22 Bloodlust

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The moment the dagger pierced through his first loyal follower, Jack's eyes gleamed brightly.

Blood splattered on his face, only for his maniacal expression to brighten up even more.

To everyone who saw this, it was as if a devil had been unleashed within Jack.

But he couldn't care less what the others thought of him as he pushed the dying young man towards the other follower, who stared at Jack in disbelief and fear.

However, Jack had already turned toward the silent man in their group with a wide and evil smile on his face.

Using his speed that had further increased, he pierced the dagger's blade through the throat of the young man and mercilessly pulled it out a moment later.

No sooner had he pulled the dagger to attack the third one, than he heard a growl to his side. The last living follower had been bitten by the comrade that he had killed with his dagger thrust and turned into a zombie.

Apparently, when Jack killed his first victim, the blood and rotten flesh sticking to the dagger blade caused an accelerated zombification.

Pushing away his old comrade and friend, desperation filled the last follower's eyes as he jumped from the ground before rushing towards the stairs.

Fueled by desperation to save himself, he ran much faster than ever before.

Yet, this was not something Jack could care about.

He was simply looking at this with a faint smile on his face as he calmly picked up the ability crystal of the man he just killed.

"Looks like killing is much easier than expected. Why was I even so afraid of it before?" He mumbled, before piercing his dagger through the head of the young man, who had turned into a zombie.

Afterward, he picked up his ability crystal as well.

Holding two of them in his hands, he couldn't help but smile before he mumbled,

"It's a shame that they have a requirement to be learned, but let me fix that later…for now I should clear all evidence…everything looks like an accident, either way… we were just too excited to go out hunting…yes, that's it!"

With a vile smile on his face, he held the three ability crystals tightly, while moving the dagger in his other hand.

Afterward, he shot down the stairs following the last of his followers, who had been bitten in his leg.

'Maybe I should have shot them. That would have made everything so much easier.' He grumbled to himself and realized that he had reached the cafeteria.

This clearly told him that he had no time to lose. The moment his last loyal follower reached the cafeteria, things were bound to become more difficult.

Thus, with a swift movement, he pocketed the two ability crystals.

He halted in his tracks, unholstered the gun that he always took with him, before aiming at the young man.

"Helppp!! Help me please!!! He is insane!" The man's voice resounded through the entire first floor, waking up the Survivors, who had been deep asleep in the cafeteria.

Dilan, who had been sleeping lightly jumped up from the ground, all traces of drowsiness washed away from his eyes upon hearing the desperate cry for help.

With a quick glance, he could tell that Jack and his followers were missing.

This was enough for his brain to shoot him loud blaring alarms of what must have happened.

It was also quite easy to understand that the furniture in front of the cafeteria had been moved.

'How could I not hear this?' He wondered for a moment, only to be distracted by an unexpected sound.


A gunshot resounded through the cafeteria, followed by a thumping sound.

As he stared in the direction of the noise, the doors of the cafeteria were pushed open as a corpse fell through it.

Blood seeped out of the bullet hole in the young man's neck, who tried to speak but only managed to utter a few incomprehensible words as blood trickled out of his mouth.

His eyes turned lifeless and he fell down.

However, the horror that unfolded in front of everyone was not yet over as Jack emerged above the young man lying on the ground before he shot him twice in the head.lightsnovel

At this moment, everyone could see Jack's bloodied face that shone with a wicked delight.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

It was just a moment later that he recalled where he was. His expression changed at once, as he blurted out,

"He was bitten, I had to save you guys!"

His voice didn't sound scared, at all, and each word he spoke was firm.

If it hadn't been for the delight on Jack's face just a moment ago, he might have tricked most Survivors into believing him.

But right now, everyone looked at him in fear, and their earlier trust in Jack was washed away as they began to doubt what was going on.

Was he really telling the truth, or was there something more to it?

"Where are the other two?" Ailee asked doubtfully. She was still shocked by what she had just seen, but somehow, her gut feeling told her that it was not yet done.

"They died after we killed some zombies to get our first abilities!" Jack said hurriedly and cast a backward glance before adding,

"The door of the front corridor on the second floor cannot close anymore. A zombie's head was stuck in it, and I believe that the zombies will break it soon!"

Changing the subject as quickly as possible, Jack was able to make use of the fear of some Survivors to throw them off track.

They looked behind him and sighed in relief when they saw that there was not a single zombie in the small hallways that might have followed him.

"Le..Let's first move the furnit–..." Bianne began to stutter, and her entire body was trembling as she looked at the corpse of the young man.

She had been talking to him not long ago, and only stopped speaking when she got interrupted.

"If I take a look at him, will I really see a scratch or bite mark?" Dilan suddenly asked, ignoring Bianne's concern.

In the end, Dilan was fine with having jerks around him, but Jack clearly crossed the line right now.

His greed and hunger for power were waving off of him and it was quite obvious what he had done to the other men, who had followed him.

At least, he was able to sense it quite clearly.

That was why he approached the corpse of the young man with the Reinforced Stone spear in his hand.

Jack had taken a step away from the corpse just a few seconds earlier.

But when he saw Dilan nearing the corpse after stating his intention to inspect it, Jack instinctively moved toward the corpse.

His mind was rattling and was trying to figure a way out of the problematic situation that unfolded in front of him.

'You fucking bastard! I almost did it!!' Jack could only think in frustration.

At this moment, the ability he bound was fully unleashed as a crimson color gleam emerged in his eyes.

[[Bloodlust] Tier-0★★

Host is delighted by the sight of blood, and receives additional enhancements when killing. The more beings the host kills the stronger the enhancement.

Passive effect- Additional enhancement triggered when the host feels the overwhelming wrath towards a specific being. +20% increment in all stats!

Side effect- Unable to hide his emotions, gets easily enraged.]

Lifting the Glock 18, Jack pointed it at Dilan, his index finger lightly holding the trigger.

"I had enough of you, just go fuck yourself!" He growled, pulling the trigger without any hesitation.


Just a moment later, Dilan was shot and the entire world turned dark.