24 Open surgery

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While one nurse tried to stop the bleeding with all her might and weight, the other one snatched the gun Jack had dropped to the ground before removing the magazine.

Taking one bullet in her hand, she examined it for a few seconds before tilting her head.

"They should be…made out of an alloy of copper and zinc?"

It was obvious that she was not certain about the answer, and the only thing that she knew was that the bullet was not made out of lead.

Thus, it was a small success. Lead bullets were far more toxic than those made of other metals or alloys.

"He has only one bullet hole, right? That means the bullet is still inside him…but that should be fine if I'm correct with my assumption…"

Owing to the events that occurred just a few moments ago, the nurse was obviously overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, she gave her best efforts to help her companion in any possible way.

After the older nurse used her knee to block the bullet hole, the bleeding stopped and the puddle of blood on the ground around Dilan didn't enlarge.

As such, they presumed that there was only one bullet within his body!

"Re..move…bullet…" Dilan could barely say while taking several heavy breaths, but the older nurse shook her head vehemently.

"That's impossible, we don't have the necessary surgery tools, and even if we had them, this room is full of bacteria, we cannot cut you open, just like that.

Other than that, we need an anesthetic, otherwise, you would flop like a fish on land the moment we start cutting you open!"

Afterward, the other nurse added,

"And we are nurses, not surgeons. We might accidentally cut your veins and arteria while trying to save you! Furthermore, If the bullet is stuck somewhere near your arteria which is blocking it, and we remove it, you will really start bleeding like a pig!!"

Under normal circumstances, all of their comments would have made sense.

However, they didn't live in a normal world anymore, and the situation at hand was certainly not normal.

But even then, the bullet could remain within him until they found the necessary surgery tools, and possibly a surgeon as well.

One of them might have survived.

The chance was certainly there, but Dilan didn't want to rely on such a possibility.

His [Lesser Immunity] ability would help him overcome the situation if one was just talking about the issue of bacteria, dirty clothes that clung to his body, and the poisonous material of the bullet.

Yet, even then, Dilan couldn't agree because he knew that he would die if the bullet were to remain inside him.

He had to heal as quickly as possible, using the [Regeneration] Origin ability.

"No...N..Now…otherwise, I..die!"

They had yet to take a proper look at his wound, but after hearing his words, they began to frown.

At this moment, Oliver stepped forward as he hurriedly added,

"When he cleared the hallway between the cafeteria and the entrance hall, we saw that one of the rooms had multiple sterilizers if I'm not mistaken.

There should be a few surgery tools such as a scalpel, tweezers, and so on, right?"

Looking at Dilan's deteriorating condition, Oliver could only try his best to help.

Turning towards him, the older nurse, whose knee was almost pressing into Dilan's throat curse out,

"Fuck it. Bring us everything you can find…"

If Dilan said that he would die if the bullets wouldn't be removed, there had to be some truth to it.

After all, it was very unlikely for him to trust the two old nurses with his life, who didn't even like him.

Dilan was fully aware of this, which made it clear that he was forced to rely on them in order to survive.

Both nurses knew weirdos like Dilan. They didn't like to rely on others and only did so if they would be unable to overcome on their own.lightsnovel


And such a situation happened just now.

Thus, with Oliver rushing out of the room, followed by Sarah, who wanted to help out as well, they came back holding small boxes of various surgical tools.

Rushing back, they dashed to the room once or twice and brought every single thing that looked somewhat useful.

As such, in a matter of minutes, they made the necessary preparations possible and started an operation with two corpses next to them.

Looking at the scalpel in her hand, the older nurse could only sigh deeply, not believing what she was about to do before she looked at Dilan's wound.

For the entire time, they maintained a high pressure on the bullet hole. Adding Dilan's high healing capacities and his Origin ability, the bleeding had lessened.

This allowed them to see a little bit more, only to figure out that the injury was worse than expected.

'At least his internal organs aren't injured…even if everything else looks like it was a wreck…' The old nurse could only think as she began her work, hoping for the best while praying to whichever God was observing them right now.

Gritting his teeth, Dilan could only force his entire body to stand still. His eyes were tightly shut, while he tried hard to not focus on how a part of his chest was cut open.

He was not sure how much time passed, but after he felt the nurses cut through his skin, he sensed cold metal touching the inside of his body.

He could barely control himself from flinching and simply clenched his fists while groaning out in pain. The painkillers they had found were not even remotely comparable to proper anesthetics that would numb his senses.

Still, it helped a little bit.

Forcing his entire body under control was certainly not easy, but somehow, he endured it.

Whether it was half an hour later, or several hours that they would finish taking the bullet out was uncertain.

Dilan had no idea of how much time had passed but it felt like ages already as he was hyperaware of pain shooting up through every single nerve in his chest.

Meanwhile, the nurse disinfected his chest once again before she pulled out the long tweezers with the bullet held in it.

When the bullet was finally out of his body, Oliver, Ailee, and the others sighed in relief.

"You did a great job!" The older nurse could only say as cold sweat trickled down her temples, while the other nurse began to bandage him.

Dilan didn't move much during the entire bullet-removal process which was exceptional.

After all, it had been far more dangerous and risky than she presumed.

The bullet had not pierced deep into Dilan, but his body had looked like a mess before she started the process.

And after she removed the bullet, he began to bleed severely!

As such, the old nurse had been sure that Dilan would die of blood loss, but somehow the bleeding lessened all of a sudden.

He was still bleeding but it was not that heavy anymore.

If the old nurse were to know that it was because of Dilan using the [Regeneration] Origin ability once again, she might not be as astonished and relieved as she was now.

However, even then, the fact that Dilan was still alive could be considered a miracle, or a clear sign that the mortal norms didn't apply to the existences that had already begun their Ascension towards unfathomable strength!

Dilan was just thankful for the help he received.

He lifted his right arm before he gave them a thumbs up, as he smiled weakly.

"Thanks for everything!" He managed to say a few words.

Afterward, he used his remaining 0.7 unallocated status points to increase his mana stat to [2] before he used the [Regeneration] ability once again.

Just a moment later, he could already feel that his body was healing and that his bleeding had slowly stopped.

This caused a faint smile of satisfaction to appear on his face.

"Thanks…" He said, only for exhaustion to take over.

His eyelids grew heavy and he was forced into a deep slumber, which his body desperately required.