1189 Alchemist And Sister From Another World

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Brendan and Tsuki were staring at each other.

The sight of the small Brendan looking up at the Tsuki's titanic size was actually quite comical to be honest, but it certainly was impressive that Brendan could stand there without fear.

Then again, my alchemist has faced beings bigger in size and threat than this anyway.

"Hello Brendan," The Goddess of Creation greeted casually while still stuck on the giant me's torso.

The God of Brews nodded to return her greeting, "Hello sister Tsuki. I see you won against sister Elaria."

"Ohohoho~ That's natural since I am Aniue's best little sister after all! And I see you've managed to beat that horny witch."

"It was not easy, I assure you."

"Ohohoho~ Somehow I doubt that~ Could I convince you to just surrender this win to me?"

"I'm afraid not, sister Tsuki. I would be going all out here."

"Very well then. Please do not hate me for this~"

Tsuki's giant raised his fist and slammed it down on top of Brendan.

The alchemist materialised a shield around him that held for a moment before shattering almost immediately. It did give him enough time to roll away from the blow and to safety at least.

He got up to a knee and raised his palm to materialise an empty bottle in the air. The bottle hovered in the air for a moment before a light blue liquid appeared inside of it, filling it to the brim. A moment passed before another reddish liquid appeared in the air and mixed itself into the bottle.

The resulting mixture bubbled quite violently and divine energy radiated from it in waves, causing even the air around it to shimmer.

Tsuki tried to use the smaller clones to swarm Brendan to prevent him from doing whatever he was trying to do, feeling threatened from the bottle that he was trying to make.

Brendan started to back away from the crowd, maintaining his distance from the clones even as he continued to brew his concoction.

A few of the smaller clones tried shooting various elemental attacks at Brendan, only to have all of them deflected by another shield that appeared around him.

The alchemist conjured up several more bottles and started mixing various different liquids into them with even more urgency. Now, not only was the air shimmering, the earth around them also started to tremble as well.

Tsuki definitely did not like what was going on and tried to attack him with the giant clone again.

The giant raised his fist and punched into the ground, breaking through the Supreme gods' protection of the World easily.

He then flipped his hand and pulled upwards, breaking off the entire chunk of ground and flipping it over.

Unfortunately for Brendan, that included the chunk that he was standing on.

He had to abandon a few of his bottles to dive to the side in order to avoid being crushed, the ground literally flipping over like a pancake and slamming down at where he had been. Some of Tsuki's smaller clones of me were not able to escape and also ended up getting crushed as well.

Brendan didn't have time to be concerned over his loss as more of the normal sized clones immediately lunged towards him, trying to stop him from creating more bottles to replace the crushed ones.

Surprisingly, Brendan did not back down from this attack and stood still to take the attack head on, relying on a shield he materialised to defend him while he worked on replacing the bottles he had lost.

The clones punched their fists against the shield, creating shockwaves that rocked through the area and intensifying the tremor around the land.

Soon enough, cracks appeared on the surface and it looked like it would shatter at the next strike before a formation suddenly appeared on the ground.

This was what he had been preparing since the battle royale had been reduced to ten people from the very beginning.

Everyone was momentarily distracted by the light from the circle before the clones within the circle started to melt.

And when I say melt, I really meant that they were melting into goo like snowmen left in the summer heat.lightsnovel

Tsuki narrowed her eyes at him, "Did you just… Brew up a poison that targets the clones' genetic makeup and destroy them from within?"

Brendan dusted his sleeves, "I'm surprised you figured that out so easily."

"I'm Aniue's best little sister, so something like that is normal for me!"

"Mmmm… Then I suppose you're also prepared for this?"


The formation suddenly expanded to three times its original size, encompassing the rest of the clones as well as Tsuki's giant clone in its light.

A large number of the clones melted away but a few of them remained unaffected including the giant one that Tsuki was embedded in as well.

Brendan narrowed his eyes, clearly wondering why his formation failed to work as he had intended.

Tsuki had her chest puffed up in pride, "Ohohoho! Did you think I used the same genetic formula for all my clones?! I had to make edits to improve them while fighting against that fake little sister! Looks like you got careless here, Brendan!"

My alchemist let out a rare sigh of disappointment before leaping away to avoid a giant lightning bolt that was shot out from the giant clone of me.

He then moved one of the bottles that was floating around him to float down to his palm, pouring out its contents on his hand.

Instead of spilling out onto the ground, it congealed to form into a blob that looked like some sort of jelly in the middle of his palm.

Soon, the rest of the bottles also came forward and poured its contents on his palm, all of them congealing into the first blob to increase in size exponentially.

Tsuki tried to stop him again by having her giant clone swipe his arm at the alchemist, only to have Brendan disappear from where he stood and reappear somewhere else within his formation.

Looks like he had prepared additional functions to this formation as well in case it failed in some way.

The blob in his hand expanded rapidly and he had to drop it on the floor, letting it reshape itself until it transformed itself into a human.

Slowly, its features became clear and… I realised Brendan had literally brewed diluted Liquid Origin Energy and combined them to form into a clone of me.

The difference between his clone and Tsuki's clone was that this one should be closer in ability to me than Tsuki's, making it a minor god.

Brendan nodded at Tsuki, "Sorry sister Tsuki, but this will be my win."

His clone of me raised up his hand and all the smaller clones immediately disintegrated into pieces with their Origin being destroyed.

He then redirected his palm towards Tsuki and the giant froze for a moment, as though also affected by his power.

A blue glow then enveloped the giant before it suddenly teleported forward, slamming his hands down on Brendan's clone of me and squashing it.

Brendan blinked at the sight, completely flabbergasted that his creation would be squashed just like that.

"What? You think you're the only one with access to Aniue's energy now? Like I said, you got careless~"

Brendan had no time to respond as the giant clone of me shot out lasers from his eyes that instantly vaporised my alchemist, cementing Tsuki's win.

He reappeared in space to see my split body greeting him with a smile.

"Hello Brendan. That was a good fight. Though Tsuki's right about you getting a little careless though."

He scratched his cheek in embarrassment, "Ah… Master saw that huh… I think I got a little too complacent at the end… I was so sure that I would win with that method."

I patted his head, "That's alright, Brendan, you did your best and it was indeed ingenious. It was just that Tsuki had better preparations than you did. Want a cookie?"

Brendan looked at the proffered cookie before smiling wryly, "I would like that, Master. Thank you."

Of course I gave him the cookie and also a head pat too.