corridor had been the easiest to be quickly sealed.

As such, the front corridor was the best choice for now!

With that in mind, Jack stepped ahead, faking his confidence, only to halt in his tracks when he reached the automatic door.

Taking a backward glance at his team members, he suggested,

"Let's first kill one each. Like that, we can test if my theory about the first kill is correct!"

To do so, he wanted to open the door just enough to let four zombies pass-through for each of them to kill.

"If you guys make a commotion further away, I can hide behind the corner, and close the door once four zombies pass through this door.

Guys, I trust you. Tell me when the fourth pass through because I won't be able to take a peek!"

Jack knew that the tactic was quite risky, but the rewards would be far higher.

And there was no time for him to lose anymore.

Dilan was obviously training both Oliver and Ailee to strengthen them and turn them into his aids.

And, Jack didn't want to lose his dream before it even took shape.

Thus, Jack tweaked his plan and decided to take others under his wing.

Once everyone was ready, he ignored the others' fear, and pressed the emergency button, releasing the seal on the automatic door.

Afterward, he was only able to take a single glance in the corridor before he rushed back to hide behind the corner.

"Hey you ugly, rotten pieces of trash, I'm here!!" One of the young followers shouted, attracting the zombies in the direction of the door that had opened all of a sudden.

"I'm fresh and tasty, come here!!" Another one of Jack's followers shouted in a quivering voice.

Meanwhile, the third one remained silent, looking at the situation ahead intently.

Several zombies approached the door, and the silent follower lifted his hand indicating that the first zombie passed by.

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Just two seconds later he waved his hand down, signaling Jack to move.

With an Agility stat of 1.5, Jack shot around the corner, pushing away the zombie that entered through the door.

Through this, the other zombies were blocked as well, and Jack instantly leaped towards the red emergency button, which he pressed in an instant.

Afterward, he was forced to trust that the door would close as the zombies lunged after him.

Jumping backward, Jack saw that a total of five zombies had managed to enter through the door before it began to close.lightsnovel

This was not as planned but still fine.

Evading the zombie's hands and their rotten face, he reached the other three followers.

They were frightened but quickly sensed that the zombie's speed was not too fast for them to do something.

Jack clearly told them how they should move, and what the easiest way to kill them was.

Trusting him with all their heart, they followed his instructions.

Meanwhile, Jack was simply using his high agility to shoot toward one zombie before he pierced the horn into its head.

Earlier he was scared shitless to encounter zombies and fight them.

It was frightening to think that a single scratch of a zombie would be enough to turn him into one of them.

But when he noticed that his movement speed was much higher than the zombies, he grew confident.

Right now, only greed was apparent in his mind; the greed to grow stronger by all means.

This greed allowed him to kill the zombie in front of him with the rat horn dagger he had manufactured.

It was far easier than expected, and his face shone with excitement.

His smile widened when he saw that a grayish essence crystal appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

The only thing Jack could sense was a stream of energy that was drained from the zombie.

It was probably the source of energy that created the ability crystal.

He noticed that the others were struggling to kill their opponents.

But before he could rush to their aid, the ability crystal crumbled in Jack's hand.

Without taking a look at the notification that popped up in front of him, he pushed ahead and killed the zombie to procure their ability crystal.

Afterward, his eyes gleamed brightly as he began to pierce through the vital points of the other zombies so as to severely injure them.

His movements were extremely fast, and it was almost like he had been freed from the shackles that were holding him back.

A feeling of exhilaration coursed through his body which was his first experience of killing a monster in his life but he knew that it would quickly turn addictive.

It made him feel confident as he felt power seep into his muscles and bones like never before.

Life and death were in his hands and he could change the fates of those around him!

Yet, he held back from killing the other zombies, because the others had to obtain an ability crystal first.

However, when the battle was over, and the others had killed their first opponent, Jack was not able to smile anymore.

Instead he felt that something was odd as the sound of growling zombies was still loud and clear.

Thus, his head turned towards the corridor, and a frown appeared on his entire face instantaneously.

He saw that the head of a zombie was stuck between the automatic door.

It couldn't close owing to the head, and only a few seconds later several arms of zombies squeezed through the door's gap.

The door began to rattle and the shaking intensified as more and more zombies began to push themselves against the door.

It was at this moment that Jack realized that his plan had not been completely foolproof.

However, instead of running away in an instant, he looked at the grayish ability crystals in the hands of his loyal followers, and a dark glint emerged in his eyes.

A wicked plan formed his head, and in order to attain everything he wanted, his individual strength had to be much higher than right now!

As such, he took the most rational decision in his life; he got rid of some unnecessary baggage.

"Oh…looks like you were scratched by one of the zombies…I'm sorry but can you please die?"

Jack's words resounded next to the three followers, who looked at Jack in unison. They had been extremely careful while fighting their opponents.

Thus all three of them were quite certain that they had not been scratched.

Yet, Jack had already lashed out with the rat horn dagger, piercing through the first follower as warm blood splattered through the surroundings.

'But why…I'm unscathed…'