629 Lu Rong'er Begs To Wang Jian To Train Her

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A collective groan rose from the Angel ranks as fresh waves of Devil Tribe warriors and Devil Race reinforcements surged onto the battlefield.

The Howling Abyss Devil Tribe, known for their sonic attacks that could shatter eardrums and scramble minds, let loose a deafening war cry.

The Tenebrous Wings Devil Tribe, with their inky black wings obscuring the sun, unleashed a barrage of poisoned darts.

Lesser Devil Tribes, emboldened by the new arrivals, joined the fray, their war cries echoing through the void.

The tide of battle had shifted once again. The Heavenly Jade Pavilion and the Angel Race, victorious just moments ago, found themselves outnumbered and outmaneuvered. Fatigue gnawed at the Angels, their once-crisp movements becoming sluggish.

The Heavenly Jade Pavilion disciples, having exhausted their reserves of talismans and relying heavily on temporary portal arrays to transport their attacks, were running low on spiritual energy.

Wang Jian, ever the strategist, observed the changing situation with a keen eye. He saw the weariness etching lines onto Celestial Maiden Yuqing's face and the desperation flickering in the eyes of the Pavilion Mistress Cui Lan. It was time to cut their losses.

"Celestial Maiden Yuqing," he addressed the Angel leader, his voice calm despite the chaos surrounding them. "Pushing further now would be foolish. Our forces are depleted, and the enemy has brought in reinforcements. We must retreat, regroup, and return stronger."

Celestial Maiden Yuqing, her anger at the Devil Race momentarily overshadowed by her concern for her warriors, recognized the truth in his words. Though her fiery spirit craved an immediate victory, the well-being of her daughters and warriors outweighed her pride.

With a heavy heart, she issued the order of retreat. The Angel warriors, trained in discipline, broke formation in an orderly fashion, retreating towards the spatial tear Wang Jian had opened earlier. The Pavilion Mistress Cui Lan echoed the command, her voice ringing out across the battlefield.

The Devil forces, wary of pursuing them through the unknown portal, watched as the enemy retreated. The battlefield fell silent, the air thick with the stench of blood and ozone. The Devil Race General Mo Ku surveyed the scene, a grim expression on his face. This was not the decisive victory they had anticipated.

Back in the Heavenly Jade Pavilion's Starry Cluster, within the resplendent halls of the Astral Jade City, the leaders convened to analyze the events of the day. The air crackled with tension and fatigue. Celestial Maiden Yuqing, her normally radiant face drawn, addressed the group.

"Today's battle revealed much about our enemy," she declared, her voice hoarse. "We underestimated the Devil Race's resources and the loyalty of the local Devil Tribes. We need to strategize and gather more allies before launching another attack."

Wang Jian built upon her words. "Indeed. We may seek support from the Star Cloud Sect, known for their mastery of formations. Additionally, the influence of the Shui Ancient Family and the Lin Ancient Family could sway other neutral powers to our cause."

Pavilion Mistress Cui Lan, her eyes gleaming with renewed determination, nodded. "I shall reach out to our allies immediately. Their assistance is crucial if we are to achieve complete victory."

Celestial Maiden Yuqing, her gaze fixed on Wang Jian, allowed a flicker of gratitude to cross her face. "Thank you, Master Wang. You saved Lu Rong'er's life. I would have been…devastated if she had fallen into their clutches."

Wang Jian offered a faint smile. "Think nothing of it, Celestial Maiden. Protecting your daughter was the least I could do."

The meeting soon concluded, with each leader retiring to their respective quarters to plan and recover. As twilight painted the city in hues of orange and purple, Wang Jian settled into meditation within his chamber.

A soft knock on the door startled him from his meditation. A teasing smile spread across his face as he recognized the visitor before he even spoke. "Enter," he called out.

The door creaked open, revealing Lu Rong'er standing hesitantly at the threshold. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes filled with a complex mix of emotions.

The door clicked shut behind Lu Rong'er, a stark sound that echoed in the stillness of Wang Jian's chamber. With a formal bow, she addressed him, her voice laced with a newfound determination, "Master Wang. The battle today against the Devil Race… it made me realize just how insufficient my abilities are."

Wang Jian watched her silently, his crimson eyes unreadable. "What do you propose we do about it, Princess Lu Rong'er?" he inquired, his voice a low rumble.

"I witnessed my sisters," she continued, her voice gaining strength. "How they have grown so much more powerful under your tutelage. I… I can't help but feel left behind." A flicker of vulnerability crossed her features, a stark contrast to the warrior princess facade she usually wore.

Her voice dipped a notch lower. "Honestly, Master Wang, when I was captured by that Devil General, my own life didn't frighten me. The only thought that consumed me was of my mother. The fear of her focus wavering, of her getting injured because of me…" She trailed off, her eyes filled with unshed tears. "Please, Master Wang, train me. Make me strong enough that my mother need never worry about me again."

Wang Jian remained silent, his gaze unwavering as she poured out her insecurities. Once she finished, he spoke in a measured tone. "Princess Lu Rong'er, your combat talent surpasses not only your sisters, but even your esteemed mother, Celestial Maiden Yuqing."

Lu Rong'er's eyes widened in surprise. Such a statement, coming from a powerful cultivator like Wang Jian, was unexpected.lightsnovel

"I speculate," he continued, a hint of amusement in his voice, "that you were once a proud Angel warrior, dedicated to honing your skills. But something, or perhaps someone, caused you to deviate from that path."

Lu Rong'er's eyes widened further. How had he…? "Y-you guessed correctly, Master Wang." Her voice was a mere tremor. "It's only been a few years since I…relaxed my focus on combat training."

"And why is that?" Wang Jian's voice grew colder. "Why abandon such a formidable talent?"

Lu Rong'er remained silent, her gaze downcast. Wang Jian sighed, a hint of exasperation in his tone.

"Princess, if you truly desire my guidance, then shed this hesitation. Answer my questions, follow my instructions. Otherwise, this pursuit is pointless."

A long moment passed before Lu Rong'er lifted her chin, resolve flickering in her eyes. "Master Wang," she began, her voice firm, "it was…my husband, Huang Zhi. His demeanor changed. He became…apprehensive, almost fearful, of my combat prowess."

Wang Jian's booming laughter filled the room. "A petty husband indeed. Should your strength intimidate him that deeply?"

Lu Rong'er bristled. "Please do not speak ill of Huang Zhi, Master Wang."

He snorted, his gaze hardening. "Petty is petty, Princess. Regardless, my methods are unorthodox. Are you prepared for what's to come?"


"What methods are we talking about, Master Wang?" she asked, her voice betraying a sliver of apprehension.

"To widen your meridians and unlock your full potential," he explained, "I will utilize my Divine Energy in conjunction with specialized pellets. However, you must endure the process without resistance. Any opposition will cause your meridians to constrict instead of expand."

Lu Rong'er swallowed hard. He continued, his voice dropping to a low murmur. "Furthermore, to fully awaken your latent potential, I will need…unimpeded physical contact."

The air crackled with unspoken implications. He was asking her to be naked. Shame burned in her cheeks, a tempestuous clash with the burning desire for strength.

"What do you mean by dormant potential, Master Wang?" she stammered, desperate to buy time to process this shocking revelation.

Wang Jian's lips curled into a knowing smile. "Unlike your sisters, Princess, who borrow the power of their True Gods, you possess a Divine Spark within you. A seed of divinity, one that can be nurtured to grant immense power."

The Divine Spark. A seed of a True God residing within, waiting to be nurtured into a powerhouse.

It could provide power to an Angel beyond her wildest dreams.

"The Divine Spark…within me?" she finally managed to stammer.

A flicker of surprise crossed Wang Jian's face. "Surprised, Princess? Unlike your sisters, who borrow Divine Energy from their respective True Gods, you possess a Spark within your very being. Cultivated correctly, it can grant you the power of a True God, without reaching the Godking Realm."

He leaned closer, his voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. "This spark, however, seems to have been weakened. As though someone… drained it."

Lu Rong'er's eyes narrowed. Her mind raced. The only one who could have done such a thing… it had to be Huang Zhi! No one else had access to her while she was cultivating.

Fury bubbled within her, a potent mix of betrayal and hurt.

"I can reawaken and amplify this Spark," Wang Jian continued, "but it requires a specific technique that necessitates… skin-to-

skin contact."

A storm of emotions raged within Lu Rong'er. Fury at her deceitful husband, shame at her naivety, and a desperate yearning for strength all warred within her. Yet, through the chaos, a steely resolve emerged. "I agree, Master Wang," she stated, her voice firm despite the tremor in her heart. "Do what you must."