527 Beautiful Maids of Wang Jian

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Inside the hidden Flying Ship, a holographic display flickered to life, casting an ethereal glow across the command center.

Wang Jian, flanked by Pavilion Mistress Cui Lan and the other elders, peered intently at the scene unfolding on X-34 Star.

The observational arrays, fueled by a potent combination of Spiritual Stones and rare Divine Stones, projected a realistic image of the aftermath of the rebellion.

The devastation was stark. Bodies lay strewn across the settlement, a grim reminder of the brutal struggle. The surviving Shadowspawn devils, weary but triumphant, scoured the area for any remaining rebels.

A flicker of amusement crossed Wang Jian's lips as he focused on the cavern entrance. He'd witnessed Lin Fei skulking about, waiting for the opportune moment to play his hero. But that moment never came.

Suddenly, the holographic display shimmered and shifted. The cavern vanished, replaced by a scene of dazzling light. A dozen women, faces etched with confusion, materialized within the Flying Ship's hull.

The women gasped, bewildered by their sudden relocation. Pavilion Mistress Cui Lan, her expression carefully neutral, stepped forward.

"Welcome aboard the Heavenly Jade Pavilion's Flying Ship," she announced, her voice calm and soothing.

A wave of relief washed over the women's faces. The Heavenly Jade Pavilion, a legendary human sect renowned for its dedication to women's rights, was a beacon of hope in this unforgiving cosmos.

But their relief was short-lived. They spotted Wang Jian lounging on a magnificent throne, a scowl etched on his face. Men, they knew, were strictly forbidden within the Heavenly Jade Pavilion's domain.

"Why is there a man here?" one of them dared to ask. "The Heavenly Jade Pavilion… isn't it for women only?"

Cui Lan hesitated, a flicker of discomfort crossing her features. "He," she began, choosing her words carefully, "is a genius array master who aided us in developing this hidden vessel. It was at his request that we…intervened in your situation."

The women, still wary of Wang Jian's presence, bowed their heads in gratitude. "Thank you for saving us," one spoke, her voice trembling slightly.

"We have another request," another chimed in, her eyes pleading. "Please, save Lin Fei as well. He was with us, fighting the Shadowspawn devils."

Wang Jian scoffed, a sharp, derisive sound. "Fighting, were they? That Lin Fei, he's no hero." He leaned forward, his voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. "He's a cunning manipulator, driven by selfish desires."

The women exchanged confused glances. Lin Fei, the man who risked his life to protect them, a villain? Their skepticism was evident.

A glint of amusement flickered in Wang Jian's eyes. He knew a demonstration was necessary. "Look," he gestured towards the holographic display, which flickered back to life.

The scene unfolded. It showed Lin Fei reassuring them, promising safe passage, and then…leaving. It captured him lurking in the shadows, not joining the fight but waiting for the Shadowspawn devils to return.

"He wasn't aiding the rebels," Wang Jian explained, his voice laced with a hint of satisfaction. "He was waiting for the perfect moment to exploit your trust. He planned to be your 'savior' after the devils subdued you, earning your gratitude and…affection."

The video ended, leaving a heavy silence in its wake. The women watched, their faces a mix of shock and betrayal. The image of the kind, protective Lin Fei shattered, replaced by a cunning opportunist.

One by one, the realization dawned upon them. Disgust flickered in their eyes, replacing the hero worship they'd previously held. Wang Jian's gamble had paid off. He'd successfully exposed Lin Fei's true motives, turning the women against him.

"He… he was just going to use us," one of them whispered, her voice trembling.

Wang Jian nodded. "Precisely. He's a man driven by selfish desires, not noble intentions."

Wang Jian leaned back in his throne, a satisfied smirk playing on his lips.

The women, their faces flushed with indignation, bowed curtly. "Thank you," one of them spoke, her voice laced with a newfound coldness. "Thank you for exposing Lin Fei's treachery and protecting us from his…disgusting schemes."

Wang Jian chuckled, a sound devoid of warmth. "Think nothing of it," he drawled, his gaze lingering on each woman in turn.

"Beautiful women like yourselves shouldn't be wasted on the likes of him. Besides," he added, a sly grin spreading across his face, "I was starting to find my quarters a tad…unattended to."

The women's faces contorted in shock. His blatant objectification was a slap in the face after their harrowing experience. They exchanged uneasy glances, a silent plea for support flickering in their eyes.lightsnovel

Naturally, their gazes fell upon Pavilion Mistress Cui Lan, the very embodiment of the Heavenly Jade Pavilion's ideals. Surely, she would speak up against this blatant subjugation.

But Cui Lan remained silent, her face unreadable. The other elders mirrored her stoicism, their eyes downcast. It was a chilling tableau - the protectors of women offering no resistance to a man's avarice.

Disappointment morphed into anger. These women may have been pawns in the Shadowspawn's game, but they weren't helpless. They glared back at Wang Jian, their defiance a flicker in the oppressive atmosphere.

Sensing their resistance, Wang Jian's smile vanished. "Don't make this difficult, ladies," he said, his voice clipped. "A simple question deserves a simple answer. Will you serve me, or not?"

The weight of the situation pressed down on them. Submitting to a higher power was nothing new. They'd endured the Shadowspawn's cruelty, but this felt different. There was a calculated coldness to Wang Jian's actions that left a bitter taste in their mouths.

But they were cornered. They had no power, no allies. To survive, they had to bend.

One woman, her voice tight with suppressed anger, stepped forward. "We…we agree to serve you," she conceded, the words scraping raw in her throat.


A flicker of satisfaction crossed Wang Jian's face. He'd anticipated their compliance, but the defiance had been an forward. "We…we agree to serve you," she conceded, the words scraping raw in her throat.

unwelcome wrinkle. Still, he'd gotten what he wanted.

"Excellent," he smirked. "Now then," he continued, his voice turning businesslike, "before we proceed, there's a formality to address."

He produced a series of jade scrolls, each radiating a faint, otherworldly glow. "These are Eternal Slave Contracts," he explained. "Signing them ensures your complete obedience."

The women's hearts hammered in their chests. An eternal contract? It felt like a heavy chain being placed upon them. But they were trapped. With a resigned sigh, each woman stepped forward and signed their names, sealing their servitude.

Wang Jian watched with predatory amusement. Now they were truly his. But there was more to it than just control. He had a plan, a way to twist their misfortune into an unexpected gain.

As the contracts shimmered with activation, Wang Jian raised his hand, channeling a potent mix of Spiritual and Divine power. It swirled around him, infused with the essence of the Law of Purification.

The women gasped, a golden light enveloping them. It was a cleansing wave.

It purged the remnants of demonic taint left behind by the Shadowspawn's violations. More importantly, it subtly reforged their bodies, restoring them to a state of purity.

The violation, the trauma, all of it began to fade. The women, bathed in this unexpected cleansing light, felt a shift within themselves. Their bodies felt lighter, their senses sharper. It was as if a veil had been lifted, revealing a newfound vitality.

Their cultivation, previously stunted by demonic influence, began to flourish. They were stronger, healthier, their potential reawakened.

Confusion clouded their faces. What was he playing at?

Wang Jian's lips curved into a knowing smile. "Consider it a little…renovation," he explained. "Now," he added, his voice taking on a commanding tone, "let's get you settled in. You have much to learn about your new duties."

The women, still reeling from the unexpected purification, could only follow him, their initial defiance replaced by a wary uncertainty.

Wang Jian led them towards a group of luxurious chambers, each one furnished with an eye for comfort and opulence. The women exchanged hesitant glances, unsure of what awaited them. But for now, they were safe, their bodies healed, and their futures…uncertain, yet strangely hopeful.

In the meantime, Lin Fei, clueless to the web of deceit he'd been entangled in, stumbled out of the cavern entrance, his heart pounding with a mixture of frustration and worry. The women were gone, vanished without a trace. Panic gnawed at him. His carefully constructed plan, a house of cards built on manipulation, lay in ruins.

Suddenly, a chilling presence settled upon him. Shadowspawn devils, a contingent far more formidable than the settlement guards, materialized before him. They emanated a ruthless aura, their eyes glinting with malice.

"There you are," growled a hulking figure at the front, his voice laced with venomous rage. It was Zarbon's elite guard, dispatched specifically to capture Lin Fei. They had tracked him down using a combination of advanced tracking devices and Lin Fei's own carelessness.

Lin Fei, faced with a much more serious threat than he'd anticipated, squared his shoulders. He wasn't about to surrender without a fight. With a defiant roar, he channeled his cultivation power, his Divine Spirit Realm aura erupting outwards.