1295 Mad Journey (1)

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"Welcome to the World King Planet."

"Shi Yu, Senior Dragon God, you're finally here."

Cosmic Sea, World King Planet.

Before Shi Yu could open his eyes, he heard a familiar voice.

At this moment, he felt that his head was a mess, and he was dizzy.

This teleportation process was even more disgusting than he imagined.

After activating the Teleportation Key Stone, Shi Yu entered a pitch-black world.

Then, this world seemed to have started to travel up and down like a roller coaster. It was ten thousand times more serious than that, almost making Shi Yu spit out everything he had eaten previously.

Until now, he still felt uncomfortable, as if Eleven was pressing down on him.

After opening his eyes, Shi Yu saw the scene in front of him clearly.

This was a huge square. There were hundreds of huge altars inside, and he was on a certain altar.

In front of him was a young man in fashionable clothes. He stood not far away and looked at him with a bitter expression.

"Qi Mu."

When Shi Yu saw the other party, he immediately realized that this was the Phoenix man.

"This is Sky City. Next, I'll bring you to Lord Space Emperor and Lord Lin Feng," the Phoenix man said.

It looked like he had been thrown over by the Space Emperor and Lin Feng as a guide.

"Is this the World King Planet?" Shi Yu heard the voice and looked over. He realized that Senior Dragon God had also successfully arrived at the altar beside him. At this moment, she was standing on the altar and looking up at the sky.

It was still the blue sky and white flowing clouds. However, several huge suns could be seen in the starry sky, and there were five clearer ones.

"Looks like we're here. It feels very good." Shi Yu also sensed the surrounding natural energy excitedly. His Beast Taming Space had never been so happy.

For example, Ling and the others instantly sensed that the world suppression that had once restricted their growth had completely disappeared.

In this place, one could easily break through to the divine level.

At this energy level, even if demigod creatures lacked food resources and relied on natural nurturing, they wouldn't need to "hibernate" to reduce their energy consumption.

Moreover, in such a place with sufficient natural energy, there was no lack of high-level spiritual plants and divine plants.


Shi Yu felt that they would definitely be able to fight in this place!

It was this gravity… Eleven and the others were alright, but Turtle, Little Quas, and Shorty might have to adapt for a long time.

In addition, Shi Yu also sensed the strength of this world.lightsnovel

On the incomplete Blue Planet, demigod-level battles could cause the world to tremble. On this side, it would probably take some effort for demigods to level a mountain.

After all, the main body of this world was a cosmic life form. If it wanted to break through the defense of a cosmic life form… It was even difficult for it to be at the super divine level, let alone a demigod.

"Cough, cough." The corners of Phoenix Man's mouth couldn't help but twitch when he saw Shi Yu and Senior Dragon God ignoring him.

He introduced,

"The realm where Sky City is located is outside the top 10,000. It's considered a relatively ordinary realm with relatively ordinary resources. Even the Blue Planet at its peak should be inferior. The realm at the top of the number is where the natural resources are rich."

"When I'm free, I can bring you guys on a trip."

"Uh." Shi Yu was stunned. "It's even inferior to the peak Blue Planet?"

Qi Mu nodded and said, "Resources are always concentrated at the head. Although the World King Planet is a cosmic star, the districts that ordinary factions can use can't be the core."


"Otherwise, why do you think the five god races didn't stay on the World King Planet and wanted to help their mother planet break through to the super divine level before returning?"

"Even Lord Space Emperor and Lord Lin Feng usually stay on the divine-level star contracted by Lord Space Emperor, not here. Although the World King Planet isn't bad, there are too many factions above, and the resources aren't enough."

"Alright, I'll bring you to see Lord Space Emperor and the others first," the Phoenix man said. "They've long been waiting here."

After Shi Yu and the Dragon God looked at each other, they nodded and looked at the Phoenix man. "You've worked hard. Lead the way."

After Shi Yu and the Dragon God arrived at the World King Planet, Phoenix Man quickly contacted the Space Emperor and Lin Feng.

Then, he led Shi Yu and the Dragon God to where the Space Emperor and Lin Feng were.

Just like the name of Sky City, this was a huge floating city in the sky.

The altar they came out of was still higher in the city.

Flying out of here, although there weren't many tall buildings, there were countless extremely spectacular buildings. They were even more luxurious than the big cities of the Shen Feng Nation.

The aircraft in the sky flowed continuously. Many overlord-level robots maintained public order in the city. Even the cleaning robots had extraordinary battle power.

"Follow me," the Phoenix man called out and flew towards the tallest building in Sky City, a Sky Tower that shot into the sky.

Shi Yu and the Dragon God followed behind. As they sized up the city, they observed the tall tower in front of them.

At the top of the tall tower, outside a building hall that looked like a temple, two men stood there. One was a middle-aged man in a black robe with long hair and an extraordinary aura, and the other was a short-haired young man in a human-like formal suit with a weak expression. Their expressions were slightly excited.


As the Phoenix Man and the others arrived, the two of them looked at the Dragon God excitedly.

"Senior Dragon God, long time no see. I've finally waited for you." Be it the Space Emperor or Lin Feng, they were respectful when they saw the Dragon God, as if they had seen their elder.