Chapter 10 - Quest.

[You have been unharmed for 10 minutes!]

[Your wounds have been healed!]

[27/50 -> 50/50]

[Name: Wraith]

[Level: 5]

[HP: 50/50]

[XP: 100/400]

[SP: 10]

[White Coins: 0]

[Title: None]

[Class: Marksman]

[Legacy: None]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: 13]

[AGI: 25]

[VIT: 25]

[STA: 22]

[PRE: 35]

[CHA: 10]

[Map]ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ



[Log Out]

''If you stay unharmed 10 minutes, all your HP will be restored... That is good to know.'' Isaac was pleased with this information.

'There must be HP Potions to use during the battle, but those must be expensive...' Isaac thought to himself and looked at his stat points, he had 10, but he will use them later.

He walked in the streets towards the Merchant Store.

His unique white hair and beautiful face brought a lot of attention.

But no one approached him because his green name tag had some hue of orange, which means he has been player killing.

If your nametag is orange, the Guards won't arrest you, but if it is red, that means you have killed a lot of other players, and they will put you in jail or execute.

Since he only has a hue of orange, it means Guards will keep a close eye on him.

Isaac didn't know any of that— he finally arrived at the Merchant Store and entered the building.

Kulos was once again sitting with boredom, but he saw the door opening and saw the familiar-looking young man.

''Sell,'' Isaac said instantly.

Kulos narrowed his eyes after seeing the hue of orange on his nametag but decided to ignore it.

Isaac put the 6 Adult Meat on the desk.

Kulos was slightly surprised, ''6... Pretty good, you will get 300 White Coins.''

Isaac nodded and took the White Coins with a slight smile.

Next, he put 2 Iron Swords and 2 wooden shields on the desk.

He got those from KnightOfHoliness and KnightOfProtection. pᴀɴda nᴏvel

Apparently, the Knight class will give wooden swords and wooden shields as beginner weapons.

They didn't have enough White Coins to buy Iron shield yet— that was the reason KnightOfHoliness died.

Isaac's bullet pierced through the wooden shield like it was nothing.

Kulos looked at the items and said, ''210 White Coins, 200 for the Iron swords, and 10 for wooden shields.''

Isaac nodded, ''Sounds fair.

Kulos gave him the White Coins, and now he had 510 White Coins! He had previously 0 White Coins— these 510 Coins will be important.

''Thanks,'' Isaac said and was about to leave the story, but then Kulos opened his mouth.

''Young fella, interested in Quest?'' Kulos asked with crossed arms.

Isaac turned his head towards him, ''Depends...''

If the Quest was suspicious, then he would reject it.

Kulos nodded, he took a piece of paper, and put it on the desk.

Isaac curiously looked at the paper, and a bunch of messages popped up.

[New Quest Acquired!]

[Hunt The Adult Wolf!]

[Difficulty: Level 7-10]

[Reward: 100 White Coins - Relationship with Kulos will improve]

[Time Limit: 1 Week]

[Do You Accept This Quest?]

[Yes/No] panda-novel,c,om

Isaac looked at the Quest and decided to accept.

Without hesitation, he pressed [Yes]

Kulos nodded, ''The Adult Wolf has been terrorizing these lands too long. I have even lost a few of my carriages because of that monster. I will also buy the meat of the Adult Wolf for 100 White Coins, and 200 White Coins for the Fang if you manage to get it.''

Isaac nodded, ''Alright.''

Kulos nodded and closed his eyes once again.

Isaac left the Merchant Store and stood in the streets.

''Interface...'' Isaac murmured.

[Name: Wraith]

[Level: 5]

[HP: 50/50]

[XP: 100/400]

[SP: 10]

[White Coins: 510]

[Title: None]

[Class: Marksman]

[Legacy: None]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: 13]

[AGI: 25]

[VIT: 25]

[STA: 22]

[PRE: 35]

[CHA: 10]




[Log Out]

Isaac took another look at the buildings around him and had a small smile.

''It was fun...'' Isaac murmured and pressed [Log Out]

Isaac's body turned into pixels and disappeared from the World of White.


Isaac opened his eyes, and the familiar white-colored visor appeared in front of him.

He took the VR Helmet off and put it gently on the bed.

He looked towards the window and saw the sky getting darker.

''Aahh...'' Isaac stretched and stood up from his bed.

He went to his cabinet, opened it with his silver-colored key, and took his notebook.

He wrote for 10 minutes until a knock came from the door.


Isaac closed the notebook and put it back in the cabinet.

''Come in,'' Isaac said after locking the cabinet.

The door was opened by a beautiful black-haired girl.

''Alice, what is it?'' Isaac asked with a smile.

Alice cheerfully walked towards him and asked, ''How was the game?

Isaac had a broad smile, ''It was exciting!''

Alice smiled after seeing him being happy. It has been some time since Isaac had such a huge smile.

They sat down on Isaac's bed, and he started telling everything he did today in the game.

Alice smiled while listening, but then she asked, ''Did... anyone disturb you in any way?''

Isaac pondered, ''There were three guys, but it was nothing.''

Alice paled and grabbed his hand, ''W-What did they do? D-Did they touch you?''

Isaac chuckled and shook his head, ''No... They did try to rob me, though, but I escaped.'' He said proudly.

Alice sighed in relief, ''That's good... Did anything else happen? Like did someone talk with you, a girl perhaps?'' She narrowed her eyes after asking that.

p ᴀɴ da-n ᴏv el Isaac shrugged, ''I did talk with a girl...'' He felt Alice's grip tightening, ''But she was NPC, I had to buy my weapon.''

Alice loosened her grip and smiled, ''Dinner is soon, get ready.'' She said and left the room.

''That game was more exciting than I thought...'' He murmured quietly.

He grabbed his VR Helmet and put it back on the box.

He went to his wardrobe, opened it, and hid the VR Helmet inside.

After that, he closed the wardrobe doors and left his room for dinner.

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