Chapter 8.3: Monstrous Teacher

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Chapter 8.3: Monstrous Teacher

At that moment, the spacious classroom had already been filled with people. Because Huo Yuhao arrived at the last moment, the number of seats left for him to choose from were very little. He barely managed to find a seat with great difficulty. His deskmate was a relatively pretty young lady. However, this young lady’s appearance was somewhat similar to Wang Dong’s when he’d first met him. She had a haughty look on her face when she raised her head, and didn’t even spare him a glance.

Huo Yuhao only managed to observe the surrounding situation after he’d sat down. The classroom was very large—there were a full hundred people who were in the same class as him. Following the idea that there were roughly a thousand freshman students, there should be roughly ten freshman classes or so.

He quickly found Wang Dong, simply because Wang Dong’s looks were too outstanding. The people sitting around him were actually all girls, and none of them were weaker than the female student that sat beside Huo Yuhao in terms of appearance.

At that moment, a person walked in the classroom’s door. It was an old lady with wrinkled skin and shriveled hair. Her grizzled hair had been rolled into a bun, and she wore set of white robes. Furthermore, her body’s figure was average in size. The most unusual thing about her were her extremely bright eyes, which seemed to radiate light from her black pupils.

Huo Yuhao’s martial soul was his Spirit Eyes. As a result of this, he was especially sensitive to the eyes of others. He could sense a strong level of spiritual suppression from this old woman’s eyes.

Even though the old woman was very old, her back was ramrod straight as she walked towards the speaking platform. There was no doubt about it; she was definitely the teacher of this freshman class.

When they saw the teacher enter, the previously disorderly class immediately quieted down, and their gazes all gathered on the speaking platform.

The old woman’s gaze calmly swept across the crowd from left to right, immediately causing everyone to feel her gaze raking over them, which in turn caused a formless pressure to appear in their hearts.

“I am Zhou Yi, and am the teacher in charge of your class. I’m not sure how many of you will be able to keep up with me for the following year, but I have to tell you something: in my class, trash can’t pass my assessments. I want to cultivate monsters, not idiots.”

Teacher Zhou’s voice had a kind of extremely unpleasant rasp to it; it resembled a broken gong.

When they heard her words, an extremely angry look appeared on the faces of many students. They had passed the entrance assessment that enabled them to become students of Shrek Academy, and had been carefully selected from various countries on the continent. Amongst their peers, the word ‘elite’ could absolutely be used to describe them. However, they had turned into ‘trash’ and ‘idiots’ under the words of this Teacher Zhou.

However, Huo Yuhao was extremely calm. When he saw this Teacher Zhou, he recalled the words of his eldest senior brother and Teacher Xiao Ya. This Teacher Zhou was very strict, and had a bad temper, but she truly had ability.

“Those who’ve gotten into a fight during these past few days of enrollment, stand up.” Zhou Yi’s following sentence stunned the entire class once again.

They’d just been enrolled, who would have the free time to start a fight in the academy? Even if they had fought, who’d admit to it?

As the entire class remained silent, only a single person stood up. It was Huo Yuhao. He didn’t stand up because he was honest, but because he faintly sensed that this Teacher Zhou wasn’t a person who’d play her cards according to common sense.

Seeing Huo Yuhao stand up, Wang Dong let out a ‘humph’. Not willing to be outdone, he also stood up.

Of the entire class of a hundred students, only two had stood up. They immediately became ‘cranes in a flock of chickens’ as they became the focus of the entire class’s attention.

“Only two?” Zhou Yi raised her eyebrows. “Truly a group of trash. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that not daring to provoke others is a sign of mediocrity? Other than these two, everyone else go outside and run a hundred laps around Shrek Plaza. Anyone who can’t finish these one hundred laps will be directly expelled.”lightsnovel

Once she spoke, the whole class flew into an uproar. This was only their first day of school, and class hadn’t even begun yet. Who could accept the fact that they were actually being punished for not fighting?

One of the students immediately stood up. “Teacher, I refuse to accept this. Why do we have to be punished for not fighting?”

Zhou Yi indifferently replied, “Because I said so. If you’re not willing to accept this, you can screw off. As a teacher, I have the authority to expel any student I want. I’ll give you one minute. If I don’t see all of you running around Shrek Plaza within that minute, all of you will be expelled.”

As she spoke, a terrifying aura was suddenly released from her body. The powerful soulforce undulations caused every single student to be choked by the pressure. Following that, soul rings started to rise from Zhou Yi’s feet.

Two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings burst forth with a strong aura that was hard to describe. This Teacher Zhou was actually a Soul Emperor-level expert, and furthermore, she had two ten thousand year soul rings. If she wanted to take care of the hundred students in front of her, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it would be as easy as turning her palm over.

These students were only freshmen, after all. Under the strong pressure, just who would dare to resist? All of them dejectedly walked out the door. Zhou Yi withdrew her soul rings after releasing them, and her eyes followed the students out of the classroom as she gazed at them expressionlessly.

“I’ll give you a reminder: you only have two hours. After two hours, the people who haven’t finished the hundred laps will be considered to be unqualified. This is your first test after entering the academy, and those unqualified will be expelled.”

When they heard her words, the students’ movements immediately sped up. They quickly ran to the field after leaving the classroom.

Wang Dong was slightly astonished as he glanced at Huo Yuhao. At that moment, only the two of them were left in the class. Zhou Yi’s expression seemed to have become much warmer as she beckoned towards them.

Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao walked towards her together.

Looking at the two of them, Zhou Yi nodded her head in a satisfied manner. Then, she said, “Not bad, at least two of you have some guts. Tell me, who did you fight with, and why did you fight with them?”

Wang Dong was just about to speak, but Huo Yuhao interjected, “Reporting to the teacher, we are roommates. We had a small conflict due to our opposing views.”

Zhou Yi seemed to be very interested as she said, “Oh? You’re even roommates. Fighting is good, but fighting between roommates is the best kind of fighting. You’ll have competition this way, and you’ll also be able to improve together.”

As they stood in front of Zhou Yi, both Huo Yuhao or Wang Dong felt their backs become cool as their backs become covered in cold sweat. Just now, this Teacher Zhou had simply been too domineering. Furthermore, she really didn’t play her cards according to common sense! Her way of thinking was entirely different from an ordinary person’s. She was truly deserving of the title that Bei Bei had called her by, the ‘Monstrous Teacher’.

A trace of a smile that was even uglier than one’s crying face appeared on Zhou Yi’s face. Her aged face even seemed to twitch. “Fighting is a good thing, but I don’t really like fighting amongst my own students. Remember, you should fight with students from other classes if you want to start a fight. Our Shrek Academy’s rules have always been relaxed, and this is for the sake of developing individuality within our students. Thus, we’ve always turned a blind eye towards the issue of fighting. However, there are certain limits to this, which I’ll tell you about. Students from higher year groups aren’t allowed to provoke or attack students from lower year groups. If we find out that someone has done this, the punishment is immediate expulsion. However, students from lower year groups can challenge older students, but this requires the presence of a teacher, to ensure the fact that older students aren’t simply bullying the younger students. As for students of the same year group, you can fight as you wish. As long as you don’t cause any fatal wounds, the school won’t interfere at all. Honestly, fighting is an exceptionally good way of increasing your strength.”

“If you can reach your second year, you can go to the Soul Duelling Arena to fight. If you win a lot, the school will even reward you. However for now, you two can go run outside with the others.”

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Wang Dong was stunned. “Teacher, didn’t you say that we had guts?”

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